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    Is there a better way to apply conditional formats with vba?

    Hello everyone. I have a large macro that has evolved over time and has become quite slow. I'm making an effort to go through the code to clean it up. There are two conditional formats in the macro that apply different conditions to the range A8:I500 based on the left values in column A. I'm...
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    Macro Speed Improvement

    Below is a code that I have for a complicated model I created. Each time I click the button to run the macro it takes roughly 30 seconds. I know it may not seem like that long of a time to wait, but when you have to click this button a lot of times it is not efficient. Can you guys look this...
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    VBA Speed up copy/paste by not using clipboard HELP

    Hi, I am trying to speed up a macro i have which does lots of copy paste functions after some calculations have been completed. I tried this: OutputRow = 3 + ((Modelpoint - 1) * 126) Sheets("ENGINE").Range("A348:DZ473").Value = Sheets("Output").Cells(OutputRow, 1).Value Modelpoint...
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    VBA Speed question - one huge array (400000 rows) vs reading every k-th row

    Hello, I was wondering, is it more efficient to: grab huge range A1:M400,000 into an Array 1, create a new subArray 1 to use, from Array 1 in VB (every 12th row) OR loop through range with "i = i + 11" every time, creating a subArray 1 this way? I'm thinking it has to be 1 but do we know...
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    Running VBA code from a button, the macro list, or VBA form

    Hello - I have a large spreadsheet with lots of pivot tables and data, and wrote a long VBA program that configures the pivot tables based on user selections which are made in a VBA form. The user selections are also stored in a worksheet within the file. I ran the code from the VBA form, and...

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