1. J

    Pulling data from cell to fill in a link

    Hello guys! Firstly, feel free to save time and jump straight to the TLDR bold section below, then read the rest of this long post only if more context is needed to help. This is probably a super easy problem for most of you, so trying to respect your time here, but also include context incase...
  2. D

    How can I edit this code to import local HTML files rather than an online Web Query fetch

    The code below -- created w/ help from this forum -- does a great job of cycling through a list of ~300 URLs (listed starting in cell A2 of sheet "URLs") and importing the table data from each into sheet "MXquote", pasting each chunk of table data on the first available row, such that the end...
  3. M

    Vlookup to search within url

    Hi, Is there a way we can search for the names from the below given Data (urls): Data (urls) https://www.box.com/d872/o7j2qy53fh6sikp/myFirst_Report_Abaxis.pdf?dl=0 https://www.box.com/d872/1ftve998sj5rckn/myFirst_Report_ABC_Group.pdf?dl=0...
  4. B

    Group Data with Like Content

    I have a list of URLs that I am determining which has the best page value. Many of these urls begin with the same data. I'd like to group these like urls together and have the sum of the page value on the same rows to to be added. The data is structured as Column A...
  5. M

    VBA URL to image (debug error)

    H Guys - I have this code that deletes any images on the worksheet and then takes the url address in A2 and displays the image from the address 4 columns to the left. Public Sub Add_Images_To_Cells() ActiveSheet.Pictures.DELETE Dim lastRow As Long Dim URLs As Range, URL As Range...
  6. T

    Extracting URLs domain name from various URL domain combos

    I have various lists of website URLs in all shapes and sizes and I want to just have each website to be in this format: www.[insert your domain name].com Examples: Column A www.normals.com (pretty straight and fwd. About 80% of my list is like this and I don't need to...
  7. Sharid

    GET All urls that have a specified keyword

    Hi Is there a way of getting certain pages urls from a website using vba. My following code gets all the urls from a web site page. I enter the domain in L1 and whatever that domain is, it will go to that page and extract all urls. The problem is 1) It only extracts from that page 2) Not...
  8. Sharid

    Need to start code from a certain point

    Hi In my workbook I have two sheets Sheet1 = "Scraper" Sheet2 = "Url List" In Sheet 2 Column "A" Row 2 I have a list of URLs, every time one has been processed my code place a NUMBER "1" in column B next blank row. The number "1" have two purposes, one as a counter and two to indicate that...
  9. Sharid

    Copy from one sheet to another

    In Sheet3 "FB URL Filter" in Column AJ I have URLs, I need to copy and paste these URLS into Sheet2 "Url List" When I click on the command button, I want it to copy the urls upto the last row of data in AJ and paste it into Sheet 2 Column A2 I have been strugling on this one,
  10. Sharid

    Skip urls with captcha

    I have a list of URLs on sheet2 "Url List" when my code runs it works it way through these URLs and the extracted date is placed in sheet1. Is there a way of skipping Urls with captcha? e.g. it times out and moves to next url if no data is extracted with X amount of secconds If this is...
  11. Sharid

    Match Emails to URLs

    I have a list of emails, I need to link them to the correct URLs. Problem is there are too many to do manual. I was hoping for some vba code that would MATCH part of the string in the EMAIL to that of the URL and place it in the next column/s Example Sheet1 column A has all the urls <tbody>...
  12. B

    Need Help with a spread sheet.

    I have a spreadsheet that has 7 columns of URLs and i need to place a double hash tag between each URL row a is my mpn row b is my image name row c is the first set of URLs row d is for the (2) ## hash tags row e is my second set of URLs row f is for 2 hashtags row g is my third set of URLs...
  13. R

    Create automated excel sheet which adds "http://www." & "http://" to entries

    Hi guys, Can I please request your help creating a macro/solution for the following situation: - Column A: list of urls -> for example: website1, website 2, website 3, ... - Column B: ="http://www."&A1 -> http://www.website1.com http://www.website2.com http://www.website3.com - Column C...
  14. Sharid

    Match URLs and copy and paste from one sheet to another

    Hi. Hope some one can help, I have been stuck on this for a few days and cant seem to work it out. I have a large list of customers and email address which i need to match from one sheet to another. On sheet 1 Column A, I have URLS and in column B I have email addresses to those URLs. Not all...
  15. D

    get URL's from a google search results page

    Hi..Im a beginner in VBA and wanted to know the code to get the results of a google chrome search page ie specifically the URL's of different websites listed in the google search page from inspect.
  16. D

    Created Web Query to import data from a webpage table. Now how can I make it loop through many URLs?

    My file has 2 sheets: "URLs" and "Sheet1". In column A of URLs, I have a few dozen URLs listed. I manually recorded a macro of me running a web query to go fetch the data on a page and paste it to cell A1 of "Sheet1" (below). Now how do I instruct Excel to run through every URL in column A of...
  17. S

    How to extract table data from webpages with VBA which does not have column Headers

    Hi Friends, Trying to extract table data from multiple urls at once with Excel VBA. Here are sample urls trying to extract from ColumnA <tbody> https://www.abbreviations.com/acronyms/NETWORKING/149 https://www.abbreviations.com/acronyms/NETWORKING/150...
  18. B

    Remove Duplicates and its associated Hyperlinks if present

    Hi all, I'm a newbie and need help. I have Excel 10. I have a spreadsheet containing a single Column (A) which contains a list of URLs which have hyperlinks associated with each URL, of which there are a lot of duplicates. Say Range (A1:A25). 15 of the 25 are duplicates, thus 15 duplicate...
  19. L

    URL validation module problem

    Hello, I have a function to validate URLs. It return as result "200" if the URL is valid and "404" if the URL is invalid. It works fine with simple URLs like: http://www.mywebsite.com/products/dresses/blue-dress But it not work properly with URLs which contain anchors (#). For this kind of...
  20. B

    VBA to change Hyperlink screen text

    I have a spreadsheet in which a lot of Text was pasted from another source. Col F contains a list of URLs, all different. The URLs are not clickable. I found some code that changed them to be clickable but I also want to code to change the screen text to "Link" for all URLs. favoriteI have a...

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