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  1. Z

    Text Hyperlink in Pivot

    I am working on a project on an Excel database. My source data has a column with values hyperlinking to a different source. They work fine when in the table, but when I create a Pivot, that column with hyperlink values shows up as plain text, and when clicked on them, they don't redirect as a...
  2. P

    Sum of Pay Calculations

    Hi all I am in a trouble to sort out the following to find out exact sum of the pay based on certain role and time period: In one sheet there are names of the positions and per period pay amounts In another sheet, there are positions and the names as well as their tenure/working period during in...
  3. S

    Calling a workbook from VBA and over-riding auto open on target

    Hi All I have a (hopefully) quick question as follows: 1) In VBA I need to copy in worksheets from a closed excel file (I can do this part!) 2) The target files that I am copying from have VBA coding that runs on open (a normal auto open macro) 3) I want to stop the auto open code running when...
  4. K

    How to Highlight RAW After Bold Text ???

    How to Highlight RAW After Bold Text ??? "E2" cell text is bold after Highlight raw on red color with white font & bold also
  5. M

    VBA Conditional execution if a Cell value is found in a range

    Hi Gurus, I have this requirement where I need to search a Value from a cell [Worksheets("Vol Contri In-kind (budgeted)").Range("E6")] and check to see if it is found within a range [(Worksheets("Vol Contri In-kind (budgeted)").Range("A219:A240")]. If a match is found, I need a variable to...
  6. M

    VBA Issues with WorksheetFunction.RTD("tos.rtd", "", Param, Sym)

    In my Function/Sub I created the following two bits of simple code Sub MyTstToS3() Dim Bid As Long Dim Symbol, Descr As String Symbol = ".NVDA211217C320" Descr = MyToS3("DESCRIPTION", Symbol) Bid = MyToS3("BID", Symbol) Range("A1") = Descr Range("A2") = Bid End...
  7. K

    Vlookup is not running when working with 4 lakh of data in for loop

    Sub fetch_data() Dim arr() Dim arr3() Dim arrp() Dim arr1() Dim filteredArray() Dim totalRange Dim i, j Dim Str Dim endRange As Range Dim wb As Workbook Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False Path = ActiveWorkbook.Path...
  8. L

    Need VBA to unlock other workbooks after password in open workbook is entered

    Hello all, Complete beginner here with VBAs... Basically I have various workbooks that capture quality scoring data for individuals, and one workbook that collates the information for a team. Workbooks are password protected so they cannot access eachothers files. I need the workbook that...
  9. A

    vba code - build logic around percentage change calculations

    Hi folks, An expert helped me out with the below code which is pulling out the information from "transactions" and "purchases" worksheets to the "output" worksheet. I need to build-in one more logic - to exclude all the rows from the "perc change" calculations (column H, "output" sheet)...
  10. A

    vba code to count the unique values based on criteria

    Hi experts, I am struggling to write a vba code to count the unique values based on criteria. Can somebody help me please? Like, I have the data as shown in the mini-sheet attached. I need to find the unique number of items# from column2 if the Date is blank in column1. As per the sample data...
  11. K

    How to Match workbook to other workbook data & Get status

    How to Match workbook to other workbook data & Get status (HOW To MATCH "BOOK2" WITH "BOOK1" , All data Match , to Get Status and Highlight 4 CELL matching How it possible ???
  12. K

    Cell Value According Change Other Cell value

    (NEED THIS CONDITION) C2= "20 ft" use 5,00,000 C2= "40 ft" use 10,00,000 Change value According "20 ft" Or "40 ft " ------------------------------Kindly Suggest Right Formula-----------------
  13. C

    Need to copy from sourcesheet to destination sheet only the new data entered based on serial no on the source sheet

    I am totally new to Excel VBA. But I have a requirement to copy some data from let us say sheet1 to sheet2. I have several columns and rows in sheet1 (source sheet). Now I have to copy only Five columns data from within that where "Ferro Manganese" found in particular one coloum and if found...
  14. E

    Need VBA help for Excel Database

    Ok....So, I am currently working with an excel database that links client information entries to a Word note file located in the client's digital file. What I'm trying to do is three fold; I'd like to be able to code the "notes" cell on the client's row to auto-populate the next available entry...
  15. K

    Hide Row with Zero value with Entry

    Hide Row with Zero value with Entry
  16. A

    Compile Error: Named Argument not found

    Hello, My colleague has recorded a macro which works for 2 of our team. However when others try to use it they get a "Compile Error: Named Argument not found". I have done some research and I think I understand what a Named Argument is, but I don't understand how its created or why it works...
  17. T

    VBA Code to Copy Data from Multiple Files in a Folder and Copy to 1 Sheet

    Hello Mr. Excel gang, I have spent 10 hours trying and trying my hand at this code. It seems like a repetitive question after scouring the web yet any code I came across gave me some kind of issue, even with hours of tinkering. That being said - SOS >I have hundreds of files in a folder on my...
  18. F

    VBA VlookUp for large datasets

    I need to create a VBA VlookUp that will go through Col A to H in a Sheet2 tab(the table_array), match it with column V(look_up value) in Sheet 1 and put the matching results(which is the column index and its in column 7) in cell AD. I was able to test this for a very small range of values...
  19. V

    multiple excel files into one VBA - problems whit inputbox

    Hello every body, i hope that some of you guys are able to help me out. i have to get multiple excelfile into one file, but i want to make an inputbox, so that the user are able to choose between different folders. The code looks like this so far: Sub Samling() Dim FolderPath As String Dim...
  20. S

    using macro to send sms using http api

    greetings i am trying to send out sms using an api http://bulksms.mysmsmantra.com:8080/WebSMS/SMSAPI.jsp?username=username&password=password&sendername=sender id&mobileno=919999999999&message=Hello i want to get the mobileno from a cell in sheet7 of the workbook from "d" the cursor will be in...

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