vba & excel

  1. J

    Convert Excel formula to VBA code

    Olá, Na fábrica onde trabalho, usamos o calendário "Julian Day" para listar nossos lotes. Pelo Excel consegui a fórmula abaixo que quando escrevo a data 01/12/2023 (onde usamos dia, mês e ano) me retorna o ano e a letra "V" (que é necessária para o nosso processo) e o referente data do...
  2. J

    GetObject returning an error if the file is already open

    Hello to all, I have 2 Excel Workbooks (DataBase.xlsx and Program.xlsm) DataBase.xlsx is a shared file located on a shared folder (Teams/Sharepoint). Program.xlsm is an Excel file located on user's PC. Any User can insert and retrieve Data from the DataBase.xlsx. I am using GetObject to open...
  3. A

    Arrays Dictionary for loop... Most efficient way to copy files from list1 and paste them on sheet name from list2

    How can I open file1 from list1, copy sheet1 from file1, paste it on sheetname1 from list2, close file1 and go to the next.... for any amount of files, variable until the named range is done. Sheets("Data").Range("E2:E30") is list1, list of files {C:\Documents\robertheinz.xlsx...
  4. S

    VBA to find matching results and highlight them.

    Hello All, I'm looking to create a VBA which can search for matching results between 2 columns, for example, columns A and B, and highlights the results in A with yellow color, but the tricky part is to consider the first result as nonmatch. So let's say I will have this example: So...
  5. mmn1000

    Changing the keyboard language with VBA

    Hi, Changing the keyboard language from one language to another by option button and in the user form. I am planning to create two option buttons in the user form for each of the Farsi and English languages. That is, if Farsi is selected, the keyboard language will be Farsi and vice versa...
  6. R

    Delete multi select rows from listbox

    Hello, I currently have 3 listboxes. Listbox 1 & 2 pull data from separate locations. Clicking on selections in each listbox and using a command button to combine, the selected lines of data are combined into listbox 3. For example, selecting multiple students in listbox1, a training module...
  7. S

    Calling sub from module in sheet

    Hello, I'm trying to call a Sub which I created in a module into a worksheet. The idea is to create multiple modules which I can call in this worksheet where the module is applying on. This are the codes I use right now. Module 1 Private Sub Trap() If Intersect(Range("C31"), Target) Is...
  8. S

    Doubt in printing a set of row in next worksheet

    s.no Register number name year 1 001 Sahul II 2 002 Mathesh II 3 003 Hari II 4 004 Siva II i have a user form which gets FROM and To from the user. Now i need to print that range of value based on the user input ,to the next worksheet. I need VBA code for this function for example...
  9. A

    Calculate variance from combined rows with nested loop for all columns (VBA)

    I have started to use VBA and I have the following problem. I want to calculate the variance of the 6th and 9th row. Then, 6th and 12th row (yellow). The loop should then calculate the 7th and 10th and 7th and 13th row (beige) Finally, the loop should then calculate the 8th and 11th row, 8th...
  10. H

    Send auto email based on two factors, date falls within 90days & cell value B6

    Good Morning all i was wondering if anyone could help me. i have got a code that works fine based on the "B6" value however i now want to add an also if the value changes and it is within the 90 days (date value its in range E column. below it is the code whereby i get an error run time error...
  11. G

    How to fix Register error of object in vba code

    hello, any one please help me to fix this issue and below is my code. Public Sub DownloadFile() Dim objIE As InternetExplorer, currPage As HTMLDocument, url As String Dim elements url = "https://www.nseindia.com/companies-listing/corporate-filings-insider-trading" Set objIE = New...
  12. I

    Automatically close the window of built-in function SymbolInsert immediately after inserting a character

    I need to insert characters into cells. For this I use the built-in function. Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso "SymbolInsert" Is it possible in some way to automatically close the window of this function immediately after inserting a character and move to the next cell
  13. M

    Code to stack by row first rather than by column?

    Hello I have the follow VBA code which stacks all of column A on top of column B and so on. What I need it to do now is stack all of row 1 on top of row 2 etc. So rather than having: A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3... etc. It would instead be: A1 B1 A2 B2 A3 B3... etc. Any help would be appreciated, thank...
  14. B

    Over My Head!! Submit/Build/Erase my spreadsheet Excel form data of a separate Data spreadsheet

    I have attempted a number of options from what others have done to submit data from my created form into a data sheet. I need to submit the data from the form sheet to the data sheet, retain the information in the data sheet then give the option to refresh the form for the next input. This is...
  15. S

    Find duplicate combination in list and highlight cell

    I have the following table as an example. Here is what I am trying to accomplish using Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) <---I assume this is the most logical approach to invoking the logic This is all in 1 sheet (say Sheet1). I have a list of Applications in Col A (the same application...
  16. J

    Select a range until a specific value y a specific column

    I have a table, I need to select a range from a5:l until one row before when the value "e" starts in column H. Value "e" varies every time new data is entered. As selected in the example The Table is previouly sorted to leave "e" in the final rows. Please consider the name of the sheet as Ill...
  17. S

    Autofilter Table Based on Range of Values from a Different Sheet

    Hello seeking help for a code I've gathered. So the code below works well if the criteria are on the same sheet as the table. But I'm trying to figure out how the below code works if the criteria are on the different sheet. The Criteria: 10/8/2022, 10/9/2022, 10/10/2022 Code: Sub Test () Dim...
  18. C

    Number generator - custom without duplicating within different sub categories of master

    This might be a bit of reach but our ERP software will not allow us to define multiple numbering conventions in order to use intelligent data modifiers. These are crucial to help control product flow without having to constantly reference the text descriptor. The most we can currently do is...
  19. J

    VBA Help

    Hello, I am attempting to write code for an inventory management system for my company. I need help to write code to reduce my inventory by the amount requested. I have a continually expanding table based on the items added to the request, so the code will need to find all of the item ID's on...
  20. N

    VBA: Auto Insert Hyperlinked Photos and Resize

    I found a script for inserting hyperlinked photos that works well with one column. However, I would like to know how to insert for multiple columns like I, J, K, L, M, N. Each column will have several rows of hyperlinks. Here is the code I found that works well for single column. Just need to...

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