1. L

    ifs() not in office 365

    Hi I am reading that ifs() is in excel 2016. I have office 356 and I thought it is updated version of 2016. Thank you.
  2. Z

    count yes or no

    how to count yes or no in excel row or column based on certain name for example if i had tango , zebra & alpha as names , i want to count total yes or no automatically every time the data is updated wether in column or row depending on the needed requirements at work i want to count for each...
  3. M

    Getting total of filter data on a different sheet

    Hi everyone, I am new to MrExcel.com - I have created a project portfolio spreadsheet to track the RAG (Red, Amber Green) Status of different projects. I would like to find the total number of R, A, G projects in a particular filter (i.e. Infrastructure or Publishing) so that everytime it's...
  4. G

    formula to find last value in a list on another worksheet

    Following is an excerpt from a checkbook. I'm on another worksheet or in another workbook, and would like the last value in the checkbook automatically updated. For ex, if I'm on a different worksheet and it's Sept 9th, I would want 37,086.67 to show w/out having to go get it. If I'm on that...
  5. N

    VBA to Send Email Alert to Specific Person When Cell In Row is Updated

    We have a shared spreadsheet that tracks requests from customers - When a request has been filled, a value is inputted into a specific cell in that row...I'd like to try and find VBA that could send an email to that employee when one of their requests has been updated. I've included example...
  6. S

    Retrieve last row Value from Access Table

    Hi All I have a table called Log which gets updated when something gets updated What i want to be able from the Column called Version - i want to retrieve the last row value in that column say it says V8 i want to on workbook open check to see if the value matches the cell value on sheet2!A1...
  7. J

    I need help with automatic last updated cell

    Hey! I had this VBA code working until i put a formula in in J15 in the "Data" workbook. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Intersect(Target, Range("J15")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub Range("K18") = Now() End Sub My plan is to paste the data from A1 in "hej.xlsm" to...
  8. N

    Select last 12 items in a drop down list

    Hoping someone can help with this topic. I have a drop down that has 24 items that are always rolling or being updated. I'm looking for a way to filter on the last 12.
  9. B

    Updating several web connections with queries in blocks with dependent data

    I'm trying to update several connections in 2 blocks, the connection of the second block required data from the first block as input. To update the connections the user had to click on a button which starts the web data update process. During the update process a message is displayed (with a...
  10. S

    Update Data after Adding one more sheet

    I have Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 Sheet 3 = Sheet1+Sheet2 if i add Sheet Sheet4, i need Sheet 3 data to be updated along with Sheet 4 data that means Sheet 3 = Sheet1+2+3+4 is thr a VB code or Formula Whenever i add one more sheet in a work book, Sheet3 to be updated with included new sheet...
  11. S

    Bing Map not working in PBI visuals in July updated version

    Hi people, I had an issue with recent update PBI desktop, where Bing maps are not loading in my visuals and I can see same visuals working in June updated version. Does anyone else facing same problem with the recent update of PBI desktop? Can anyone help me to solve on this or any...
  12. R

    How To Make Workbook Expire After Date Set In File On Website (Text Document or HTML File)

    Hi Everyone - I am trying to figure out how to modify some existing code that I have, that currently works well, to expire a workbook after a certain date. Currently, I have this working by setting the expiration date locally within the workbooks VBA code. I'd like to somehow modify this code...
  13. JTL9161

    Change Font Color

    I have a spreadsheet that is updated daily with about 1000 rows. I use different color fonts to breakout the dates through out the month. Each day some new rows of data are added and previous rows are updated. When the previous rows are updated they font color is automatic (black) yet the...
  14. T

    Musings on behavior of external references in cells in OneDrive shared workbook on Windows/Android

    I don't really have a question here, just wanted to share this experience, partially as a warning, but if you have any comments on how to improve, please post! Its a bit hard to describe but i'll try to simply. Its "complex and intricate"...and unfortunately "irregular and unpredictable" in...
  15. N

    Checklist formula

    Hi, I am working on our checklist. The current setup is that, when cell in column D is double clicked 1. It will show a check mark 2. Cell in Column E will be updated with the time when the cell was double-clicked 3. Cell in Column F will be updated with the person's UserID The issue that I...
  16. T

    Combine Multiple Worksheets Into One Summary Sheet.

    Hello, I have 35 tabs that are updated daily. I want a summary worksheet that will combine everything that is on the 35 tabs. Info can be updated on these 35 tabs at anytime and would like the summary worksheet to reflect the changes made on any of the 35 tabs. Each tab has the exact same...
  17. H

    Sending a excel file by email with a link to another excel file

    I have excel files A and B. File A is linked to File B. A acts like input & output file, but A needs to pull data from B during the update. I sent file A by email to a colleague without file B as B has confidential data in it, and I was expecting file A couldn't be updated without B. However...
  18. P

    How to use GETPIVOTDATA

    Hi All, I am trying to get a value from a pivot table using GETPIVOTDATA formula. Below is the formula. GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Distinct Count of id]",$A$3,"[Table1].[timeline]","[Table1].[timeline].&","[Table1].[approved (Month)]","[Table1].[approved (Month)].&[May]","[Table1].[approved...
  19. H

    Last Updated Worksheet Date/Time

    Hi there - I had https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/members/jmacleary.html kindly post some code a while ago. Unfortunately the code intermittently stops working. Does anyone have any ideas why? Basically the code is to update the date/time a particular range was last updated/changed. Cheers, H...
  20. R

    Running Macro when cell value changes

    I have seen other posts like this but their solutions don't work for me. I have 2 excel sheets. The first sheet is updated based on a button in powerapps. When the button is pressed, it runs a microsoft flow and adds a row to this data sheet. The second sheet is macro enabled (since flow doesnt...

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