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    VBA Function for comparing a value from a cell with values from another table

    Hello! I am trying to write a new function because only with formulas is too complicated and inefficient i have 2 tables (names below) in the TableProd, header Current Band i want to find out where is positioned in the Banding Table (table 2) the Price for a certain Product. i am using the...
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    Name Comparison Through Several Sheets

    I have 5 sheets with employee names that need to be compared. Each sheet has different times that an employee should have received a review; raise, promotion, transfer, pay class change, and job title change. If an employee received two of these events at the same time they only need one review...
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    Little tricky

    I have 7 ‘main’ columns (headings: Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4, Col5, Col6, Col7) with values either of 100 or 200. Each of the above ‘main’ columns has ‘adjacent’ columns to itself (headings: Adj1, Adj 2, Adj 3, Adj 4, Adj 5, Adj 6, Adj 7). Output required: (in O2:O999) satisfying following...
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    Macro Assistance

    Say I am trying to create a bill of materials list that generates, sorts and numbers according to pushbutton clicks after the user selects the vlookup values provided in a data set list of a drop down menu. After I have randomly created these values I can add them to the bill, then sort them...
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    Need Help with creating a Macro for Comparing Purposes

    Not sure how to start on this so I'm just jumping in... This is a work-related issue that I am trying to find a quicker/automated way to do quality checks on reports we generate that can be utilized by multiple team members. Current Process: A client sends us an Excel Spreadsheet...

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