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    How can i copy data to new sheets based on cell value

    I have a data sheet where there is presented Name, personal number, email etc. I have around 500 Rows with person data, that needs the data separated in different sheets sorted after names. I have color coded the persons data and the sheets to where their data should go. I have made an vba that...
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    How do based on cell values, copy data to other sheets so they fit.

    Hi, i want to sort & copy data to different users sheets, there is about 350 accounts, where i need to sort the data and add them into their sheet with Names, numbers addresses etc. so i made the vba create several sheets named after the names on the list. But i have no clue to how i sort on...
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    Code giving run-time error when called, but not when placed on worksheet.

    The code listed below runs on the worksheet, but gives a Run-time error '424': Object required when called. I called the code, because when placed on the worksheet, it prevented other code from running. I was thinking that if the code was called it would allow the other code to run. Sub...
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    select a value from dropdown list via EXCEL VBA

    i want to select a value from dropdown list and have tried below code, but can't work. please take a look: <select name="fldcusval" nchange="fnSetBankName();fnSetCurrencyList()fnGetCustomer();;displayDetails (this);">..</selec> code ie.Document.getElementsByName("fldcustval").Foucs...
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    At a same time refresh all data connections in all open workbooks

    I have multiple workbooks and I want to refresh all data connections in all open workbooks for that I have given try to following vba code <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height...
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    don't copy sheet with specific name

    how to not copy a sheet with specific name please, thanks!
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    to get the values from data file to format file, based on sheet name, reference column and date

    I have two excel files, one is file named data and other one is flile named format. The data file has multiple sheet named as "north" ,"south" and "west", each of these sheets have a reference column containing values a, b,c,d,e as values of first column and dates from Nov 4 to Nov 10 as values...
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    VBA / dll project ideas

    Hi, I have quite a few years experience with VBA and have developed various dashboards and tools using APIs and web scraping etc. I'm looking to further increase my skills and wondered if anyone had any cool project ideas. I really don't mind what it is. I'm particularly interested in getting...
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    Userform ListBox - Display a Tick if Condition is Met

    Is it possible in a ListBox that has its row source from a spreadsheet that it can display a symbol like a Tick if the value in the row source was the value "YES" for example ? I have a column that will only have the value YES or No and would like to display a Tick or Cross rather than the...
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    Copy data from worksheet and paste in same worksheet but at different range

    I have some data points that are unique in each sheet and the same unique data points need to pasted as a value in the same worksheet but at different range I have write down following VBA code for copy paste in same sheet Sub EOD() Dim i AsLong For i =4To ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Count...
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    Copy data from worksheet and paste in same worksheet but at different range

    I have some data points that are unique in each sheet and the same unique data points need to pasted as a value in the same worksheet but at different range I have write down following VBA code for copy paste in same sheet <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style...
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    Unprotect copied protected sheets and paste a range as value

    Hi All I have this code below, I'm trying to figure out how i can copy protected sheets and unprotect together with copying a specific range and pasting it as value only. Hoping for a quick response. Thank you! ? Sub CopySheets() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim MyFolder As...
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    UserForm textbox to textbox in sheet

    Hello there, I'm pretty new with VBA and I am trying to make a Userform to add comments to an excel sheet. I have a combo box with initials (of the person making the comment) and a text box where they will write the comment. Now if the person clicks the OK button I want it to start a new line...
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    Add Totals Column on multiple sheets

    Good day, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets and a 'Summary' sheet. I have a column in the Summary sheet named 'Balance as Per Schedule' and I want to sum the amounts in the 'Total' columns on each sheet by using the ID No as the criteria. Basically there is a column for 'Total' on...
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    VBA to launch userform by selecting a cell

    Hello, I have data sets I want to have code for that if I select a specific column, cell it opens a userform. The data set starts with a number such as 9334231/1 below. It will always vary in length. then another number, just different, indicates start of a new data set. If I was to select...
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    Finding the text and moving Next cell

    Hi All, Thank for your support for learning for VBA I have a small problem, I find the text and copy 7 cell in the Active sheet but code not move Next finding. This my code Cells.Find(What:="Date", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows...
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    Excel VBA - Export the same range changed by a function to a PDF file

    I have tried to find the solution everywhere, but I only find functions to export several sheets in a single PDF. I want to export the same sheet and the same range, which is changing through a function, in a single PDF file. For example, in the following code there is a loop that changes the...
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    Inserting textbox value into a formula

    Hi, I have a very large validated worksheet that may require updating in the future. I am trying to create a Userform that staff will enter new values in a textbox and these new values will insert themselves into the formula. This way I can just validate the Userform functionality rather than...
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    Excluding a column from VBA

    Hi, Im very new to VBA and have a code that enables me to select multiple options from drop down. How can I modify this to exclude a certain column, say column B? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim xRng As Range Dim xValue1 As String Dim xValue2 As String If...
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    If value selected before,Then remove from the data validation list VBA

    Hi All, I hope that you can help me in this. I have 2 sheets, using a list of data in the other sheet to enter the data into the first sheet, I’ve used a VBA code to get a searchable list with a combobox, what I need is to get the value removed from the data validation list if used before to...

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