vba autofilter macro copy

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    VBA autofilter based on cell contents

    Hello, I'm trying to sort a table based on a drop-down menu in cell F2. The below code I found online works great, except when I change the drop-down to "all" I need it to show all records and it currently filters for text "all". Any thoughts? I feel like this is a quick fix- just can't quite...
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    Be my hero, help me to fix my macro! Autofilter data, copy and paste into another worksheet

    Hello geniuses, I have this in worsheet "RAW": A B C D E Manager_ID Employee Data1 Data2 Data3 1 111222 333444 1,000 blue whatever 2 111222 333444 7,000 blue whatever 3 111222 333444 1,000 yellow whatever 4 111222 222555 6,000 blue whatever 5...

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