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  1. O

    Convert a list of IDs, puchases and teaches so that one unique id appears per row while others variables populate the colums behind

    Hi everyone I'm trying to design a tool with vba that converts one table to another where one unique id appears per row while others variables populate the colums behind. Thanks for your help I have: ID Purchase Teaches Purchase quantity Cost 111 banana Walmart 1 2 115 sugar aldi 2 6...
  2. S

    Excel - Parsing Data

    Hi . I am trying to parse the following. Column H is my source that I am trying to parse. Part Description Column I is the first sub part (always starting on the left hand side and continuing until the first space in the text) various lengths and various starting text (HKL vs E, etc..) Column...
  3. R

    Code in VBA about rotate an image

    i am very new in codes specially in VBA. My intention was to make a template in excel for reports in my job, it will replace words from excel to a special template in Word and at the end it will load an image from a folder in pc give it other size and rotate for example 90°. this is the code i...
  4. B

    Consolidated Report - VBA Copy from one sheet and insert copied cells (shift cells down) in another sheet respecting the main column

    Hi Team, I'm looking to run a VBA code from Sheet3 (Consolidated Report) that will check ID1 in sheet2 and when found it has to copy from Sheet2 ID2,Owner,Role,Role Status, and Role Title and insert copied cells (Cells shift down) respecting the cell in column A as the copied data starts from...
  5. S

    Read Footer from email documents and move email to another inbox

    Hi, I am looking for macro where i want to move emails from one folder to another folder in outlook where i have word file as attachments. before moving email to the another folder it should read the footer in attachment (word file) and compare it with the list i have. then it will check if the...
  6. K

    Creating a procedure to search in a column

    I have 3 columns A - Equivalent to "Machine Name" B - Equivalent to "OT Number" C - Equivalent to "Responsible Technician" I would like to know if it is possible to create a procedure that when the user inserts the "OT Number" the procedure looks in column B if there is already an "OT...
  7. M

    Copy/transpose from one sheet to another

    Good day all I have a table that contains data of teachers timetables. Columns - Monday to Friday, rows are the periods of teaching. Each teacher's TT is below the next so separated by a blank row. I want to create sheets for Monday to Friday and then copy each teacher's Monday, Tuesday...
  8. K

    Object Required Error

    I have a form called "Miter_2_Correc", and I don't know why vba won't let me open it, can someone help me? Code: Private Sub bt_calculate_Click() Call CheckEmpty End Sub Private Sub CheckEmpty() If Not IsNumeric(tb_x1.Value) Or tb_x1.Text = "" Or Trim(tb_x1.Text) = "" Then...
  9. K

    VBS Script error

    I created an excel file that runs a macro as soon as it starts, when I open the file normally the macro is successfully executed but when I open my ".vbs" file an error occurs, can someone help me? Dim myMostRecentFile As String, ola As String Dim Ws As Integer Private Sub WriteValues()...
  10. K

    Automatic executable creation

    Is it possible to create a vbs file similar to the same one but that is automatically executed when a new file is inserted in the folder?
  11. K

    Write a value on all worksheets in the workbook

    Good afternoon friends, is there any way to write a value in a specific cell on each sheet of the excel workbook using "Foreach" or in some other way? Example: Write the number 3 in cell A3 of each sheet of the current workbook
  12. K

    The program does not detect a specific folder

    I am trying to open the most recent file in a specific folder but when I run the program an error appears and says that the folder does not exist (but it does exist), can someone help me? Code: Private Sub WriteValues() Workbooks.Open (myMostRecentFile)...
  13. E

    Macro to cycle through drop-down selection (with conditional) to print to PDF (name in cell) and save in X path (path in cell)

    Goodnight everyone, First I would like to tell you what I have been doing so far and then request your help. I have this excel file which is mainly made up of two sheets: 1. Apartment information sheet 2. Sheet to make quotes for the apartments In the quotation sheet, I have a cell where I...
  14. K

    Procedure doen´t result

    Hello guys, i have a problem in my procedure, everything that happens before trying to execute the procedure is read by the program, but when we call the procedure it doesn't just work in the specific form, can someone help me? This codes works: Private Sub bt_calculate_Click()...
  15. V

    Run time Error 380, despite the value being calculated correctly.

    Encountered a weird issue today as I added editing features to my UserForm. The fourth ComboBox is giving me a property value error when I try to populate it, despite the previous three working and the VBA editor calculating the value correctly. The right side is returning a value, but the...
  16. K

    Can someone tell me how to leave the number with only 4 decimal places?

    The "error": The code: Dim oPL As Double, o709 As Double, o710 As Double, o713 As Double Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("Calculation_Sheet").Visible = True ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("calculation_sheet").Activate Note: P666, P709, P710 and P713 are global variables...
  17. T

    VBA conditional searching for entire cell contents

    I am trying to write a VBA module to help me identify the source of an excel file that I am given based on known cell values in the header. For example if ""Service Waiver Acknowledged"" exists in any position of the range A1:Z5 then I know this file came from Software1 whereas if ""AnnivDay""...
  18. V

    Could not set the List property. Permission denied - Run time error 70.

    I am missing assigning the list property for a class module to work. Hoping someone can point out what I need to add. I lifted a module from the internet to align columns independently in a listbox of a userform. I will show the initialize code first and the class module code second, as the...
  19. K

    Can anyone tell me why is this appening?

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Call CallTime_Msg lb_hello.Caption = msg lb_tec.Caption = Tec End Sub Sub CallTime_Msg() Dim mHour As Integer Dim msg As String mHour = hour(Now) If mHour < 12 Then msg = "Good Morning" ElseIf mHour < 18 Then msg = "Good Afternoon" Else msg =...
  20. V

    Type Mismatch, what am I doing wrong?

    I am trying to populate a ListBox with a dynamic range, but I get a mismatch error on the .rowsource assignment. Hoping someone can shed some light on how I am supposed to assign the dynamic range to the row source. Private Sub AddButton_Click() 'Add Item to Order Dim OrdSum As Worksheet...

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