1. J

    Dropdown in vba userform

    how to avoid a user to input text in my dropdown.. all I want is to let the user choose on my items in dropdown list and avoid the user to input text that are not belong to my items in dropdown list
  2. K


    hi all, any idea on what's wrong with my formula below, i cant return Khloe Kung result same as others user with same formula.? what should i amend and fix my issue? thanks all
  3. L

    subtract time

    Hi I want to find how many hours a user worked. The start time was A1= 10:00 pm and shift finished B1=1:00 am, so this user worked 3 hrs, so when I did C1 = 24 * (B1-A1) I got ################....... How that can be fixed. Thank you very much
  4. L

    Remove file ownership properties when saving

    Hi I work at a company with a "Shared" drive, however, any files saved on to this drive by a user are owned by that user and it means nobody else (with their own respective logins) can then open the file in NON Read-Only mode. It always opens the file in Read Only. Is there any way within VBA...
  5. A

    Modifying Training due date based upon Leave date

    Hello, I've below two sets of data in different excel sheets 1) Training data - it contains User ID, Training Start date and Training Due date 2) Leave data - it contains User ID, Leave Start date and Leave End date User can have multiple training which are assigned through out the year and...
  6. M

    Return Duration

    I have a table of data that shows activity in relation to users web activity and I need to establish a time spent on each page for each user. My data has User name Time landed on the page Any Links clicked on the page As I have the time the user landed on the page via the link clicked I need...
  7. Leicester City Fox

    Need a formula that only show the set cost figure once for each unique User Id

    Hi There Good Morning Need a formula that only show the set cost figure once for eachunique User Id I am looking for a formula that give me the result in ColumnC, The formula needs to only count the set cost figure that doesn’t change (ColumnB) for the user ID (Column A) just once ...
  8. A

    Moving vba code from one workbook to another (using vba)

    Hi, I have created a workbook with some code running on each sheet. The code allows a user to select multiple items from a drop down list (rather than only one as allowed by "Data Validation" too)l. If I select some of the data on one of the sheets (for one user for example) and move it to a new...
  9. Leicester City Fox

    I need two Formulas to help me display the cost in Power Bi: one for total cost and one for single cost:

    I need two Formulas to help me display the cost in Power Bi: one for total cost and one for single cost: Formula One Request: I need it to add up thetotal cost of services (column C) per user (column B). Example, User ID A230would be £180 and User id F222 wouldbe £60. Formula Two Request...
  10. Z

    VBA code to search Column and enter text box value in the line below

    I have a userform that the user will pick from the combo box list and then enter in a value in a textbox 1. Once the user clicks the OK command button I would like it to search the combo box value in column A on Sheet1 and place the value from textbox 1 in the next available row below in column...
  11. I

    How can I make a macro-enabled workbook look like an app?

    Hi all, I've built a VBA macro within a .xlsm file, but I want to make the user interface look a little more professional - at the moment, when the user opens the file they see a standard Excel blank workbook with a large 'Start' button in the middle of it (not very subtle). Is it possible to...
  12. L

    do you want to protect workbooks? yes/no (vba)

    Hi I know how to protect workbook in vba using workbooks(1).protect workbooks(1).unprotect What I want to do is to ask user this question: do you want to protect workbooks? yes/no If user say yes then I do wrokbooks(1).protect If user say no then I do workbooks(1).unprotect Any idea how...
  13. J

    Copy and pasting ranges with VBA

    Hello all! I don't have any sample data to upload at the moment but the question is fairly straightforward I believe. I put a table below to help visualize what I'm looking for. I have one worksheet with many ranges of the same size and I need a way to move one range to another range with a...
  14. Z

    Copy text box value to sheet after vlookup and next available row

    I have a userform that has a combo box (cboEmployee). This combo box is a drop down list of employees the user will pick from. Then there's a text box (Textbox1) the user will enter data in. There are 5 tabs representing each day of the week (Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday an so on). Each day...
  15. S

    Amend existing macro to select a different address string if first string could not be found

    Hi, I have a macro which is used by different users, has been working for years with no issues but now, due to an IT change, different users have been given different network addresses which I can't get to be changed so all have the same path. In order for the code to run for all users, One...
  16. B

    vlookup help

    Hello all, can you help please, I have inherited a workbook to look after, it has a sheet called “TIMESHEET” and one called” FINGER PRINT LOOKUP” first on has the following columns, date, user id, and finger print hours worked. last sheet records user id, in, out, and total time. (there are...
  17. J

    User Form or Formula?

    I have a list of 200 names in column A and a corresponding list of rates in column B. What I need to do is be able to enter one rate and have that rate be entered next to each of the 200 names. So if I enter $1.00, $1.00 appears next to each person's name. Would I use a user form or formula...
  18. M

    Dropdown selection, further dropdowns afterwards?

    I'm trying to figure out the best approach for this task; - user selects yes or no from a dropdown (or a check box would be nicer visually) - if user selects no, nothing happens - if user selects yes, a further 4 "questions" need answering, the possible answers should be from dropdowns not...
  19. D

    Using VBA to insert different headers

    I have a start up page for my spreadsheet that allows a user and a site to be selected. Depending on the user, I want a signature that is stored on the sheet Users, inserted in the following format onto sheet1. The signatures are stored in sheet 2. Dim shp As Shape Set shp =...
  20. W

    Selecting Cells Based On User Input

    Good Evening All, I'm trying to select a range of cells based on what a user enters into an input box. In theory the selection I want to copy will always start in row ten so the user would just have to enter the column (it would be beneficial to know if a person can enter a specific cell ex...

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