1. A

    Transposing a data table

    Hello, I would like to transpose the first table into the second table. The table will always begin in Cell A1 but could have varying row and column lengths. I have been toying with VBA but cannot find an appropriate solution. Table 1 (original) <tbody> TEST LOCATION 2016A 2016B 2016C 2017A...
  2. D

    disable check box based on other checkbox

    Access 365 Within my main form f_pac, I have 3 check boxes (USA, Canada, Combined) I need to have them enabled/disabled. If either USA or Canada is checked then disable Combined. and if Combined is checked disable USA and Canada. How can I do this?
  3. D

    Converting specific columns to vertical one record

    I have similar to this table with many columns and thousand of rows (patients) - as you can see each patient have 6 tests(test1 to test6) with different 6 result. - all other columns have the same result. - I need to switch the results from vertical to horizontal so I the table can show one...
  4. D

    switching specific coulmns from vertical to horizantal to get one record !

    I have similar to this table with many columns and thousand of rows (patients) - as you can see each patient have 6 tests(test1 to test6) with different 6 result. - all other columns have the same result. - I need to switch the results from vertical to horizontal so I the table can show one...
  5. B

    formula to show number of orders ignoring duplicates between two date ranges

    Hello, I have a workbook that contains a list of orders amongst a vast amount of other information. The orders are listed by a sales order due date from oldest to newest and are repeated multiple times but referencing different line items on that order(its almost safe to assume every order will...
  6. N

    Displaying alternate Words in BOLD in a Cell

    Hi I would like to Bold alternate words for eg Name : MR.EXCEL Country : USA Dim strName As String, strCountry As String, Dim mpStart As Long strName = "MR.EXCEL" strCountry = "USA" With Worksheets("sheet5").Cells(14, 1) .Font.Bold = False .value = "Name : "...
  7. E

    How to return a number based on ranking?

    Hello I have three formulas that calculate three different numbers in the format: "23 USA orders", "53 EU orders", "36 ASIA orders". How can I return the first biggest and second biggest from the above? Thanks!
  8. E

    VBA - Sophisticated approach to find and highlight duplicates

    Hello VBA pros, I have a tricky problem (well it is for me) regarding duplicates in a dataset. Regularly I receive manually generated customer lists from our finance/sales or another department including an overview of customers and their revenues in a specific period (customer name in column A...
  9. A

    Vlookup on Multiple Criteria

    Hi, I am after a lookup formula to bring across the freight cost to give me a total cost of deliverys? Please see below table. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width...
  10. 2

    How To Count Paired Data

    Hey Guys, Having trouble solving this one. I have data that is displayed like this: England 4 France 3 Brazil 4 USA 4 USA 4 Canada 3 I'm trying to count how many times a combo of England,France occurred as a 4/3, Brazil, USA as a 4/4 and so on...the data is displayed vertically...
  11. freelensia

    Values hard-coded after query runs is dislocated when data source updates

    Hi, I have a table called "SITES" like this: Company Site freelensia google mrexcel The table is then loaded into Power Query and displayed as table SITE2 In table SITE2, I have added a new column with hard-coded text like this: Company...
  12. J

    VBA - transfer specific data within a sheet to specific sheet by unique identifier

    Hey Mr. Excels,:cool: I am currently running a project that requires an automation on data. I have altogether 78 sheets: - 3 sheets are output data. - these 3 sheets are differentiated by payment types. - the rest of the 75 sheets are category sheets - category is located in J column in...
  13. A

    Remove duplicates and match two columns

    Hi ppl, I need to convert the Table 1 to Table 2 as shown below. Is it possible? Table 1: <tbody> Country Product France A France B France C Germany B Germany C USA A USA A </tbody> Table 2: <tbody> Country Product France A, B, C Germany B, C USA A, A...
  14. S

    Conditional Formatting with Conditions

    I'd like to do a three color conditional format on one column IF another column has a certain value in that row. For example, if the country is USA and the sales conversion target is 20%, I want to have a rule that makes a three-color spectrum based on the actual conversion rate compared to...
  15. B

    Search String and Return values

    Here i paste one excel report. In this, In need to make a report form a Master data with search keys.. please find the attached file and help me please... thanks in advance.. <tbody> Master Data Item No. Name Code Price Cat. 245 Apple Red UK 1.50 10 4157 Orange Naval USA USA 1.30 11...
  16. I

    If and or

    Hello! I've painted myself into a corner here with an IF/AND/OR statement. This is a generalization of what I'm trying to accomplish in Excel 2016. The column VEHICLE doesn't always contain the word "TRUCK" so it needs to be scrutinized. The following string causes Excel to tell me there is...
  17. A

    Autofill the column

    I want a VBA that AutoFill the data in A2,B2,C2 to the last value of the Column D <tbody> Name A/C Code Country Balance John 001 USA 100 50 </tbody> In above table the values in A,B,C is automatically autofill to the last value which is 50 in this case of Balance(D)
  18. A

    id not auto increment and data overwritten using loop

    Hi everyone, I"m still new in VBA and currently working on to develop data entry form in excel. I'm facing errors where my ID cannot auto increment while inserting the data=Country with 10 rows once the button was clicked. My codes are getting errors by overwritten the previous data for next...
  19. N

    Data Validation

    I have a data validation drop down list with several entries. How can i also transfer the formatting over of the options from the list Example, if in my list i have an option that says USA and it is highlighted red i would like to also have the list appear red when i select USA Hope this...
  20. A

    SUMIFS with a dynamic SUM range

    Hi, I'm trying to prepare a reporting tool that will let me see cost and head count sortable by time period. I can do a countifs or sumifs function easily enough sorting by Division/location/role (columns A-C) if I target the formula to a particular date column. However, I want to be able to...

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