vba if step function

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    How to - Test value 38 cols to the right for 0

    How can I ammend this so it tests the value of the cell 38 cols to the right for 0. i.e. cell C80 needs to be tested alongside AN80 if AN80 = 0 then forget the test This can be by -1 from count or jumping out of loop and going on to next test. This is what I have: For Each CSheetUID In...
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    Copy/Paste if cell equals a word

    Hi: I am trying to figure out how to go down a list of words and copy/paste a row if it equals a specific ring of words. For example, if want to go down a column and copy the word "Dog" if the word is "Dog" and paste it to the second sheet in a certain column... The thing that I can't figure...

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