1. D

    Next Row VBA issue - Beginner

    Hello, I am really hoping someone came help me. I have been trying to teach my self VBA using YouTube etc as my teacher. I have working on this Data Form, I am getting there but I having one issue. I have tried heaps of things and this is the closest I have come to it working. I have set up a...
  2. M

    Check boxes on a userform

    I have created a template sheet that I will be using for my team to create quotation. I have generated the first part of the form that completes the pricing part. I have a userform that I want to use to select different conditions to a quotation. I want the user to be able to tick/check the...
  3. C

    Loop through text boxes in a page

    Ok, I have working code that looks like this: Private Sub CommandButton39_Click() Dim objWorkbook As Workbook Dim i As Integer Dim arrIn As Variant Dim arrOut() Dim j As Long Dim counter As Long Dim outRow As Long Dim sUser As String Set objWorkbook = Workbooks.Open( _ "C:\Documents\Data.xlsm")...
  4. G

    Userforms resizing and reformatting on different monitors

    I have a few userforms on a sheet, but when I use them on a different sized monitor, they resize (often much larger) and the contents are not organized well like I have them set. As soon as I go in the VBA Editor and resize them back to normal, they take on all their old formatting, but I was...
  5. A

    What did I do to the scroll bars in my UserForms?

    I was messing around with a calendar form and all of the scroll bars in all of my userforms, several different spreadsheets, stopped working. The "sliders" can't be grabbed and moved and the mouse wheel no longer scrolls. It's only in UserForms, the scrolling in spreadsheets works fine. I've...
  6. I

    Color codes in UserForms

    Hello all! I am trying to get more into making UserForms and the limited color choice is starting to bother me. Is there a way to convert hex color codes to what ever this is, &H80000012&?
  7. H

    Sharing Excel W/ Macros and Userforms

    Is there a way to Share Excel with Macros and Userforms enable using Excel online that exceeds 5 mb?
  8. M

    Create "if then" statement in button click

    So what I am trying to do is when a button is clicked, depending on if a certain cell contains a text, will bring up a certain userform. So if "I6" has a date in it, userform1 would show. If "I6" and "I10" have a date in it, then useform2 would show. If "I6", "I10" and "I14" have a date in it...
  9. T

    VBA to filter between two amount I put in a popup box?

    Hi Everyone, I want to create a macro that asks the peson to insert tow amounts into a messagebox or any kind of popup box then filters by this? I know how to use userforms so that would do me fine. I currently use this Sub Filterby1() Sheets("Master").Unprotect 'Password:="august"...
  10. M

    Userforms shrink on successive openings of an Excel file

    Hi, I've run across the weirdest bug ever and wonder if anybody recognizes it and have any input. In an Excel VBA-project several years in the making, after some recent automatic update to my Excel 365 desktop version, all userforms are rendered smaller and smaller on successive launches of the...
  11. N

    Userform data arrays

    Hello Excel Friends,<br> <br> I have a user form that currently publishes the data to a database sheet in one row, however, what I need it to do is publish the data vertically instead of horizontally, but I need 2 of the form sources to be replicated in each row.<br> <br> My current user form...
  12. L

    merge two workbooks

    Hi good people, I have two workbooks which both contain at least 10 sheets each, and all sheets contain vba. Both books contain buttons, and userforms, etc. I have manually copied all sheets of the one book into the other, only to find that all buttons, userforms, etc, renames. so, when I press...
  13. G

    Pop-up UserForm in an exclusive computer.

    Hi everyone, I have this Workbook with several UserForms. The Workbooks is shared between 2 or 3 Computers simultaneously. It is shared using the old way not the cloud. One of the UserForms will work just like a Pop-up message in one especific computer. But, since it is just one workbook, I...
  14. M

    Macro works on first go around, then doesnt work correctly until excel is closed and openned again....only to work once.

    So I am trying to create a button that opens a userform thatasks questions on what the user wants to do. It is kind of hard to explain so Iam going to try to insert screen shots of what I want to happen. Below is part of a table that is created on the main pageentitled “Status Sheet.” <tbody>...
  15. xlhelp15

    Import UserForms using VBA Code

    Hello Experts, Is there a way to import UserForms (located in separate folder) when I open Excel file ? Workbook_Open method can help but I'm not sure as how to call the Forms from that. Your help is greatly appreciated ! Thanks.
  16. J

    Userform to add data to specific cell in a form

    Hi there, Hope someone will be able to assist me I have a button that will copy one sheet and then create a new sheet with the copied content. Then the userform will also popup The userform then needs to add the content to the newly created sheet. I don't seem to get it to work Here is what I...
  17. J

    Passing Data between userforms

    I am having issues passing information between userforms and I have tried asking how to do this here but I think I was asking the wrong questions. Here is my quandry. I have numerous UserForms that utilize data created on another UserForm but I can't seem to get it to recognize the data so I...
  18. H

    Message Box

    Hi - Is there a way to have a message box pop up when the macro starts to run that just says please be patient? I've tried UserForms, but they stall the macro until you close them. Thanks!
  19. A

    Catch Name of Closed UserForm

    There I was... knee deep in open Chrome tabs with more VBA code than I could handle... I'd been lost out there for hours with no solution in sight... nothing but hours old coffee to quench my thirst... I tell myself "it's okay to ask for help... someone probably knows how to do this." "Never...
  20. A

    Commandbutton to open second page of userform

    Hey community, Can anyone help me to make commandbutton to open userforms second page? not first page

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