1. S

    userInterfaceOnly leaves cells unlocked

    Hi, I'm trying to leave certain cells/functions open for user input, but keep running into a problem I can't figure out. I've been through endless forum threads, but none has been able to help me so far... I have a workbook with 4 sheets, two of which are VeryHidden and not relevant. The third...
  2. A

    Protect Sheet Using VBA

    Hello, I have a sheet that automatically updates based on information entered by the user. I need certain cells to be protected, and others not to be. I've tried the following script: sh2.Range("B2:D2").Locked = False sh2.Range("C4:D4").Locked = False sh2.Range("C5:D5").Locked = False...
  3. W

    macros on shared file, UserInterfaceOnly

    Hello all, I have a tracker file opened with user form login and showing/hiding individual sheet for each user. This file needs to be shared. The original code is using .protect and .unprotect to execute macros and vba changes on one of the sheets, which does not run on the shared file. Getting...
  4. N

    Protect Worksheet with UserInterfaceOnly still stopping code.

    Hello, On my sheet I have tables I want users to be able to add / remove / edit data through a form, but have them protected from manual manipulation. After running Worksheets().Protect, UserInterfaceOnly:=True on Workbook_open() it allows my code to edit and remove items, but not add. The...
  5. F

    UserInterfaceOnly Not Working

    I have a program I developed where several of the spreadsheets are protected. I had been using the UnProtect/Protect method in my code but was having a problem with sequencing with this method that was causing my code to fail. I researched online and discovered the UserInterfaceOnly option. I...
  6. H

    PROTECT: User Interface Only not working

    Hey guys, Im having problems with my sheets being protected and macro's not working. I attempted to use the interfaceonly option however it doesnt seem to be working. My code is below. It prompts me for the password and works fine. However when i run a macro, it doesnt work. Can anyone see...
  7. L

    UserInterfaceOnly - protection not recognised?

    Hi All I allway write all my code in lowercase, so that when it capitalises I know I have spelt it correctly. However I have been looking for a better way to protect my workbook to avoid the endless looping. And found the UserInterfaceOnly property which seems to state it will allow VBA even...
  8. G

    Excel UserInterfaceonly=True

    Hi - I'm trying to understand the 'UserInterface' feature in VBA. I have a file with several charts and macros. On one worksheet, if a macro is selected, it will add a Trendline on a chart. Since the worksheet is protected, the macro is erroring out at: ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart...
  9. C

    protect sheet userinterface only not working ?

    Hi: I have a macro that runs fine unless i protect my worksheet then i get a 1004 error .. so i tried: ============================ Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim Sh As Worksheet For Each Sh In Worksheets Sh.Protect UserInterFaceOnly:=True Next End Sub...
  10. L

    UserInterfaceOnly not kicking in when accessed through ribbon button

    I have a large workbook, wherein I use UserInterfaceOnly on the sheets implemented through the Workbook_Activate event. Up until now it's always worked just fine, but now it doesn't work in a specific circumstance. When I open the file directly or with a shortcut or with the File->Open...
  11. J

    Workbook Protection VBA code on Hidden Sheets like UserInterfaceOnly

    I am trying to loosely "secure" a workbook and I feel like there ought to be a better way. I have a main interaction tab (let's call it sheet Main) where end-users make selections on various drop-downs. However, the drop-down selection/changes drive VBA code that manipulate other sheets...
  12. S

    How do I set worksheet protection automatically?

    Can someone help me to automatically set the worksheet protection to UserInterfaceOnly automatically every time the workbook opens? This allows VBA to write to cells but not the user. II can do it with VBA code but I want this code to run automatically. When the workbook opens again, the...

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