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  1. L

    VBA excel; Calculate the % utilisation

    Hi i am stuck on this question for my application programming class in excel, Calculate the % utilisation for the whole timetable. Utilisation is the percentage of empties. You can use Find with blanks (nothing) but make sure to select the timetable range first so that you do not find blanks...
  2. X

    Assigning empty Cell in VBA If - Clause

    Dear All, I am struggeling with an issue and can't find any useful information on google. I want to perform a formula, defined in VBA, that should assign "" to a cell, in case the operation is false. So far that's the best approach I could reach: emptyValue is a variable to which I assigned...
  3. H

    Using a button to copy and paste a cell range onto another sheet

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my question. I would like to have a 'Submit' button that when clicked will copy and paste the value of cells AJ8:AJ42 from a sheet titled 'Activity Sim Hours table' onto a different sheet titled 'Config hours'. I'm struggling with getting the cells...
  4. A

    got wrong answer Countifs VBA Excel with condition between 2 date

    i need a help with my VBA excel . . . i have an excel like the picture above and i was trying countifs with condition between 2 date in counting i got the right answer 5 but in counting1 i got 8 instead the right answer 5 in counting2 i got 0 instead the right answer 5 or wrong answer 8 just...
  5. J

    addinf formula via VBA

    i am working on an inventory spreadsheet and am trying to finish out the last couple tasks.I am trying to enter a formula "A3-B3 from sheet 1" and paste it in sheet 2. and i want to do the whole column which goes down to A128.
  6. A

    Days in next month

    I would like to create a button to dynamically make a sheet for each day of the next month and rename it to the day. I am having trouble obtaining an accurate number for the days in next month. I can't really move forward until this variable is defined. I am sure it is something simple that I am...
  7. V

    select latest Monday from the column.

    I have column with containing Below data. 9 Nov 9 Nov 9 Nov 9 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 21 Nov 21 Nov 21 Nov 21 Nov 21 Nov 26 Nov 26 Nov 26 Nov 26 Nov 26 Nov 26 Nov these dates are Monday of every week. I want to filter latest Monday (which is 26 Nov)
  8. Z

    worksheet_change returning formulas not values

    I need values not formulas from source. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) Dim rmonitor As Range Dim rTarget As Range Set rmonitor = Range("B1:o1554") Set rTarget = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("DATA BASE").Range("x1:ak1554") If Not Intersect(Target...
  9. S

    VBA to create multiple named ranges

    Hi I need to create multiple named ranges to use in chart series. Column C contains the name to be used for the named range and Columns D:S contain the data. Some of the rows don't have a complete range of data in D:S so would need to check for blanks. Any help appreciated!
  10. K

    VBA to copy and paste cell from row above

    I have a sheet of raw data and column J has departments and Column C has SKUs due to a couple of the lines being split at the POS 50% in one dept and 50% in another I need to write VBA which when it comes across SKU 4321 in cell C6 will copy the contents of cell J5 into J6. I can do this fine...
  11. G

    VBA Macro code help

    Dear All, I am new to the Excel macros and VBA tools and however i have some design idea how My Tool needs to implemented, We need your support and assistance to get this created, please help here. Need a help to create macro code by using VBA command Tool. I have 3 sheets here. A. Summary...
  12. C

    Go to current sheet

    Hello, sorry I am still newbie at VBA, do you know how can I do to activate and select the current sheet when I run the Macros. Usually when I run the macros in a different sheet is taking me to the first one. Below you can see the code: Sub Run() Dim sName As String 'name of sheet to show Dim...
  13. G

    sumif on multiple sheet via vba

    Hi, I have a whole bunch of sheets and they all structured the same way. The all contain: the name of my client in column a, the real amount of expenses in column B, the budget amount in column C and a line for the total. I also have a summary sheets containing the name of all my clients and I...
  14. H

    Create and Fill an Excel Form Based on Variable Data Using VBA Code

    I am using VBA in Excel to take information from a log (sheet1) and create a new form based off of a template. The information is not static, in other words I am unable to use .FormulaR1C1 to define cell locations from which to populate the form. As I am a novice, I used Record Macro to help...
  15. T

    Dynamic calculation in VBA

    Hi. I'm a very new to Excel and VBA I have been given a task to improve and automate the complex engineering calculation spreadsheet. The problem is to replace a hidden table values ( which are needed for a final calculation calculation) with on the fly , dynamic calculation ( more elegant...
  16. S

    Display default value on delete

    I have a range of data from A2:A10 that i am displaying through data validation drop down list. I want to display a default value when i press delete on any of the cells in range .The default value -"Select Value" which will always be displayed when i am going to select a dropdown value.Please...
  17. S

    VBA Question with If Else, AND

    This is the 1st time I have posted, so if this is a duplicate I apologize. I am new to VBA and I have the coding below. What I am trying to have happen is, if cell p5 contains "CONSOL" to name the tab one name and if does not, name it something else. I am doing something wrong as all of the...
  18. B

    VBA: to bold text if the text starts with" ["

    I'm trying to create a macro that will bold all text on a row if the text in column A starts with " [" then move down to the next row and repeat. Any suggestions? Example: Column A Column B Column C [501650 Dues] 123 456 Billboard...
  19. O

    Can you print UNC qualified file names from one column in Excel (print the files to a printer, not print out a list of files)

    If I have a spreadsheet and my first column contains the following: \\server\share\1.pdf \\server\share\2.pdf \\server\share\3.tif \\server\share\4.jpeg Is there any code to run to send each of those file paths to my printer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I could also slip in a...
  20. S

    Make column editable without deleting the formula and default value

    Hi, I have a column that i am calculating based on another column values so it has some default values and formula in it initially but i am want to make this column editable by making user enter their own values but i dont want to delete the formula. With the help of VBA?

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