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  1. P

    Updating a worksheet from another worksheet

    I’m using office 365 and have a workbook with multiple worksheets. Worksheet 1 is a telephone directory that has a table 10135 rows x 20 columns. Worksheet 2 has a similar table 255 rows x 20 columns containing new information that I wish to use to update worksheet 1. Column A in both...
  2. A

    Update Existing Information on Worksheet

    Hi !! I am stuck on this code, where I am having an issue with the part in red. I already have a code to find the information in each entry with the same exact code but the part after the if/then statement is flipped and it works, but for some reason it does not work to update the entry after...
  3. S

    Macro to update spreadsheet from cover sheet

    Hi, I'm looking for assistance on the attached workbook. The objectives are listed below and the requirements too. Sheet 2 = Form Sheet 1 = Code List Sheet 2 has 4 boxes to input data from Sheet 1. The top 2 boxes work as required. The bottom 2 boxes are for adding or removing data. I...
  4. M

    Identify Data Source Update Complete

    Is there a way to identify when a data source has completed updating? We have a lot of processes that are sequential and require a data source to be update prior to running the next step in the process. Currently, we are basically, hitting one button and waiting the source data to update, then...
  5. J

    Update charts and tables in PowerPoint

    Hello I have PowerPoint, with charts and tables from one Excel file. I would like to write macro in PowerPoint, which will update data in all charts and tables. Data in Excel is changed when PowerPoint is closed and PowerPoint is using when Excel is closed. As far I have written macro, which...
  6. M

    Updating another worksheet's data when a row is added to the Master

    Hi. I am having an issue with 2 linked spreadsheets. I need to have some the same data in both sheets...I linked them so i only have to enter data in one of them to save time. Occasionally i need to insert a new row in the first sheet for new projects. Is it possible to have that new row (and...
  7. E

    Consolidate One master excel file from multiple excel spreadsheets in different tabs

    I am fairly new with excel to some point, i know enough to be dangerous. Anyways, here is my problem. I have a master file spreadsheet that contains a ton of columns. The column headers i use to sort data is the same across the board on all spreadsheets and tabs. I have a unique ID field in...
  8. L

    [URGENT] Macro tools to import data w/ new line items while updating the data in new WB

    Hello Everyone, I am a complete Excel Noob. I am really stumped in this task I have been given..Here is the summary of what I need to do. Source File • Sheet 1: Database of Projects with the following columns (Excel File): Country, Business Unit, Project Name, Project Manager, Current...
  9. L

    OLAP data pivot table only updates after I change a filter

    Hi all I have a pivot table with data from an OLAP connection. It usually works fine. Today though all values were 0 after updating data. Waiting for a bit to make sure the underlying data was processed I updated again to no avail. I spent a lot of time and finally found that if I went to one...
  10. C

    Creating External Reference from 'Data Reference' Worksheet

    Hello, I am trying to create an external reference linked to a DataSheet in another workbook. Basically I have all my information and data in 2 worksheets based on a 'Data Reference' worksheet in the same workbook. This contains simply everything from named ranges used for Data Validation to...
  11. L

    If Data Allready Exists In A Row Overwrite It With New Data

    Hi All, I have an excel sheet with IDs beside cases. When I work the case and get a reply I want the excel spreadsheet to work out its the same case and update the original without adding a new case onto the sheet. I have attached a screenshot to show a really rough example, A reply has come...
  12. Q

    Updating a spreadsheet using a userform

    Good day I am trying to update a spreadsheet via a userform and am not having much luck. I have had error codes but am not sure what or how to fix them, this is the code i'm getting now (run time error 1004 vba application defined or object defined) If somebody could just point me in the right...
  13. L

    How do you update links immediately on a network file?

    Here's my situation: I have a master workbook file that has links to a feeder workbook. Master file and feeders are in the same folder. As I have developed this file I have kept it local on my computer. Locally, when I update one of the feeder worksheets, the master sheet is updated...
  14. K

    Automatically tracking how much material is left

    Hi guys, Please refer to screenshots below for reference. So basically I want to be able to keep track of how much vinyl material I have left after each order. The process would be - When I order a roll of vinyl material I would input the colour ordered and cm ordered by selecting from drop...
  15. L

    web queries that import only a single cell?

    I am trying to make an action house profit calculator for a game and I have all the data setup correctly to calculate profits and auto update values when new information is put in into the material cost page. I want to have the data updated from a website either automatically or when i manually...
  16. J

    Retreive Record then change information and update record

    I'm not much of VBA Guy, but I need some HELP. I need to retrieve a record from one worksheet into a user form, then change that data and post if back to the same worksheet with the changes, hopefully just updating the original data. Could someone out there share some code to do this, I'm pretty...
  17. H

    Userform to update master data sheet

    Hi all, I've been tasked with creating a user-friendly userform that can be used to update a main data sheet. I began designing the userform but have hit a road block and am seeking advise and direction on how to complete this task. At the very top, my userform contains a ComboBox, containing...
  18. K

    adding daily data to a report

    I found this article her on mrexcel: http://www.mrexcel.com/articles/macro-to-add-daily-report.php. This is the code from the article. Sub Auto_Open() ' This macro will put today's date as the default new tab name Sheets("Menu").Select Range("D5").Select Selection.Formula =...
  19. S

    Update data across files

    The title might not be completely accurate, so I will try to explain my problem. I have a large number of files containing data on various projects. The files rely on a number of background data in order to ensure data validation and such. The values for these data are placed in a centrally...

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