vba excel

  1. K

    check for a value in a range

    Requires a VBA program that performs following functions: Just to tell you series of steps to make it clear 1.Two combo boxes with first one having values of classes that is "One", "Two" and "Three". the second one having values - "GoodCs", Goodb" and "Attentive". 2.Now suppose i select "One"...
  2. K

    Ensuring no duplicates in listbox

    i have a listbox which adds items with a button, every time i click it again adds up those same items which i dont want . can there be any solution for this in VBA?
  3. W

    VBA Code to Include new Worksheets

    My company works on jobs with multiple stages and we have to bid each stage seperatly and then total up all of the stages. We are trying to simplyfy this experience for our sales team using VBA and macros. I have a macro recorded in an estimate writing workbook that copies the revenue...
  4. R

    VBA Excel Arrow up to next visible cell or offset up

    Folks: How do I "ActiveCell.End(xlUp).Select" without the "End" or ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 0).Select to the next visible cell? I know "ActiveCell.End(xlUp).Select" gets me to the next populated cell or end of contiguous data and ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 0).Select gets me to the cell right above my...
  5. G

    Substantial modification of a table - EXCEL 2007

    Hi, I have substantial amount of information which I would like to arrange in the following manner. I did believed I was an 'ok' Excel user, but I have tried this problem with PIVOT tables, with concatenation of IF / HLOOKUP, with very limited success. (and more gray hair) The way I have it...
  6. A

    VBA Excel: Advanced search

    I'm new to VBA so I'm not sure how to do this.... Any help is appreciated...... Problem is the following: Passing trough one fixed column ("B") I need to find out how many (summarized) occurrences of LEFT(String, 2) there are. Problem is the condition, because it's based on 60 cases - if...
  7. E

    Change Pattern on Selected Rows Inside a Named Range

    I have a particular problem with some code I'm hoping someone more familiar with Range and/or Offsets can help me with. I have a multi-sheet workbook with named ranges defined on most of the sheets. What I want to do is search the first column of each named range and if a matching code is read...
  8. E

    IF Statement Parsing

    Anyone have any code that can be used to parse an IF statement read from a cell into its 3 parts (condition test, true case, false case)? I'm not really wanting to have to write that from scratch. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. T

    Find Text & Replace Adjacent Cell's Formula

    Hey all! I'm looking for a code I can run in VBA that can look through a worksheet for a specific word and, if found, replace the formulas for the 3 cells immediately to the left of it. For Example: I want it to look through column I:I and everytime it sees the word "Total" I want it to...
  10. P

    VBA conditional formatting (Excel 2003)

    I've searched and seached, and haven't found the solution I'm looking for. I have 5 conditions, and as you know Excel only allows 3 conditional formats. I have little VBA experience, so I can't seem to create this on my own. I'm trying to fill the color of a cell based on the value in...
  11. A

    Simple Copy value question

    I simply want to assign the value in one range to another range. Let’s say I have Worksheet1, which has a cell named Range1 containing the value “AAA”. I have another sheet, Worksheet2, with a cell named Range2. I want to assign the value in Range1 to cell Range2. Shouldn’t I be able to say…...
  12. powerjak

    VBA Code Needed to Reorganize Dated Columnar Data to Sequenced Row Data

    Raw data is Comma Delimited text file organized Column-wise. For each daily date (oldest to newest), there are various weather data in adjacent Columns. I am only interested in two Columns of data ... the MAX & MIN Temp for each day. I need to process the data and reorganize it Row-wise. One...

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