1. A

    Userform Show Modal

    I have two userform (Userform A - ShowModal=True & Userform B - ShowModal=False). When I minimize A, B appears. When I close B, A also closes. I want A to remain showing. How can i make B remain open when I close A. ( apologies)
  2. D

    Multipage userform with listbox not receiving data from vba filter

    I have found so much information thru this forum and learned from you all! I am quite a novice with VBA but find it fascinating! Thank you so much in advance for your help. Background: My current project is to update and streamline parking lot vehicle information for the school I work at...
  3. S

    Userform to add data to a specified range

    Hey All, Need help please - I have created a userform and need help with the VBA code to add the data to cells as described below: textbox1 to cell AZ160 (and below) textbox2 to cell BB160 (and below) Also, I need a formula to auto-populate in BA160 (Formula = =$E$4&""&AZ160) My sheet name...
  4. Y

    Listbox selection base on opened workbooks

    there is a listbox that contain file names, how do i programmatically select the name of an active opened file in the listbox as soon as the userform initialize?
  5. M

    Excel splash screen animated dots on loading

    There are a lot of tutorials in the Internet. However I was not able to find anything suitable. Is there any way to make animated dots on loading? The idea is to make a loop of animated dots on userform so they would appear one after another and then would start over after some amount of...
  6. M


    Is it possible to have a user form that pops up by a click of a button and within that user form are text fields that the user fills in. And by pressing a button on the userform the text boxes that are filled in copy into say column F on sheet 2 along side the last entry in column E. So if the...
  7. S

    At a complete loss! Excel User Form VBA greater than formula not working!

    Hi experts out there...I am at a complete loss here! I've spent HOURS trying multiple things to get this BASIC code to work and it still won't work. I created a user form with 2 text boxes (TextBox1 and TextBox2) This code IS NOT WORKING for me: If Me.TextBox1.Value > Me.TextBox2.Value Then...
  8. W

    Importing userform then run the code within the userform.

    Hi. So i got a userform in one of my folders, and i want it so, that everytime i start up the excel program, it imports that form, then run the code inside the form as normal. So far i got this: In ThisWorkbook i got: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim fso: Set fso =...
  9. C

    Userform with Table

    Hey I need to create a user form but I need to have a table in it that the user can paste unlimited rows and 3 columns into from another excel document. How do I go about doing this? Each user will have the information they want to copy onto the userform in different places, and it will...
  10. Nitehawkhp

    Control Userform labels and buttons with VB macro

    Hello, I'm trying to control various labels on a Userform. Some of the things I want control: Change color of a button based on whether it has been clicked Is it possible to make a button visible or invisible by a macro? I have tried to use the following to accomplish this: Label56.visible...
  11. Nitehawkhp

    Assign a Userform to a control button on a worksheet

    I need help creating a control button on my worksheet named 'Data Validation'. That will open a Userform named 'AdjustResetButtonForm' containing the follow code: TextBox1.Value = Sheets("Data Validation").Range("X3").Value TextBox2.Value = Sheets("Data Validation").Range("X4").Value...
  12. P

    Is there a way to create a userform that does the same thing as the Find Userform

    I would like to create a similar userform like the Find function (ctrl+F) but I need it to "Find All" the cells that contain the value of a text box then display them in a listbox like the Find All button within the find function. Once all the cells are found, I would need to loop through each...
  13. A

    Max function Type Mismatch

    I have this code below that I can not figure out why its given me a this error. lbSL are userform labels that display percentages. Please help. Thx Range("Z1") = WorksheetFunction.Max(100, CDbl(lbSL)) - CDbl(lbSL)
  14. B

    passing data from userform to other userform

    Hi all, I use the follow code to open Userform 2 when "x" is put in column 5 or 6. The labels on this form are filled with data from the same worksheet (Data Gel). If Target.Column = 5 Or Target.Column = 6 Then If Target.Value = "x" Then With UserForm2 .lblGelCodeR.Caption =...
  15. P

    Textbox in userform not initialized when workbook opens

    Hi I want to display userform when workbook is opened by user. Userform have 4 Textbox that have to be updated from cells value in Thisworkbook. I started with Private Sub Workbook_Open() WelcomeToISC.Show End Sub and followed by Initialize code Private Sub Userform_Initialize()...
  16. C

    How to rename a newly copied sheet using a userform?

    Looking to have a masterworkbook that when I go to a job, i can add sheets and rename them as I go since all sites name gear different. I have a set of template sheets hidden within the wookbook that I draw from, but I was hoping to have a userform with a simple text box pop up, type in the new...
  17. C

    Display a Msgbox when workbook opens on a specific day specified from Userform data...

    I tried to explain as simple and completely in this title. I have this and it is hard coded in the vb Workbook Open event code window If Day(Now) = 8 Then MsgBox "See if anyone on MrExcel can help" Else End if All this does is display a predefined Msgbox text string on a predefined day...
  18. B

    Loop through all objects in a frame

    Hi, I am curious if there is a way to loop through all control objects in a userform frame or do I have to loop through all objects in the userform and look for that particular frame as a parent? For instance, can I use a for each item in frame type loop? My Current code draws a mistype error...

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