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    VBA code to autosave PDF in BOX folder by multiple users

    Hello! I want others to save PDF file in the shared BOX file. Here is my code but it doesn't work. I tried a few possible coding but I'm stuck now. My user ID was Mochi. I use Excel 2016 I can use this and save PDF in the shared BOX folder. However others couldn't. Appreciate if anyone can help...
  2. G

    Need help with automatic importing of Data every x minute

    Hi all, I currently have an automatic code that can open up the MOST recent (date modified) file in a folder. It works great BUT my concern is: Lets say i set a timer of 10 mins to execute this macro, However the macro takes 15 mins to run and inside that space of 15 mins another 2 files are...
  3. S

    Count ONLY numeric values?

    Hi everyone. So one of my coworkers asked me to update a macro that she uses for checking to see what assignments students turned in. Previously, she had a specific template that was never edited; however, she now wants to be able to still run the macro if a specific column is removed or one is...
  4. N

    VBA - Pull Data from multiple closed Workbooks (if sheet names exist) using a date naming convention

    I've seen some code, but nothing that matches exactly what I'm looking to accomplish. I posed the question about this using indirect but apparently its not feasible. I have a root folder called "Teachers" and under that folder, hundreds of subfolders for all the schools ( e.g. Teachers\School...
  5. N

    VBA - Executing array formulas

    Hello, The code below was written to update formulas in F5:N and array formulas in H5:AA, and replace the formulas in F6:A6 and below with the output as values. I am using VBA code to avoid a slow workbook, forcing the formulas to run only after I have updated other data in the workbook. The...
  6. A

    Cleaning up My Table

    I receive an excel report with a very interesting formating and in trying automate the clean up process of this table. I created the following code to remove the extra headers in the table, the code removes all but one header that starts with "*000*". Here is the code i have: Sub...
  7. A

    object required error 424

    I have following vba code which throws error of object required error 424 please help me on this With Worksheets("OPTIONS").Activate.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _ mystr, Destination:=ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("OPTIONS").Range("$A$1")) any help will be appriciated by word of thanks
  8. S

    How to extract and cross match multiple occurences with Excel VBA

    Hi Friends, From past 2 days I been trying to extract multiple occurrences present in "cell text"(sheet1 ColumnA:A) and extract into sheet2 and sheet3. Cross match with IDs between sheet2 data with sheet3 and extract matched data into sheet4(Macro 3 final results). I have attached sample data...
  9. S

    How to remove unmatched cell values using VBA

    Hi Friends, Looked on similar posts on this forum but did not find suitable solutions to my need. Here what I am looking to get this done by vba macro. I have list of data in Sheet1 and sheet2 with values to find in sheet1. VBA macro to find matched sheet2(ColumnA) data in sheet1 anywhere and...
  10. D

    Close all ComboBox dropdowns when I click a button.

    Hi, I have a sheet that contains several ComboBoxes embedded directly into the sheet. I have them set up so that when I GotFocus the ComboBox dropdown opens (.DropDown method). However, what I would like to do is clear the ComboBoxes and close the ComboBox drop downs when I click on a button...
  11. D

    looping through multiple workbooks copying file paths as Hyperlinks run time error 5

    Hi, i think this is just a syntax issue but i cant seem to get it right. If anyone can help i would be very grateful. this script works at looping through all of the workbooks in a user defined folder and copying a specified range to a big list in the target worksheet of the workbook where the...
  12. P

    VBA IE getting data from iframe

    Hello all, i am struggling a bit in getting data within iframe. i tried a lot but no success. code - iframe id="reportsFrame" name="reportsFrame" src="/finengine/reportRunAction.do?rptroot=1110&reportID=EAME_DailyOpsReport_VAT&method=run" scrolling="auto" style="position: absolute; top...
  13. K

    VBA Only Protect Populated Cells

    Hello, I need to create a button that allows a manager to lock all data input, but will then allow other users to add to the sheet below what has already been locked. I know how to set up the button and password, but everything I do to protect the sheet ends up protecting everything --...
  14. M

    Excel VBA to send outlook email - Modify Subject line & Fix attachments

    Hi Guys, So I am a complete novice in Excel VBA. I want to send email using Excel VBA. I have excel sheet in following format Column A - Name Column B - To Column C - Subject Column D - Path of attachment Now, each row of this excel should open a new email. I have modified a code to suit...
  15. D

    Conditional table row delete (table positioning issue)

    Ran into an unexpected issue with conditional Table row delete. I have two tables with each checking the other for contents (with ISNUMBER & MATCH formula). I'm trying to delete all table rows from Table MASTER where ID value doesn't exist in Table QUERY - easy enough. After launching the...
  16. P

    Need VBA code to copy and paste as values

    Need VBA code to copy and paste as values from a specific range A1:AE36 in a worksheet named "Matrix DSR" and workbook named ""Daily Sales Report Master Update File - CQ_v2" to a specific range A1:AE36 in a worksheet named "Matrix" and workbook named "BMH Daily Sales Report thru 08-21-19 run...
  17. P

    VBA finding a cell based on the value of a pivot table

    Hi together, I would like to jump (eventually with VBA) from a cell in a pivot table to find the cell with that value in the original table. I imagine that the current value has to be copied to the clipboard and that the value has to be searched (CTRL+F) in the source table. How does the...
  18. D

    Unable to load .data file in excel using VBA

    Hello, I'm trying to build a dialog box where will ask me to load a .data file extension file which later on i will edit few things and save as .xlsx. Problem is that whenever the file is selected and supposed to be loaded, there is no outcome... it simply ends macro as if nothing happened...
  19. S

    Copying cells from one worksheet if their value matches cells in another worksheet

    Hello! I have Googled and searched the forum here, but I haven't been able to find the exact solution I'm looking for. The context of this request is that I'm doing a database update. The source of the records includes addresses, some of which have firm names in them, some of which do not. Our...
  20. K

    Function .Activate and .Close not working on Mac/Excel 2016 - workaround?

    Hi team, I have a Macro that runs like a dream on a PC, but on the Mac (which is the computer I use) it does not. I've traced it to the two lines highlighted in red. The macro runs when I remove them, but that means I have to manually close hundreds of files. Is there a workaround or fix for...

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