1. A

    Add Range/s to Array Based on CheckBox value being True

    Hi All, I hope so one can help me, I have a UserForm with 9 Checkboxes (1 to9) and each Checkbox relates to a specific range of cells from 9 separate worksheets. I have set the ranges to Rng1 to Rng9 I want to add only the ranges (Rng1 to Rng9) that have been checked as true to an array...
  2. M

    Close just one Userform with X

    Dear All, I have a userform with a button that opens another userform. Once the user has finished to use the second userform, he is supposed to close it with the X at the top right. This unfortunately closes also the first userform. The first one should remain open and the user should be abele...
  3. A

    Activating hotkeys or userform buttons while editing a cell

    Hi, I am trying to speed up data entry on my spreadsheet and would like to know if it is possible to jump out of a cell edit/typing mode (i.e. when the cursor is showing. Sorry not sure what the correct term is) in VBA? Currently I have to click on another cell to be able to use any of my...
  4. J

    VBA Combobox options to be filtered by three other comboboxes

    Hi All, I have spent a few days searching / trying to make this work, but its just not working. This is the first time I have posted, so I hope this makes sense. I have four comboboxes in a userform. The first one looks through "Column A" and lists all individual items. Combobox2 lists values...
  5. C

    Excel Userform List keeps repeating itself

    Hi guys, I have the below vba code for a userform. Every time I select the list, it keeps repeating itself and keeps getting longer. Please review the below code and provide suitable solutions. Thank you. Private Sub cboClass_DropButtonClick() 'Populate control. Me.cboClass.AddItem...
  6. D

    Userform with listbox and checkboxes

    Hello! I am trying to create a user form that makes a user select a name from a Listbox and two options from checkboxes and returns the average of "days" and "amount" for that name selected from the listbox . I'm new to VBA and having trouble setting up the code to do so. Does anyone have any...
  7. A

    VBA comboBox to delete items from inventory

    I've made database and now I want to delete any item and from the database and shift the cells up.
  8. A

    Userform text box to last row of table

    Hello, Im trying to get the text from a textbox to the last row of a table. I do not want to add a new row, the row is already created by the macro and filled with data from column 1 to 6, I just want the text from the textbox to go in the last row of the seventh column. Here is the code I'm...
  9. E

    Workbook Visibility

    Hello all: I am creating a VBA workbook with UserForm to allow users to input data. I do not want the workbook to be visible to the user and have used "application visible=false" code. Everything appears to be working just as I want, however, I do not want to add a button/code the userform to...
  10. R

    Combo Box Value depend on checkbox and TextBox - USERFORM

    Hello Everyone, I have a userform in which i made two combo box, below are the name's ComFruits_Change() ComVeg_Change() Both combo box having informations like below: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ComFruits.AddItem "Apple 1" ComFruits.AddItem "Apple 2 "...
  11. R

    Help in USerform

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a Userform and need your urgent help on the same. Purpose of this userform to open relevant workbook which are attached in workbook as Object. I have to hide that sheet and sheet name is objectsss In userform I made on combo box and gave name - ComFruit...
  12. tlc53

    Password Protect Checkbox

    Hi, I have looked into this for quite sometime but I haven't been able to get anything to work. Can someone help me please? I currently have a check box which when ticked, returns the date in the same cell (Q7). However, I want to restrict who can check/uncheck this box with a password...
  13. G

    Creating an add to inventory button

    I am working on an inventory project, where I need to use a UserForm. Sadly I do not know how to code in VBA. I’ve gotten quite far with tutorials online but I am not in a dead end. I need to get the + & - buttons to add a quantity of 1 to the database spreadsheet( I have the buttons named...
  14. M

    Listbox Selection

    Hi, I'm attempting to prioritize what is selected first in List box for example; I have source that has 1,2,3,4 The user will select 2,1,and 3. When the output comes out into a cell, I want it to show 2,1,3 not 1,2,3. Here is the code that I have; however, I'm getting a subscript Out of Range...
  15. J

    Userform - Combo box dependent on the entry of another Combobox

    I have been researching and have gotten close but not exactly what I need. Please help me code with the below in my first Userform. Combobox #1 - Named "ComboBoxlLocation" Combobox #2 - Named "ComboBoxCopy" Combobox #3 - Named "ComboBoxMedia" Combobox #4 - Named "ComboBoxPricing"...
  16. M

    Drag and dropping the controls in a User form at run time!

    Hello, I want to develop a user form in which user be able to drag and drops the controls (Labels or Text boxes) from one specific frame to another frame. Can anybody helps me on this? Is this possible in VBA excel and is this handy? the actual project is bigger and have the login and log...
  17. R

    User form Text Box Entires

    I have a user form with check boxes and they each have a title. Plant Manager Foreman Supervisor etc. I would like for a user to be able to select everyone that was there. when the user hits the submit button i would like the code to be able to look in column A for the first cell that has...
  18. S

    Excel User Form_ List Box Macro

    Hi All, I need you help with the Listbox in Userform, I have two columns in Excel Raw file, Column A has got categories and B has got the unique data. I want to have all the Data from Column B in the list box, which falls in the category (From Column A) mentioned in TextBox1. kindly assist...
  19. B

    Update Excel Database in real time

    Is it possible to create a data entry form update in real time just like MS Access, also it should retreive and edit data from the table aswell. Or do I have to use MS Access or another software for this?
  20. N

    Formatting VBA Userform Text boxes Without Deleting the Actual Contents

    I have userform text boxes with dates in them in the format "dd/mm/yyyy". I want to be able to show however only the "dd". The issue is that if I use this code: Label20 = Format(Label20, "dd") Then the actual contents of my data gets lost. Ie using the code msgbox label20 returns only the...

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