1. A


    Hi! I have a table that I put into a subform so users can fill out portions of the data. The user will review the work and write in who is responsible, the credit category, cause, and notes. I want to hide the TINITIALS (username) and STAMP (time stamp). I want to use an Event, but I can't...
  2. F

    Auto fill date and name of users when they change cells in a row.

    Hello I have been trying to find a macro that autamatically fills 3 different cells with date, updated date and name of user, when someone fills certain cells in a worksheet. i have 2 macros that work independently. but i cant make them work together: (Optimally i would like to have the macro...
  3. T

    Open de File with a sheet filtered according to a matriz

    Hello specialists, I have a sheet called "Data", and there from row 4 and along, I have several collunms with data, like "Main Responsible" in AO, "Country" in AK and "SBU" in AL; I am also have another sheet called "AuthUsers", where I've created the below matriz; soo, I am looking for a VBA...
  4. L

    Excel to log name, date and time somebody accessed a report on a network drive....

    Hi, I’m looking for help logging in Excel, using VBA to log in ahidden sheet the username, date and time logged in and logged out of reports inshared locations. I know a solution exists because I’ve used one before, but Ican’t for the life of me remember how I did it… Does anybody have...
  5. Y

    Macro to copy values across rows and transposing them and add the user id

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help me with this problem with amacro. I have a table of data that appears below(input data) whichhas usernames down a few rows and one or more accounts across 70 columns. On a regular basis, I would need to able to copy all theaccount numbers that are present...
  6. M

    VBA event to 1) print now, 2) print username & 3) prevent deletion

    Hi guys, I hope everything is going well with you. Look, I need your help please. I need to create Save event. So, once the active sheet is saved, the code acts as follows: Type the date and time (NOW function, I believe) in the active row, second cell (Column B). Type the username (Environ...
  7. R

    Date & Username Stamp Help

    Hi, I a pretty new to VBA and would like some support. What I looking for is a piece of VBA code that will date stamp Column O Username Stamp Column P, based on the status in column K being changed to either - Resolved & Ignore/Resolved. Ideally id like the O & P cells to be locked down an...
  8. L

    returning date and username if statement is true

    I have an excel sheet that tracks documents that have been reviewed by project managers. When a PM reviews a document they select "Yes" from a drop down (only way i could figure out to limit data entry). What I am looking to do now is two seperate actions. 1. If "Yes" is in Cell D23 (the whole...
  9. M

    Paste Vales in same row, different columns

    Hello, I would like to paste 3 values in 3 columns A, B, and C in the last available row. Filename = Dir(Path & "*.xls*") DateTimeStamp = DateTime.Now UserName = (Environ$("Username")) 'get last AVAILABLE cell to paste into Set iLastCellS2 = s2.Cells(s2.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)...
  10. R

    VB Invalid use of property

    I don't know why I keep getting this error. I've tried BeforeUpate,AfterUpdate, enter,exit....none of them work. HELP, please Private Sub TextBox2_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Dim Username As String Username = TextBox2.Value MsgBox "Hello, " + Username + "...
  11. V

    How one can download reports from web through excel which is required credentials to proceed?

    Hi, I am looking for below. I want to extract reports from web which is having to username and password. How I can start with? Let me know. Nee
  12. G

    Fuzzy logic Lookup using start/finish date & time and other text

    Hi, I am trying to look up two data sources and would really appreciate any help please: Call Data <tbody> Username Start End Call Id name1 01/04/19 08:01:07 01/04/19 08:13:19 100001 name2 01/04/19 08:01:45 01/04/19 08:07:12 100002 </tbody> against Interaction Data <tbody> Username...
  13. countryfan_nt

    Run code if Username match And current time is between 2 sets of time.

    Hello friends, hope all is well! Can you please help me with the code below: I want the code to close the workbook if: 1. UserName is NOT Johnny Case AND 2. Between times 17:45 and 17:59 OR 3. Between times 07:45 and 07:59 The code is placed below; thank you very much in advance...
  14. K

    How do I rearrange columns based on cell value and not headers?

    Hi everyone, Is there a way to rearrange the columns based on values in the cell and not based on the headers? for example the first rearrange would be Username, Hint, Password, Site, the second rearrange would be Password, Username, Site, Hint. If i'm not being clear enough, please let me...
  15. W

    Login on website with Username and Password

    Hi All, I'm practicing VBA for a while now as a hobby and I want it to take a stepfurther. I want to extractdata from a website but the first step is login. Do you know howI’m able to login with username and password on the website below? Thanks...
  16. W

    If Username is not true then open a userform

    Hi. We got a excel program, which uses: Worksheets("39").Range("Z100").Value = Environ("Username") with adds the users usernames into a cell (Z100), which customizes their experience depening on who they are (userform). But i am wondering. Is there a way to add it so, if a user which is not...
  17. J

    Lock Range of Cells Using Command Button

    Hello, I'm new to MrExcel and could use some help with the following situation: Person 1 enters data in single row, various columns A through O, then hits a "process" button that I've inserted using ActiveX Controls. Their username and date/timestamp populates into that row, column Q. Person...
  18. M

    USERNAME weirdness

    I have a simple DAX measure in my Excel 2016 data model: [Who Am I Domain]:=USERNAME() When I enter this as a measure in the data model window and use autofill the end parentheses appear. However, after the measure calculates the parentheses disappear (which they don't do for...
  19. C

    VBA: How to assign value of named range cell to external file?

    Hi, I am trying to transfer data to an external file from a worksheet using VBA: current date, username and a global range named cell "Score". Date and username is succesfully transfered to column A and B in the first empty row. "Score" however gives me an error. I don't know how to refer to...
  20. A

    Form Help

    Trying to create a form in Excel that will allow a technician to input a username, click on one button which will then search the sheet for that user name. If username is true, script then looks to see if equipment has been assigned to user. If false then a new form comes up, populated with...

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