1. glfiedler

    Userform in add-in must be clicked before it is "active"

    I have created an add-in that functions perfectly except for one annoying thing. The add-in creates a new workbook by copying the add-in's first sheet. This new workbook is then populated with data from an archived workbook that the add-in has opened. This works well and I can watch the data...
  2. B

    Long, Difficult, Very Specific Problem on VBA Code for User Form Log In for Multiple Users

    I have a very difficult and specific request that I would like a lot of help with please. I have a very large macro-enabled workbook with around 260 sheets. Originally, I used some VBA code so that no matter what sheet the user was on when they saved and closed the document, the next time it was...
  3. C

    VBA to define variable using if then

    I am wanting to have a outlook email address to be set based on the value of Combobox2. What i have doesn't seem to function, and i am sure it is simple but i am a little stuck. any suggestions would be great. What i have so far is: Dim name As String If ComboBox2.Value = "Bill" Then Set...
  4. P

    After transfering data from a userform one sheet becomes hightlighted

    The problem is when i use a userform to transfer data to a worksheet that worksheet becomes highlighted. the problem is this started at row 54 and continues on the rest of worksheet as i add data from the userform this problem didnt happen in the previous 53 rows. What i have to do to get the...
  5. S

    Export/Save images loaded to userform to a specific folder

    Hello, Can I please have your help to create a code that allows me to export image1 and image2 to a folder name that changes based on every new entry. The images will be loaded to the user form by click the image shape in the userform. I would like to export or save the images on the a folder...
  6. D

    Best way to create a searchable drop-down list with auto-complete functionality to cells in a column?

    Hi Folks, I have a time-sheet workbook with two worksheets (ws). In sheet 1 (the time-sheet ws), Column A is "Employee". Time-sheet worksheet. <tbody> Employee Start time Finish time Hours worked Joe Blogs Jane Doe </tbody> I wish to be able to start typing a different...
  7. N

    Excel VBA Date Picker for win64 bit

    Hello, I'm using Microsoft Office 16 in windows 10 / 64bit I'm looking for a solution to have a popup date picker in my userform I'v been searching for a solution long time ago, found a lot of solutions but most of them for 32bit, and some for 64bit but none of them worked correctly Please I...
  8. A

    help code vlookup on userform

    hello i have sheet1 contains data from a2:d10 and userform contains textbox1,2,3,4 i would when i write in textbox2 it shows me the rest data in textbox1,3,4 the textbox1 connect column a textbox2 column b textbox3 column c textbox4 column d with considering column b...
  9. A

    Several issues with userform macro

    Hi Guys, I have a few issues with a userform. It used to work fine but after I made a few changes it stopped working. When you fill out the form it should open 2 emails ans display them before sending them to make sure they have the necessary attachments but it only displays the second email...
  10. S

    Userform Picture and text selection

    Good Morning, I was wondering two things, both interrelated: 1. I have a drop-down box that selects a bunch of info from an array using vlookup formulas and vba coding. Is it possible to have a collection of pictures saved on a sheet in the workbook and then the background of a userform as...
  11. K

    Check if date is Sunday

    Hi Everyone. I have a UserForm where the user must update the Public Holidays (South African) for the year. Basically the user must only change the year and then the date of Easter Friday. All the other dates will auto update in the relevant Table ("tblPPH") In this UserForm, there will be a...
  12. U

    Userform display control

    Using the following code to show/hide Labels and OptionButtons on a Userform UserForm1.Label5.Visible = False UserForm1.OptionButton2.Visible = False They still show, any ideas ?
  13. A

    Drag Picture on Userform

    Is it possible to have a Picture on a UserForm and have its size change with the Form as you drag the bottom right corner ? I have this working on some other platfoms (Access, VB6) but can't seem to manage it in Excel - or the Picture flashes white bars while moving. Any help much appreciated.
  14. J

    Userform, textbox copy to sheet

    Private Sub ToggleButton2_Click() Me.TextBox1.Copy Sheets("Data Sheet").Range("L" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues Struggling to achieve a simple copy to the next available row in column L from a textbox in a userform. It is failing on line 2. Any...
  15. T

    VBA to launch userform by selecting a cell

    Hello, I have data sets I want to have code for that if I select a specific column, cell it opens a userform. The data set starts with a number such as 9334231/1 below. It will always vary in length. then another number, just different, indicates start of a new data set. If I was to select...
  16. B

    Userform | Evoke Textbox change event when radio button is changed

    I have three radio buttons that the user can select Uppercase Lowercase Propercase When the form initializes the Uppercase radio button is set to true if the user selects one of the radio buttons I want the text already keyed into a textbox to update to the choosen radio button I have...
  17. I

    Open userform when worksheet opens advice

    Afternoon, I would like the userform to open when i open the workbook. At present i have the following which works fine when i navigate worksheet to worksheet but need some advice please for it to run when i open the workbook. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() If Range("A2") = "" Then...
  18. E

    i need some help in userform

    i want a code to make auto-update to the userform screen so when anythinh changes in the excel sheet it happens immediately in the userform screen
  19. C

    Userform to display in task bar

    I know i am kind of beating a dead horse around the internet with this, but i used to be operating on windows 7 and my code functioned for showing a taskbar icon for the userform when the application window was hidden, but when i upgraded to windows 10, the code stopped working. is there...
  20. B

    How to access value and change events of Userform dropdown in another workbook

    Is there a way to capture the userform object in another workbook in the same instance of excel or different instance of excel? Currently we have a drop down value for a userform save its value to the excel worksheet which we pull the value from in another workbook . However I am wondering if...

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