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    Data Validation with overwrite input box prompt

    Hi All I am not sure if this is possible, but thought I would ask. On a large workbook I have a column with drop down data validation of "Job position" I would like a way of adding a "name" only if one "Job position" is selected. I am not sure what is the best way of approaching this, I looked...
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    excel custom data valadation with countifs

    Hi there I posted a thread earlier it looks lik it was wrorking but it now appears not working. Can you use countifs in custom data valadation my formula that i want to use is =COUNTIFS($B$4:$B$50000,"="&B4,$AO$4:$AO$50000,"="&AO4)=1 Can any body help me?
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    Create a 'New List' based on specific criteria

    Greetings Excel Guru's, <tbody> Clients C B R A Car Bus Rail Air John Public X John Public Jane Doe X X Jane Doe Jane Doe Mary Smith X Mary Smith John Doe X X John Doe John Doe </tbody> Clients list is the master list of all names. From that list, I...
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    Validation Prompt Default Location

    I am using valadation in a column of cells wsed to input data to prompt the user with lists, choices, and instructions. It works great with one problem. The prompt's default location is directly below the cell and I want it to the right. It can easily be clicked on and dragged to the right...

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