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    VBA Save As PDF

    Hi im looking for simple code to use vba to save an excel file as a PDF ? Here is my code so far : Set wb = Workbooks.Add ThisWorkbook.Activate ActiveSheet.Copy Before:=wb.Sheets(1) wb.Activate wb.SaveAs Filename:= Range("G5") & "-" & Range("G7") & Range("D7") &...
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    VBA Runtime '9' Error when Doing file Save as

    I have a 3 Macros in a workbook that are pulling tabs, pasting the information as values, auto populating the file name, and saving the file to same file path. All three are identical, except for the tabs that are pulled from the file. I continue to get a runtime '9' error when it gets to the...
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    VBA to append current date to file name during Save As

    Dear All, I am looking for VBA to do a Save As on the Excel file and append the current date to the end of the file name. For example, if the file name is "Accounts Payable" and the current date is 18 July 2011, I would like the Save As file name to be "Accounts Payable 20110718" (YYYYMMDD...
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    Macro to save as "xlsx"

    I have a macro that I am using to save the file from a cell on a worksheet, but the save has to be in "xlsx" format: Sub SaveAs() Dim FName As String Dim FPath As String FName = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("DATA INPUT").Range("C2") FPath =...

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