1. B

    Displaying a chart using a User Form

    Good afternoon all, Is it possible to display a chart/pie chart in a User form?
  2. G

    Help with userform textbox

    Hi everyone, I have a textbox on my userform called "SerialTxt" what i am wanting to do is when a user enters an alphanumeric number with special characters "-" i want that textbox to check cell "P1" on a worksheet called "Data". If the value is the same then allow the user to continue, if the...
  3. D

    UserForm within Macro

    I am constructing a macro to perform sorting on different selected named ranges provided by a user form which has a combo box and I do not know what best practice is: Call the user form from within the macro or call the macro from the user form. I would appreciate any advice and...
  4. L

    asking user to enter numbers and msg out these numbers -vba

    Hi With a help from Fluff, I created the code below. It is asking user to enter 3 numbers then the code will msg out these 3 numbers. I want to improve this code. I do not want to limit user to enter only 3 numbers. I want a user to enter any number and I will create a loop depend on how many...
  5. A

    Method for maintaining listbox possible values

    Hi, I'm usually an Excel person and not so much an Access person so please forgive my stupid question: I plan to build a database which in various forms rolling up into various tables I want to control selection choices a user can make. Some of these list might be 3 options long, some might be...
  6. J

    Detect Enter Key and search value in a range

    Hi friends. How to do: the user start capture in cell A1="APPLE" go to A2 and capture "ORANGE" and then the user capture in A3="APPLE" here how to check every capture if exist say a message: "Error, captured on A1" or only can do the task, with a button and with vba code? thanks
  7. L

    asking user to enter 10 numbers then find the max

    Hi I want to write a code (for learning purpose) asking user to enter 10 numbers or whatever user going to enter then the code will find the max number from these number and print a message saying "number ?? is the max you entered". Can that be done in VBA? Thank you very much.
  8. M

    Prompt User for Save Location

    Hi The code below takes several sheets in a Workbook and saves each sheets as its own Workbook. It saves the workbooks in the same directory that the source wookbook is saved. But Id like to prompt the user once to select a folder where all the workbooks will be saved. How do I do this ...
  9. W

    String Array

    Hello I am working on an excel file with 7 sheets. The main interaction that a user will have with the worksheet is through a user form. The user form as multiple pages and one page is already completely functional. The next page, however, is giving me a lot of problems. The first problem I am...
  10. G

    Freeze a shape

    Is there a way to freeze a shape so that it behaves like freezing cells? I want to freeze a shape so that it always stays on the screen even when a user scrolls.
  11. T

    Excel Validation Help Please

    Hi - I have an excel sheet that has 3 fields:- C2 - Trip Limit C3 - Trip Start Date - dd/mm/yyyy C4 - Trip End Date - dd/mm/yyyy If a user enters a Trip Limit of 20 in C2 and if the End Date in C3 minus the Start Date in C4 is more than 20, I would like an error message to either warn the...
  12. K

    VBA Excel Code for User Select Paste Destination

    Hi. I have a source worksheet with 8 separate datasets. I want the user to be able to indicate which of the 8 datasets they want to copy/paste from this source worksheet into the destination worksheet. I can write a macro that will allow the user to indicate one, several or all eight of the...
  13. K

    Command Bar ShowPopup No Longer Works in Excel 2013

    I built a macro in Excel 2010 that does a Vlookup from one spreadsheet to another, and when the macro is run, a popup box appears and lets the user click which tab they want the macro to perform the Vlookup on. I used the following code and it was simple and very effective. Dim cbTool as...
  14. H

    User Form Option Button

    I have a user form with several option buttons After selecting an option button and clicking on Ok, I would like the button to show the last option button selected it would be appreciated if someone could advise me how to do this
  15. B

    Display answer in user form based on value in a workbook

    I have a user form that provides the end user with a simplified display of information, I need to populate a text box with the word 'Blocked' if the value in the workbook = 0
  16. E

    tick only one checkbox

    Hi there, I am making a userform. I have to checkboxes, checkbox1 and checkbox2. I want to make it such that user can only check one of them at tiime. And I also want to make it as mandatory question for the user such that he or she needs to tick one of the checkboxes! thanks for your help
  17. E

    populating highlight cells with drop down data

    Afternoon All This question is in reference to a calendar that keeps track of the 7 employees attendance. In my sheet, Cell AI20 is user entry of the first date. Cell AI21 is the user entry of the second date. Once the user enters the second date, the selected (dates) cells are highlighted...
  18. skorpionkz

    [VBA] Toolbox show up for end user

    Hi all, I developed some User Forms base application in VBA excel. My question is not related to code. I am not sure what cause it, but some of end users can see Toolbox, even though then using application and don't even have developer screen opened. Is there any way to disable tool box, so...
  19. E

    How to restrict user to stop editting a formula in a cell but can enter any value if required.

    Hello, I am not sure if this is possible but I have a situation, where, few cells have formulas in them. I want the cell to be editable by the user where they can overwrite the formula with other numbers but at the same time I dont want them to give the ability to edit the formula inside the...
  20. T

    VBA to Lock all Cells in all Worksheets

    Hi All I have an excel workbook with around 6 worksheets, when the final user presses a button I want all the cells in every workbook to be formatted to "Locked" and then every worksheet locked with a password. Basically once the final user signs it off the workbook can no longer be edited...

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