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    vba to determine user and computer name, then add to existing formula

    Hi most learned people. I have a formula in a worksheet that references the user and the computer name (in bold below) ='C:\Users\andym\Documents\ExcaliburDataConfig\ConfigPLANITData\[DrawingData.xlsx]Page 1'!B1 This formula needs to run on a variety of computers, whose user name and computer...
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    Save username if cell has been changed by user

    Hey guys, Is it possible to save or write an user name to a cell, if that user changes a value? <tbody> A B 1 value w 2 value x 3 value y 4 value z </tbody> If user changes 'value w' (change: to another text, string, or even delete the value), B1 should show user name. If user...
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    Formula or code to return user name from application

    Dear All, Is there a formula that will return the User Name from the setup in Excel or Windows? If no formula, VBA code will do as well. I am creating a form using Excel 2010. I have a field where I want the name of the current user to appear rather than requiring the user to enter their...
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    Excel function to return user name

    Dear All, I am looking for an Excel 2003 function to return the user's name to a cell. If not a function, option two would be VBA to return the user's name to a cell. Thanks, GL
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    How to lock the user name?

    Hello! Those of you who have used the "share workbook" and/or "track changes" features of Excel probably know that it is possible to set a user name at each computer so that people can easily see who changed what. This seems like a useful feature, but I have not found any information regarding...

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