1. D

    Uppercase Column

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is possible or not, but I figured that if anyone knew, it'd be someone on here. Is there a way to make an entire column UPPERCASE without the use of VBA? I am trying to avoid turning an xlsx into an xlsm. Specifically, Column E is a yes/no column and should contain...
  2. John.McLaughlin

    Change to UPPERCASE - My VBA Macro Imports lowercase data Sheet 1 to lowercase Sheet 2?

    Hello! I use a basic order form clients fill out and send me. Then I have a VBA macro that reads every cell of the submitted form, and pastes the value into the corresponding "In House" form. Trouble lately, a few people are sending everything in lower case. Can I modify my copy or paste...
  3. J

    Data Validation - Character Limit & Uppercase Only

    I am trying to set the character limit of my cells to 28 and force the characters to be uppercase using Data Validation so the user receives an error if either condition is not met. I have the uppercase portion working fine, but cannot seem to get the length to function correctly. It seems Excel...
  4. S

    VBA: Macro to UPPERCASE selected cells that have bolded objects/words

    Hi guys, This is my first post in MrExcel.com I've been looking for a solution in Excel 2016 to uppercase selected cells (which is easy) but I only need words which are bolded to uppercase, not all of them. Any ideas on how I can make such a macro? Help would be greatly appreciated...
  5. P

    Change to upper case without changing the font format

    Hi all, I working on a spreadsheet which contains columns with strings. These strings are entered by different users. I need these columns to be in upper case always due to some reasons. But when I use code to change it, everything turns into uppercase but format of text is gone. eg: "This item...
  6. B

    Preventing data entry non-conformity

    UserForm adds data to my worksheet TextBox13 is “City” TextBox14 is “State” If a user inputs lowercase letters into the TextBox13, can the target cell be formatted to UpperCase the first letter? And, if lowercase letters are entered into TextBox14, how can the target cell be formatted to all...
  7. azizrasul

    Making text UPPERCASE

    I have a .xlsx file which cannot be macro enabled due to security issues when the Excel file is emailed. I have some cells which when if the user types in text in lowercase, I want it automatically to go to UPPERCASE. Is this possible?
  8. K

    Names with Upper and Proper Case Words

    I have a column of names. Each name has at least 2 words - the first name and the last name. Some of the names also have 1 or more middle names in addition to the the first and the last names. However, the names, i.e. the first, middle and last names are not in any particular order. But the...
  9. M

    how to change the case

    <gs id="f672f2fb-f0b7-4f6b-8b21-d3145382d183" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="bf3fc928-5292-4f2d-b9c7-cde3296f93c6" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">i</gs> am new this forum, what is <gs id="a93721b0-f0df-4c1f-9ccb-dfff4875ea59" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="bf3fc928-5292-4f2d-b9c7-cde3296f93c6"...
  10. E

    find value of first cell in range containing uppercase chracter

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to find the value of the first cell in a range that contains an uppercase character. So it should give 'B' for a range of "a,c,d,a,B,c,a" and D for a range of "c,c,a,a,a,a,D". A solution without VBA would be preferred ;-) Thanks in advance, Erik
  11. Y

    Switch To Uppercase before Inserting Into Table

    Hi, I have created a userform with text fields, and it dumps this data into a table. Is it possible to convert everything to UpperCase before the data gets transferred over? Private Sub ENTER_Click() If TextBox1.Value = "" Or TextBox4.Value = "" Or TextBox5.Value = "" Or TextBox6.Value =...
  12. A

    Specific Cells to force input to uppercase in Excel

    Hi, I am trying to make some cells in Excels to force convert input strings to uppercase. I have this VBA code but whenever I am pressing on delete, the macro crashes. Please help! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not (Application.Intersect(Target, Range("A1:B10")) _...
  13. C

    Text replacement

    I have a text in an Excel worksheet that contains "1a" and "3b" and i want to change the letters to uppercase with out changing the rest of the text case Cheers Clive
  14. C

    Uppercase Letter After Each Space

    Hi Guys, Need help with a VBA to uppercase each letter after a space. Also including the first letter in the string. Example: hello my name is bob smith VBA code will convert the string to: Hello My Name Is Bob Smith This will be done on all cells in a range starting in Cell E3 up until the...
  15. B

    Split String at occurrence of Uppercase

    Hi I have a column of address - with the City in Upper case, I would like to split the string at the occurrence of Uppercase from right Example - Uppercase i have highlighted as Red here <tbody> Unit 12, Wellington Fair 40 Lord Street (Entrance off Wellington Street) EAST PERTH Building...
  16. C

    Change last row of table to capitals

    Hi I have set up a code worksheet where users enter data into the last row of a table via entry through a userform with comboxes. Users fill out the form, and press a command button that fills the last row of the table. I cant find a simple way to force the combo boxes to paste values into the...
  17. R

    VBA Convert to uppercase in the on change function

    Hello, I'm looking for code to insert into the "on change" area that will convert lower case into upper case. The code would need to be for just column H. It should convert as soon as you leave the cell or another words after update. Thanks!
  18. A

    Excel macro to find words in all caps then surround them in an html tag (e.g., <b> and </b>

    Hello! I need an Excel macro that finds words or phrases in uppercase, then surrounds them with the html tags for bold. The uppercase words can have as few as 2 letters like "NO", and there can be more than 1 word in uppercase, in which case I want the tags to surround all uppercase words that...
  19. K

    UpperCase in InputBOX

    Hello everyone. is there any idea how to make input value in inputBox become UpperCase here is my several codes, and it's not working. In = Ucase(Inputbox("my message")) --- In2 = InputBox("my message")) In2 = StrConv(In2, vbUpperCase) Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  20. E

    Separate a text string when undercase meets uppercase / find where the case is changing

    Hi guys, I have a quite strange and unique problem. I make an "automatic parser excel file", which uses a big database (where everything is in a single cell, a long-long string) for input, and parsing the datas into separate columns. I could do a lot of things on my own, but I stucked at a...

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