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  1. P

    Excel Mail Merge Macro: Write to Word Document loop issue

    I have data set that contains ID numbers on Column A that repeat multiple times and vary from ID # to ID #. For example ID # 123 may take up 17 rows, while ID # 456 may take up 5 rows. To add complexity, within each ID #'s rows, there are two types of data they can fall under (i.e. ID # 123...
  2. D

    Counting number of Times a number appears and depending on how many other numbers in the cell it receives a value.

    For Example I would paste a list of values in A1 reading: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 048 - 909 048 - 841 153 *014 - 022 879 - 719 - 102 On Sheet 2 I need it to read: A B <tbody> 909 .5 153 1 048 1 841 .5 879 .33 719 .33 102 .33 </tbody> Each Cell represents...
  3. R

    Scrap data from website..

    <code>I am pulling the data which is on table format from a website based on from date, I am giving the date by using input box so that it goes and sit in the form for from date box which is in website and search for results but not unfortunately the date which i am giving is not sitting in...
  4. P

    VBA to delete range of cells and copy paste

    I have an excel sheet that we use to estimate quantities, etc. We will sometimes delete rows since we are not using that task code and leave it blank. I have been copy/pasting these and then deleting blanks and then formatting each time I need to submit an estimate. I have been trying to copy...
  5. B

    Trouble with returning Values

    Hi Guys, I am having trouble with the below code. it basically returns a range dependent on the users name going into cell B7. I have amended the amount of information it returns (HL Below) and it is still returning the same range prior to me changing it. I was just wondering if anycould...
  6. P

    Vlookup macro

    Hi, I have 2 worksheets . i am looking for macro code so that i dont have to do vlookup everytime. And the number of rows will change in both the worksheets. i have data in column D from D2 to last cell in that column in sheet 1. i lookup this value from sheet 2 and populate the data in column...
  7. smide

    VBA to arrange Dynamic data series

    Hello. I'm receiving data from external source (on every 5-10) minutes for analysis and I'm interested only for last five samples. Data range is a quite extensive on two Sheets (Sheet1 , row 3 columns A-EN and same for Sheet2). I would like to avoid all those annoying and time consuming...
  8. A

    Locking/Unlocking worksheet

    I'm pretty new to vba and not sure how complex what I need is. I'm trying to create 2 clickable buttons on my sheet, one stating "Lock" and one "Unlock". When click on Lock, it asks for password and password confirmation to lock the file, and stores that password for when the file needs to be...
  9. C

    How do I divide 2 cells using VBA on a subtotal line

    Hello there, I have a simple subtotal macro where the last column, not included in the subtotal, needs to have the subtotals divided. This column has other results supplied by our financial system. As an example, column 11 is the result of column 10 / column 9. The subtotal macro subtotals...
  10. P

    split cell data into row

    Hi, I need help with this query-I want to split the data present in one of the column to multiple rows keeping all other info same.I am using excel 2013.Vlaues in column D will be multiple and separated by spaces.for eg- Input Columns value- A B C D...
  11. E

    VBA Copy Data Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 Based on Value of cell on Sheet 1

    <tbody> Sheet 1 15-0013 1234 </tbody> <tbody> Sheet 2 15-0009 5432 15-0010 8569 16-0012 15-0013 15-0020 4587 16-0033 </tbody> I have an excel workbook which holds a data table on Sheet 2 based on an order...
  12. J

    Macro for Retrieving Data from Folder HELP

    I am in charge of compiling data for my work into a report every month. There are 5 different data sets that go into the report. So every month, 5 excel worksheets with new data are put into a folder, to add to my report. I have a master worksheet that compiles data for them all. For each of the...
  13. X

    Help to populate table based on data from a different table

    Hi, I am looking for a way to populate a table in excel using another table that is populated manually and a table used for a lookup function. When the user enters a number (Priority Level) into the “summary table”, I would like excel to look at the corresponding skill (Tax, Bens etc) and...
  14. P

    Adding Connectors

    I am trying to add a connector to a selected shape. I want the user to be able to select the shape and then run the VBA that will use the selected shape and add a connector. Is this possible?
  15. D

    Cycle Through Pivot Filter and Print to PDF

    Hi Guys, I have a VBA code that cycles through my pivot filter and prints the file to PDF. It filters the vendor number and I print a summary for each vendor. The problem is one vendor has 4 different summaries and each pivot is on a different worksheet. When I run the below Macro, it saves 4...
  16. P

    VBA Help!

    Hello all, I am slowly learning how to use VBA but I could use some help with my current project. I need a VBA code to insert a text box next to the active cell. I found the code below online but I am not sure how to edit the text box size and border color. Any assistance is greatly...
  17. C

    Code works fine once, but not twice

    Hello, all! I am taking my first baby-steps on visual basic. I need one main file (Tax_Receipts) to get data from two other files ("Amount" and "Contact"). The main file has sheets named as the two other files. I am creating a macro to clean the data on those two sheets and then get the new info...
  18. B

    macro to make =LEN = 6 for all cells in column

    hi all, need macro to: if the =LEN value of any text in column A is under 6, add 0's to the beginning of text string until LEN = 6
  19. H

    "operation you are about to perform affects a large number of cells" then "Not enough available resources"

    Hi, I have made a Team Timesheet Tracker file using vba and macros. The file size around 5.6 MB. With 5 sheets. Where there are macros in two sheets- say b1, b2 are "rest 3 - say a1, a2, a3" are capturing data inputs We can input data in sheet b1 and macros are used to populate data in 3...
  20. Y

    I need the explanation on the following Similar VBA syntax

    ActiveSheet.Range("E2").Select ActiveCell.Range("E2").Select ActiveWindow.Range("E2").Select How the above mentioned syntax in VBA actually performs as i tried all gives the same result. :) Thanks in Advance.

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