1. T

    Move names into a text box and pushing data back

    Hi Everyone So I need to get some names and make userform inputs so heres what i need, I have 5 Cells with headers and 5 cells which need readings I have userform1 I want to take userform1 and Place the headers from Cells A10,C10,E10,G10,I10 to header boxes Below the header boxes I have Input...
  2. K0st4din

    Select specific worksheets and save to a new workbook

    Hello friends, I searched a lot on the internet and found countless similar solutions, but not exactly what I was looking for. I ask for your assistance. I have a workbook with 38 worksheets. I made myself a UserForm1 in which I inserted 28 worksheets with their names. These names are with...
  3. E

    Check to See If Button Was Clicked in Shown UserForm1

    Hi - I'm trying to figure out how to run a line of code if one of three buttons was selected in a shown UserForm1. This is what I have so far: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() If UserForm1.CommandButton1.TakeFocus******* Then Do This ElseIf UserForm1.CommandButton2.TakeFocus******* Then...
  4. C

    RE: Multiple display of timed userforms ...

    RE: Multiple display of timed userforms ... Action1: it's 8:00 AM. Open a new Userform1(blank textbox1): Enter data: Userform.DTPicker1.value = Time 10:00 AM (display time) Userform1.Textbox1.value = Buy oranges close userform Action2: 5 minutes later: open a new Userform1(blank...
  5. L

    Excel Memory Error and Userform1 Relaunch When Hitting an Open New Workbook excel 2013

    So I added this code below to my other codes that initiate. It all worked well until this one was added. What I do is have a button on a sheet that will launch Userform1 on the first workbook. Then a second workbook will open and extract data as appropriate, but on this one sheet I am getting...
  6. MFish

    Going from userform1 to userform2 and then back to userform1

    I have a combobox1 in UF1 that is coded as... sub combobox1_change() end sub Once userform2 shows up, I need another combobox to select something. Code I have... Sub combobox1() Me.combobox1.List = Worksheets("Drop Down Data").Range("d3:d51").Value end sub Once...
  7. D

    If then text from 1 userform to add text to userform 2 as Textbox entry

    Hi, I plan to have a multi-layer workbook with User Forms passing an "If, Then" argument text answer from UserForm1 to UseForm2 TextBox after UserForm1 pulls data and closes. What am I missing? UserForm1: Public Fi As String Private Sub LEVEL1_CB_Click() 'Dim Fi As String 'Fi =...
  8. gheyman

    Lookup a value on a UserForm

    I have a Userform (Userform1) where I have two Text Boxes (Textbox1 and Textbox2). When the user right clicks on a cell in Sheet1 I want to open Userform1 and populate Textbox1 with the data from the cell to the right of where they right clicked Target -1 Then I want to perform a lookup of that...
  9. M

    Advancing an Irregular Number

    I'm trying to get TextBox1 in UserForm1 to auto populate with the next number in a sequence. The difficulty is that the number system is irregular. It follows this format: XXX-YYYY-ZZ , where XXX is a constant identifier of our organization, ZZ is the last two digits of the year, and YYYY is...
  10. M

    Adding a checkbox to new row, and checking or unchecking it

    I have UserForm1 that adds a new row of data to ws1 based on the data submitted in the UserForm. In column "E" of this new row, I'm trying to get the UserForm1, CommandButton1 click macro to add a checkbox to the empty cell, center it within the cell, and then use the value of...
  11. F

    Refreshing a Userform

    I have userform1 with multiple labels that are linked to cells in a worksheet displaying data. On userform1 I have a command button which brings up a second userform with a textbox on it. The user inputs data into the textbox, clicks a command button which puts the data into the worksheet into a...
  12. S

    copy userform to same workbook

    Hi I've got a userform (userform1) in a workbook. I need to make another userform (userform2) in the same workbook, with a slight modification. Can I copy userform1 to "insert userform" (which will automatically name it userform 2) then add to it. OR do I have to remake it again after I "insert...
  13. S

    Userform Failing

    Good Morning, I have three userforms that are failing- Userform1 opens and you should click the button- which should take you to Userform4, which has a button that should take you to Userform2. If the document has a different name (as specified in the coding below), only Userform2 Opens (this...
  14. C

    Inrease the row spacing in a Userform listbox

    Is there a way to increase the spacing between rows in Listbox1 on Userform1 with or without vba ? Thanks for anyone's help. cr
  15. K

    Distinction if VBA or user enter textbox

    Hi, I have 4 textboxes in a userform1. When I click in one of them textbox1_enter, I have a separate datepicker userform2 that shows and puts its value in the textbox. It took time but that works. My issue is that when I initialize userform1, I would like to have specific dates in the...
  16. T

    Close just one userform

    Is it somehow possible to close just one userform if I have had two opened? I have a button in userform1 which is calling userform2 but if I close userform 2 both are gone. I know that I can call/show again userform1 but I want to avoid doing it. If I did so I wouldn't keep the chnges I had made.
  17. T

    Error 91 Object required

    Good morning! I'm having an issue. I have looked through the threads and through google and done what it has told me to do, but the error is still popping up. I have a userform (UserForm1) that has three buttons on it: NewEntryBtn shows UserForm2 and unloads UserForm1 FinBtn shows UserForm3...
  18. G

    Open Two Different UserForms by Clicking Specific Cells

    Im trying to make a vba program that will open specific userform by clicking specific cells. I have two forms Userform1 and UserForm2 that I want to show on the same Worksheet when a user click specific cell. Example; when Range("A1") is doubleclicked show UserForm1, when Range("A5") is...
  19. D

    Show UserForm in New Workbook

    Here's where I'm at... I initially show UserForm1 in the window for Book1. The user enters values into the textboxes of UserForm1 then clicks CommandButton1. The subroutine for CommandButton1 checks that the active workbook is the correct form. If not, it opens a new workbook using...
  20. M

    Userform sometimes run and somtimes not when workbook opens

    Hi, I have created a UserForm1 and i have put as show when workbook opens and close. But sometimes it runs and sometimes not. I want to make compulsory run the UserForm1 when when workbook opens and close. Your support would be appreciated.

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