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    How do I reference an external worksheet in VB?

    Hi I'm struggling to make some VB code reference an external workbook. I can't pick out the most suitable method from the other threads out there. I've created an 'Enquiry' worksheet which I plan to allow various users to open so that they can interrogate data held in another sheet. To make it...
  2. S

    If cell value changes then -VBA

    Sub alphacode() On Error Resume Next Range("X6") = Chr(Month(Now) + 64) End sub How to add some more lines in this code which would reset range Y6 value to "000" for every change in alphabets. Eg: This is november. X6 will be K,on december X6 will...
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    Code is returning to vbnullstring

    Sub Newreport() Dim ws As Worksheet ' Worksheet object for file to save Dim wb As Workbook ' Workbook object for file to save 'Disable Ctrl+S With Application .OnKey "^s", "" End With 'Set ws in which GRIN data gets loaded On Error Resume Next...
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    Adding multiple rows of data to a worksheet via a UserForm, BUT starting on the 3rd row

    I feel as though this is a simple fix, but for some reason it is stumping me. I created a UserForm in VBA. I want the user to continually type data into the UserForm and hit the "Add" button after every entry and it automatically display on the worksheet row after row with no blank rows...
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    Save by VBA does not trigger Save Event

    I have a process that is to be triggered Before Save. Excel 2010 64-bit W7. When I open the workbook manually and request a save from the keyboard it works fine. When the same workbook is opened by another workbook and saved by that second workbook's VBA code, the Before Save process is not...
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    Intersect Object VBA excel 2010. Please Help

    Hi, I have been posting frequently regarding a new Macro I have been working on. It seems that everytime I fix one thing, I have to debug another. All in all I want to copy several wksheets rows into one based on if column L has an "A" and as well only copy the columns...
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    VBA insert entire Rows in large numbers

    Hello I'm once again troubling this forum's community with a puzzle that has been driving me crazy for the past 2 days. I wrote a code that has to insert rows when certain conditions are met. The code finds the conditions, reads a number (X) in a row that meets those conditions and inserts X...
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    Check files in the folder

    I wonder how to check in folder and check all the files in the folder after that write it to excel sheets? lets illustrate like this. i got 2 folder and in those 2 folder i got alot of files. And the file got same name, same size, same date. somthing like this. but in file property we can find...
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    VBA works in XP and Office 2003 but not in Win / and Office 2010

    I am not an expert user and have used this makro for many years but in Office 2010 it does not work, can anybody quickly look and solve. The makro compiles individual excel time sheets into one reporting sheet. Sub get_sheets() Dim basebook As Workbook Dim mybook As Workbook Set...

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