1. K

    Timesheets and Userform

    Hi All, I built our weekly/daily time sheets some years ago in Excel using mostly formulas to do the calculations. This worked great, but since I started to learn more about vba and userforms I am busy streamlining it to use userform inputs and vba to send the information to the relevant...
  2. I

    Show userform based on cell value

    Currently not at my pc but I would like a userform to only be shown if a specific cell is empty. Would this be correct ? Please advise. If Cell (“B1”) = “” Then Userform1.Show Else Exit sub
  3. M

    Using With...End statement to set fields for two userforms

    Hello, I am a VBA neophyte learning on the job. I have two userforms that I am programming for a spreadsheet. Each user form uses many of the same fields, and so in the code for each userform I have to set the fields up in the same way, i.e. below txtTodayDate.Text = Format(Now()...
  4. I

    Userform to worksheet code advice

    Morning, I have a simple userform which i will select a Month & Year from the drop down box & when i press the command button it will place the selected values into there respective cells. I wish the userform to appear when i open the worksheet BUT only if the cell in question is empty. Should...
  5. N

    How to Add Date Picker To VBA UserForm

    Hello, I have a userform and looking for a way to add a popup calendar to insert a date in a textbox, I searched google and found the way below, I followed it step by step, but it didn't work, Do you have any way to activate it? I have...
  6. I

    Custom MsgBox. Buttons

    Evening, I’m looking for a msgbox but with buttons as 1 & 2. Is there a way to do this without it being a userform. Thanks
  7. P

    Copy cell value from a different workbook into a textbox in a userform

    Hi, good afternoon, I have a userform with TextBox310 where I want the textbox to show the info from another workbook for example the work book is located in 'G:INDAY.xlsm ' and the info is in sheet1 cell S17, please can you help? I have tried... [CODE]Private Sub TextBox310_Change() Dim WB as...
  8. W

    How to show different userform based on users screen resolution?

    I have a userform that is to large on screens that are 1920*1080 or below, how can I check users resolution and if it is smaller or 1920*1080 I want to display the small userform? If it is 1920*1080 or bigger I want to display the normal userform?
  9. A

    Find Last Row in Excel

    I have a workbook that launches a userform that gets updated. I need to take all the values in the userform and input that into a different excel file (workbook). It cannot overwrite the data, but enter all new submissions in the last empty row. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. J

    vlookup help

    I am fairly new to vba and thought I could take on a small userform. Joke is on me, a simple vlookup is kicking my butt. I have a userform that I simply want to use to lookup data from my spreadsheet. I don't need to edit anything, just display data in textboxes. Static named range is - master...
  11. A

    sum format number textbox in userform

    hi, expert i need help the adjusted these codes i have userform contains textbox1,2,3 the textbox1 : Private Sub TextBox1_AfterUpdate() TextBox1.Value = Format(TextBox1.Value, "####.00") end sub and textbox2: Private Sub TextBox2_AfterUpdate() TextBox2.Value = Format(TextBox2.Value...
  12. Z

    Userform Frame automatically adjust based on cell value

    Not sure if this is even possible, but I have a userform that has a width of 588 when fully viewed. What I'm wondering is when the user opens this I could have the width set at 150. And if in textbox2 they enter a 2 then the width of this frame will expand to 294. If the value entered in...
  13. Z

    Populate a list on a userform combobox

    I'm sure this is something pretty simple for everyone but I'm having the hardest time getting it figured out. I have created a userform that has a combobox. How can I assign a list that the user can pick from when they click on it. The list is on another tab named "Employee Data" and is in...
  14. K

    VBA Userform

    Hi All, With a UserForm TextBox you can limit the number of characters to be used in the TextBox properties MaxLength behavior. I want to know if your set the MultiLine to True, can you limit the number of lines that the user can enter. For example I have a UserForm with a TextBox. I want the...
  15. B

    Unusual VBA Not Responding Issue

    Hi, I have a VBA program that has multiple modules and basically it starts a userform on workbook_open event. Then it goes to a log on screen in the userform. Once a userlogs in the code checks credentials against database to make sure its legit then it goes through a subroutine which basically...
  16. A

    Error: Invalid Picture in Userform

    Hello all- I have a userform which is taking pictures of graphs and displaying it in excel with the below code. Occasionally I get a Run Time Error 481 Invalid Picture on the line below. What's odd is when I go in and change the name of the charts in both the excel and the vba code, everything...
  17. S

    Using Option Button to Set Variable

    I've got a command button that prints my workbook to a PDF with a specified filename and location, but I've been asked to add the option to save to one of two folders (without being able to browse to other folders). I'm trying to use a user form to choose the folder name, save it as a string...
  18. I

    TextBox dependent Unique ID (Count through multiple tables)

    I am creating a userform to record incoming business opportunities across multiple work-streams and need help with the Unique ID feature of the coding (appreciate this is a common question and I have looked, and looked again and Googled - but I couldn't find anything for my situation) as I'm...
  19. N

    MsgBox if TextBox is not empty

    Hello, I have a userform with some textboxes and command buttons (one of them, "cmdClose") I need to code the following scenario If I click "cmdClose" and the textamount is greater than Zero, pop up msgbox with vbYesNo, if I click Yes, close the userform, else, do nothing And if txtamount is...
  20. ExcelNovice

    Running multiple macros with one command button on userform

    Hi, I'm trying to run the following macros from a userform but continues to get an error each time I try: Private Sub CommandButton1_click() Call Worksheets("Sheet1").CommandButton11_click Call Worksheets("Sheet1").CommandButton12_click Call Worksheets("Sheet1").CommandButton13_click Call...

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