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    VBA Setting Page Break to Far Right

    Hello everyone. I have a workbook with 50 + tabs and I use VBA to loop through and format each tab. Part of the VBA sets the workbook to page break view, drags the page breaks to the far right, and then switches back to normal view. This code takes the dotted blue line that runs vertically...
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    Counting Days with VBA

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if anyone has the VBA syntax for counting days. in C21 I have 01/01/2016 in D21 I have 11/01/2016. If possible I would like the total amount of days shown in B21 any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks and all the best bloodmilksky
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    How to copy rows from multiple tabs into one master sheet

    Hi All, First post on the site so please bare with :) Im creating a document which is going to be forecasting sales for different products and to save time and not have to manually copy and paste i would like to know if its possible if a macro/vba code could achieve this obviously i don't wan...
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    Vba help returning blocks of values

    Hi Guys, I am currently using the below code to return rows of data. but I was wondering one of 2 things. 1. Can you return columns of data instead of rows? 2. Can you use this code to return blocks of information like B15:C25 Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ' Defines...
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    Limiting vba returned value to the first 10 results

    Hi Guys, I am currently running the below code on my spreadsheet. which is working perfectly other than its returning too many values on some searches and was wondering if anyone knew how to reduce the results to the first 10 answers? Many thanks Jamie Private Sub...
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    VBA Filing to a folder - I have been stuck on this for a MONTH!

    Hey everyone, At my work I'm trying to use Excel VBA to take scanned PDF documents of patient information from the path they're scanned into and have a macro that will automatically go through the PDF files, look at the name of the files and be able to go to another path (patient accounts...
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    VBA code to move data with selected criteria - coding questions

    Hi, I am trying to create some code that will move data from one worksheet to another if it meets a certain criteria.The criteria will be a product category and a week number. If possible the week number will change incrementally and on a weekly basis. For example this week is week number 37...
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    Error handling when copying rows.

    Hi All, I'm having some real trouble getting the error handling to work properly on some code i'm using. Private Sub CommandButton7_Click()Dim i, lastG As Long Dim j As Integer With Application .ScreenUpdating = False .EnableEvents = False .CutCopyMode = False End With ' find...
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    VBA Macro to find Employee ID in another sheet then paste new data

    Hello I'm trying to remove the potential of people messing up a database I've created when adding new employee details. This this end I've added a 'front page' type of set up that allows users to perform certain functions and will protect my database from user error. Here is a miniature version...
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    VBA to right align text if the first characters are " "

    I have data in column A that I would like align right if =(LEFT($A10,4)=" ") is true. Is there a way with VBA to run through all of the rows in column A and apply the align right to all the cells that are true? Thanks for your help!
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    Find next blank row in specific column

    I'm quite new to VBA and have been playing with this for days. It's a little hard to explain: There are 3 sets of option buttons on a userform, which column the data is entered into is dependant on the permutation of these results. However, I can't work out how to look for the next empty row...
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    VLOOKUP VBA looping multiple worksheets

    Thanks in advance for solving this. I've created a macro but it's returning an error. I have a two column list in my first sheet and I want VLOOKUP to go down the list. So for cell C1 sheet 2, I want it to lookup Cell A2 in sheet named "First". For cell C1 in sheet 3, I want it to lookup Cell...
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    VBA - Creating Consolidated Report

    Hello, I need help with the VBA coding for one of my spreadsheets. I have a workbook that has many different sheets of information, all populating onto a more consolidated report (calling it 'SITREP') using formulas. From 'SITREP' I want to create a clean report ('CLEAN'). If there is nothing...
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    VbA Help

    Hello Every one, I need your help, how to extract data if i have html frames , forms and table.. actually i am using internet exprolor data which we have so many frames forms and table so i need a code so that i can extract the data by vba. thanks you :)
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    Powerpoint and vba

    Hi All, I'm writing some code to create a new presentation for me from excel - I've pretty much got everything I need, however, the 1 thing I'm stuck on is when I add a new slide into powerpoint I want the slide to be A3 - anybody got any tips on how to do this? Thanks
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    Picture fun

    I'm trying to copy several cells from one workbook and paste them in another as a picture Once it's pasted in to the new workbook I want to be able to resize it - this is where I'm getting stuck Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated...
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    VBA for moving row to another sheet

    Hey guys, I have absolutely no idea what I have mixed up here... I tried a bunch of different sample codes and some seems to overwrite the last row instead of going to the next blank row (only every now and then, not every time). But the current code in the sample seems to be working to a...
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    Need Help With Worksheet Paste Method Error

    Hello, I am working with three workbooks with one summarizing the two. Basically this VBA just removes subtotals, clears contents, brings over new data and puts back the subtotals. I am curious if someone could assist in helping me fix the paste error I am getting when I attempt to paste from...
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    Altering AdvancedFilter to recognize range inputs and multiple values.

    Hey guys, I've been googling for several weeks, and haven't been able to find a solution yet....so I created this account. I've created a "Filter" sheet that contains various drop down lists with different quantities. Once I select my desired drop-down list values, I'll click the macro...
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    Covert worksheet to PDF and email in outlook

    Sorry for the question. I am looking to create an email button in excel 2010 that will convert the sheet to pdf and attach in Outlook. Can someone give me guidance on how to create in VBA? Thanks, Darin

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