userform close

  1. J

    Closing UserForm on arrival at selected sheet.

    Hi All, I wonder if youcan help me out with what I suspect is a simple piece of coding which I cannotfigure out. The code belowis on a button on a UserForm on a worksheet that I call ‘Control’. It allows me tomake a selection from a populated ListBox on the same form and works wellenough, but...
  2. D

    Userform opens another userform - Excel crashes

    Hello, I'm hoping to get help with the following challenge (man - I appreciate this forum!) I will provide the user's sequential steps, problem statement, hypothesis, and then the code. Usability Steps: 1. User opens .xlsm file (there are about 15 users in which each has their own unique...
  3. D

    Userform "X" close button not working second round

    I have 2 userforms name "Home" and "Permanent". Home has several command buttons on it and one of them is set to close home and open permanent as follows. Unload Home Permanent.Show The "Permanent" userform has several controls on it that are editable by the user however, I do not want to...
  4. Q

    Forcing a userform to close

    I am using "UserForm_QueryClose(Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As Integer)" to close a userform because I need to trigger the exact same action whether some one clicks on the Cancel button I've created, or the little red X. Private Sub UserForm_QueryClose(Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As Integer)...
  5. M

    Button close in userform excel 2013 requires double click

    Hello This is my first VBA project... So far I've learned plenty The form works ok.. i set two variables as global i believe (in another module) My current problem is that the cancel button requires 2 clicks and the screen flickers. The other buttons all work with a single click. This is not a...
  6. H

    Closing an Excel Userform from Word VBA

    Hello - I'm trying to pull data from an excel document, but the problem is the excel document automatically loads a userform when it opens. So when I open the excel file using Microsoft Word VBA the code gets stuck on this userform until I manually press the "x" button to close it. It there...
  7. F


    I have created a userform for users to update and recieve data, however I seem to be stuck. Why is it that when I close the userform, it closes all other excel documents that are currently open as well. I'm using: thisworkbook.application.visible = false on do I...
  8. B

    Why does workbook 1 stay open after Workbook 2 opens?

    I have a macro that closes workbook one and opens workbook two. These are in user forms. It works fine except that workbook two automatically opens a user form and workbook one wont finish closing until a the user form is deactivated. I do not want this. Users will not have the ability to exit...
  9. K

    User Form, Combo Box, Moving Entries to spreadsheet

    G'day, Could someone please assist an amateur in the transfer of data entered on a user form so that it appears on a spreadsheet. I have created a user form with 4 text boxes labelled as: "Job Number"; "Customer Name"; "Suburb" and "State/Country. The next two entries are combo boxes labelled...
  10. P

    Cannot quit Mircrosoft office Excel.

    Hi, This is my first post in Mr.Excel (Though i'm reading here from past a year). I've designed an excel application in which a userform will be active all the time showing on the desktop (somehow i managed to hide the excel application on the tastbar) Now when I try to Logoff / Shutdown...
  11. L

    Error when I close a userform

    I have created a sheet that logs all the changes made to a pretty involved database (seperate file) I created. When any change is made to the database's databank, it is also copied to this file along with the time the change was made. As part of this, I want the user to be able to (if they...
  12. sanrv1f

    Close the workbook when the user form is closed

    Hi Im using an user form to design a calculator once the user closes the form, I want the work book also to get closed without asking the user to save changes here is the code I used Private Sub UserForm_Terminate() ThisWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False End Sub this...

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