vba array

  1. R

    import image filename with vba array & dictionary

    Dear All master, With this, my vba code to import image filenames with an open dialog box can import filenames from folders or subfolders to my excel table. For the id column, what I mean is before the "-" & "(" sign, then it is included in the id column. For filename originating from that...
  2. A

    File Size Is Causing Column Reordering VBA Macro to Fail

    Hello! I'm using the below code to reorder my worksheet's columns based on a predetermined column order. This code works as long as there are less than 500k rows, but once the number of rows exceeds 500k, I receive an application-defined or object-defined error. Is this code limited by memory...
  3. R

    want vba scripting code and vba array code

    Dear all master, I want very fast vba scripting code and array vba code to import or read data in a folder or sub folder containing excel files. There are 500-600 excel files. I want some excel files that I have marked yellow or only have outstanding values to appear in the excel result file...
  4. R

    Convert Text to Number in VBA Array

    Dear All Master, I want help modifying my vba code below because it is still slow and the row record is above 200000 and also a problem with the results if the table data in the "eg" sheet is filtered then the result is wrong so I want a very fast vba array code . So there are 2 process...
  5. R

    please help me modify my vba code

    Dear All master, I want to connect with multi data source for dbf file with vba array code. what I want is the following: 1. Modify the connection string according to the dbase file provider 2. Can I connect with my multi DSN reference and become one sheet Data Source Name DefaultDir FILE NAME...
  6. M

    Handling formulas as values & Ignore blanks - Using array to consolidate data

    Hi, As title suggests, I'm using an array for data consolidation. I keep erroring when trying to copy columns with any formulas in them... is there any way around this when using this method ? I would also really like to ignore blanks cells & not bring them into the array. Sub Arraycol()...
  7. R


    Dear all master, Please help for vba array code remove numbers based on specific contents of cell. ORIIGINAL RESULT So remove the numbers based on the contents of the word "KANA". Thanks roykana
  8. R

    I want the vba array code to remove numbers based on certain text content

    Dear All master, Please help me to make code vba array and the result match as in the result sheet. LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/12z10pcR3YVgzhpCfGErtGdrFzYrnpCtk/view?usp=sharing Thanks Roykana
  9. R

    VBA array make value from FormulaR1C1

    Dear all master, Please help me to code vba array so the result is not formula. Set rng1 = TargetSheet.Range("G2") Range("G1").Value = "REMARK" Range("E1").Value = "D/C" Range("H1").Value = "REMARKHELP" Range("I1").Value = "REMARKFIX" With TargetSheet rng1.FormulaR1C1 =...
  10. R

    vba array remove numbers based on specific text content

    Dear All master, Please help me to make vba code. What I want in the bca sheet in column B which only contains "KR AUTOMATIC LLG" then the numbers are removed and I have marked yellow. LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iok21UA86tH0KMTyTRMqiBYoCSukJfYw/view?usp=sharing Thanks roykana...
  11. R

    VBA Sql, dictionary & array Combine dbf file in access multi map drive path

    Dear all master, I want to merge multiple dbf file drive folders into one with access, sql and vba scripting.dictionary & array because of thousands of data records. the map drive that I mean is as follows : Z:\DATA\Malfin 07\NOW\IFG.DBF Z:\DATA\Malfin 07\NOW\GSD.DBF Z:\DATA\Malfin...
  12. T

    VBA code to pick data based on multiple conditions

    Hello guys, I've been struggling to write this for days macro and I have finally decided to ask for your help. Here's what I have: Sheet1 - Job IDs, Assignees and Tasks as headers A1 - IDs B1 - Assignees C1 - Tasks *Rest of the columns are something i've tried which did not work...
  13. szita2000

    Looping through an array

    Hi Guys, and Happy New Year to everybody! I am trying to build something like a widget. I created shapes that are named in this fashion: A01_TrafficLight, A02_TrafficLight, B03_TrafficLight etc... I have the corresponding list of names in a named range on a sheet ie: A01, A02, B03... How can I...
  14. M

    VBA Searching Value in Array

    I have an array with orders (order date, customer etc) and I need to check whether a specific ID corresponds to a customer. Here is the function / data below: Function CheckCustomer(ID As Integer, Customer As Integer) as Boolean Dim arr() As Variant Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
  15. W

    VBA - Loop through array & use search function on string

    Hoping someone can help, I'm having an issue with my code. I'm using an error handler so not able to clarify the error itself. Sheet 1 - This is the list that I am attempting to categorise with my worksheetfunction.search, as my data is sensitive I have decided to use my breakfast as the...
  16. C

    VBA Arrays - unable to change array size

    Hi I'm amending some code written by a colleague who's now left. The code is used to change the column order of some data in excel and the column headers are contained within an array in the code. I've added 1 extra header in to the array but when I run the code it's now doesn't re order all...
  17. C

    Excel 2010 / Win 7 / VBA: Feed a SpecialCells range into an Array for UserForm ListBox use

    I have two spreadsheet columns of non-contiguous data. Column B is the "key" column. VBA rng1 consists of cells where there is text in Column B cells. Trying to create VBA rng2 which consists of rng1 cells and the adjacent Column A cells. Next is to then populate two array columns with each...
  18. J

    VBA to write into an array

    Hello friends of mrexcel! I am currently trying to wrap my head around arrays! I have data written into cells on a worksheet. Each cell holds "rows" and "columns" I would like to write into an array. The "rows" are separated by "/" and the columns are separated by ",". An example of a...
  19. trishcollins

    VBA for loading and accessing values from a 2D array

    I am having trouble working with a 2 dimensional array. I have worked with a 1D array before, no problem. The Named Table I am loading from is called "EA-Libraries_Data", and it contains the list of the other tables on the same sheet that need to be populated. There are 3 tables. The second...
  20. D

    desperately need help! need to copy formula without a range changing, or write VBA for index array

    I have written arrays to populate the following information: 1) the number in the 1st cell in the range containing a NUMBER to F5: {=INDEX(N5:AR5,MATCH(TRUE,ISNUMBER(N5:AR5),0))} 2) the number in the cell at the top of the page that corresponds with the cell found by this array to E5...

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