vba named range

  1. szita2000

    Looping through an array

    Hi Guys, and Happy New Year to everybody! I am trying to build something like a widget. I created shapes that are named in this fashion: A01_TrafficLight, A02_TrafficLight, B03_TrafficLight etc... I have the corresponding list of names in a named range on a sheet ie: A01, A02, B03... How can I...
  2. D

    VBA Adding a row to a named range

    I have a list of names in a named range "Player_Names" When I do a Vlookup into this named range, if I do not find the name, I want to add the name to the end of the list and modify the named range to include the new row. I'm new to VBA and would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. R

    VBA to delete external named ranges (or with #REF in the named range value)

    I am attempting to delete external named ranges after a sheet is copied out of a source workbook (the template). I have tried both the following codes, but neither one does the trick. The code is in ThisWorkbook (not a module), and I have tried it with the code both in the template and the new...
  4. R

    Excel Named Ranges Change Name via VBA

    Guys - I have inherited a spreadsheet with hundreds of redundant named ranges. I want to delete them all via VBA. I did the usual by using nm.Delete where nm is the variable Name object. It works fine except that there are names which have blanks embedded, eg. "Direction_20_1_ 2" or "South...
  5. J

    VBA with a named range across multiple sheets

    Hi all- Got what I hope is a fairly simple vba question. I am working with a 7 sheet workbook, and each sheet includes (among other things) about 10 input cells. I have used the name manager to define the entire range of those input cells (across all sheets) as "input". I was hoping to write...

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