vba & excel 2019

  1. K

    vba code to select file and unzip files in a different folder with different name

    HI All, Am looking for a vba code to select a file from a folder and unzip the file in a different folder with different file name. Can you please assist me with the code. Thanks in advance.
  2. B

    VBA - Layout and sorting with conditions

    Hi Team, I'm facing the current scenario, I will start by placing the sheet that i'm working in and then bring up what has to be done: ABCDEFGHIJKL12UUIDWhatsover1Whatsover2Whatsover3Whatsover4Whatsover5Whatsover6Whatsover7Whatsover8Whatsover9Adjust and...
  3. M

    Select a series of Tables within multiple others, a specific range of Rows within said tables, and then transpose said Rows into a column.

    Greetings everyone, I have a question (as seen in the title), which is kind of a pickle. (Using Microsoft excel 2019, on Windows platform) Basically, I have an Excel document filled with Tables. 50+ or something. The logic behind what I want to do is easy enough; I want to select specific...
  4. S

    Adding Sequence numbers based on Cell value in ColumnB through VBA

    Hi Friends, I am trying to add sequence/following numbers in ColumnA based on cell value in ColumnB. I been doing it manually, but its taking countless hours to go through thousands of rows. Thought that I can get some little help here. Attached the spreadsheet to understand more. ( Hightail...
  5. S

    Excel VBA copy row content based on cell value from ColumnE

    Hi friends, I been trying to find some vba automation to fill my needs today. Attached are sample test file along with outputfile format. I did used vba for inserting number of rows required at some point between rows. Please take a look sample output file with highlighted rows and compare them...
  6. R

    VBA Word Paragraph Text Effects Properties

    Hi, I am trying to pull (from an Excel 2019 workbook) the text effects (outline, shadow, reflection, glow) applied to different paragraphs (or 1st word in each paragraph) of a Word 2019 document. When I run the code, although the Word document has text effects applied to each paragraph I get a...
  7. S

    How to run VBA Macro on Workbook instead of worksheet

    Hi Friends, I have 100s of Excel workbooks with single sheet in each. Every time I have to open each workbook and run the macro to do the job. I am looking to modify and run the macro on list of workbooks in folder one by one. So Macro will run through all excel files in folder one by one and...
  8. S

    How to Construct Auto Boolean Strings using VBA

    Hi Friends, I tried looking mrexcel posts and google sources for query to find VBA answer. Here what I am looking for is: Sheet1 ColumnA has data of boolean strings like attached in the document. The row numbers varies every time whenever I change the data. Boolean example has shown in image...
  9. S

    Find list of words from sheet2 in sheet1 before a comma and extract text vba

    Hi Friends, Trying to find the solution on my task. But did not find suitable one to the need. Here is my query and sample file with details. Need a formula to find list of words before a (,) comma from sheet2A:A in Sheet1A:A(there is no data range like A1:a10) and extract text before the...
  10. R

    Excel VBA Multiple Notifications

    Hello, This may or may not be a simple porcess as I am very new to coding for macros. I have 3 processes I want to implement into my excel. First, I want to change my current highlighting process for columns I & J. They are highlighted green for all non-blank-cells. I wish to highlight them...

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