user forms

  1. D

    Userform with listbox and checkboxes

    Hello! I am trying to create a user form that makes a user select a name from a Listbox and two options from checkboxes and returns the average of "days" and "amount" for that name selected from the listbox . I'm new to VBA and having trouble setting up the code to do so. Does anyone have any...
  2. I

    How can I make a macro-enabled workbook look like an app?

    Hi all, I've built a VBA macro within a .xlsm file, but I want to make the user interface look a little more professional - at the moment, when the user opens the file they see a standard Excel blank workbook with a large 'Start' button in the middle of it (not very subtle). Is it possible to...
  3. B

    Display answer in user form based on value in a workbook

    I have a user form that provides the end user with a simplified display of information, I need to populate a text box with the word 'Blocked' if the value in the workbook = 0
  4. D

    VBA running slow and causing Excel to freeze fro short time

    Good day Everyone Hope the week is treating everyone well so far. I have a VBA code for a user form that is running extremely slow. The code is as follows: Private Sub cmdaddentry_Click() Dim Rowcount As Long Dim ctl As Control If Me.txtshift.Value = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter...
  5. F

    Grouping Values for a Macro?

    I'm beginning to learn to code in Excel, and I have a question about grouping items. I have about 100 different "types" of items that are separated into about 5 groups based on how I describe the item. I created a user form that allows you to choose the item from a tiered drop down list and...
  6. S

    I need to know if my request is possible or look for another way - User Form

    Is it possible have a command button that adds more boxes with the code below the existing ones? The user form has 3 rows, but it needs to have the ability to add more, since the project can have 40 jobs. User Form to create a budget., It contains the following boxes like on a row, one next...
  7. S

    Messy VBA code. IF AND statement not working and Userforms

    Being relatively new to userforms and some VBA code I have attempted to draft a macro for a command button. The code in essence is supposed to do the following: 1) Once you select a scheme name (one) and list of staff (one or more)y 2) You press the command button and this inserts new rows in a...
  8. M

    Pairing two sheets in the same workbork

    I'm having trouble with pairing two sheets. I have two excel worksheets: Sheet 1 has keys and Sheet 2 has values. Is there a way to embed a form on sheet1, that will display the associated values for the keys in Sheet1 pulled from sheet2? So, if you click on A1 in sheet 1, the form will...
  9. A

    How to extract multiple textbox values in userform to excel sheet through VBA using a for loop

    Dear all, How I can extract multiple text box values in a userform to an excel sheet through a VBA for loop. VBA script is written below. ("tb_Model" & i portion is having error) 1. Tbl_Orders is an excel table 2. tb_Model1, tb_Model2, tb_Model3, tb_Model4 and tb_Model5 are text boxes in...
  10. L

    Access 2007 VBA Compile Error.

    Hi All, I am creating a user form in Access 2007. I am receiving a Compile Error within my VBA coding. Please take a look at the code below and see if you can help. Compile Error: Expected: End of statment Recived on line: DoCmd.OpenForm “frmPasswordChange”, , , “[UserID]" = ” & Me.cboUser...
  11. E

    Run-time error - 2147417848 with mulit-page user form

    Hi, I'm new to creating user forms in excel so dealing with run-time errors is a little out of my wheel house. My user form has been working fine for over a year and then someone else edited my document and added a page to the multi-page user form. Since then this run-time error '2147417848...
  12. T

    Form Problems! Help!

    Hello, I have created a database with multiple tables in Access 2013. i have had no problems getting the relationships for the drop boxes set up. Where i am struggling is getting a unit price from one table, to be multiplied with a entered quantity in a fox text box to create a total that...
  13. K

    VBA assistance - form data not posting to next cell, continues to overwrite

    I have another issue where I'm stumped, I've used this same code on 5 different other forms and it performs as it should on them but on my current worksheet, it continues to "overwrite" the previous data instead of moving to the next line in the table. My code is as follows: On Error...
  14. K

    Validation in UserForm

    Hi, I have 2 sheet in my workbook. The first worksheet "Inventory" contain the incoming stock. The second worksheet "Track Out" will contain the outgoing stock. I have create a userform in my Track Out sheet like this: and my Track Out list will look like this: Here will be my inventory...
  15. J

    Question using forms with listboxes

    I've noticed that not only do I need to select my choice from the listbox, I need to select it again (to get the blue highlight) before my selection is detected. Is there a way to use VBA to add the highlight once a selection from the listbox has been made or is it possible that I'm just...
  16. A

    Merge direct from Excel

    I merge several letters per day, from a database that I have in Excel. For each merge, I have to create a new Word document from a template. To do this I go to the mailings tab; Click on Edit the Recipients List and select the recipient. This can get very tedious indeed. Is there any way that I...
  17. J

    Macro to retrieve specific information based on one cell

    Hello forum! I have a spreadsheet using an Input Form (user cannot get to the spreadsheet to enter data - they must use the form). This is working well. What I need to do now is allow the user to retrieve data that is already entered. Example: Spreadsheet has 100 unique records (rows)...
  18. J

    VBA to retrieve & Update a record

    1st, I'm not much of a VBA guy, but I'm sure this will be the only way to solve my problem. I have a user form that writes records to another sheet in my workbook, I would like to build another user form to recall a record from the "Database" worksheet allow users to change any of the fields and...
  19. D

    Trouble with UserForms and Variables

    Hi all, I new to the site and still a bit new to VBA. What I am trying to do is open a user form and allow the user to pick a file (perhaps a few files in the future) open it and display the file name with one button click. Then use another control bottun to do the work of getting the needed...
  20. B

    VBA: User Form Pop Up and then go away after a certain time

    Thanks for looking at my post.. I would like to have a user form pop at 2 certain times with a simple message in it and a OK button. If someone has not clicked on the button by a specific time the user form will close so it will allow other macros to run...... I used the code below for msgbox...

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