1. M

    Need help with macro

    Hello! I am trying to use the below macro to flag an error message when a date range exceeds 7 days. I have used the below which only applies to the first cell in the column. What must I do to apply it to the whole column, I have 350 rows. Just to let you know column K is a calculation of...
  2. M

    Copied Date Data is NOT a Number

    Hi, How do I copy date data retaining its number format? Dim Sourceworkbook1 As Workbook Set Sourceworkbook1 = Workbooks.Open("[File path & name]") Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sourceworkbook1.Sheets("[tab name]").Copy After:=ThisWorkbook.Sheets("[tabname]") I have written a matching...
  3. D

    Import range from from excel files in a folder and save as based on a cell value

    Hello everyone, I have a few excel (.xlsm) files in a folder made for each experiment (PhD student) based on an older version master template excel file. Now that I have updated the master template to include further analysis, I would like to have all the previous experimental data to be...
  4. K

    Find Synonyms for a word in MS Excel using VBA

    Dear VBA experts, i have set of words in column A, i need a excel VBA macro to get the meaning for each word in column A on corresponding B column. Please help me with a code. Thanks in advance ! Regards, Karthikha.
  5. A

    Extract Data from a Table with Macro/VBA

    Hi All, I Have a table and Macro code below. What I want to do is: -Copy all numbers to a worksheet named "TEST" (Helper worksheet) -Criteria are: 1. If Header of Column is "Total" - End VBA 2. Start with Range(E2) then if value is "-" or if Value of Cells(activerow, 2) = blank then select next...
  6. K

    Find Synonyms for a word in MS Excel using VBA

    i have set of words in column A, i need a excel VBA macro to get the meaning for each word in column A on corresponding B column.
  7. M

    VBA to display record ID in Textbox within a Form

    Hello! Hoping this is a simple question. Is there a way to display the ID (primary key, just the default autonumber) of a Record entry on a form in a textbox? I am currently able to display the Record Number with the following code which works great but i'm looking for the Primary ID also...
  8. M

    copying images from one folder and pasting in another based on schedule in excel file

    Hi guys Hope you all well and safe from Covid. while in lockdown im hoping someone can assist me with this query. i had a macro created whereby image product code is listed in Column A, Column B lists the location of that particular image and Column C displays the location of where i want...
  9. C

    How to create a chart graph that pulls data from two workbooks on each worksheet that have the same name

    Hello excel world. I am in your debt. I need your help if you are willing to help me... I am sorry for the inconvenience cause in the pass... Please read my concerns: #1 I have "2" workbooks name: Unemployment_Rate GDP_Annual_Growth_Rate_% #2 in "Unemployment_Rate" workbook. I have "1"...
  10. F

    (Word VBA) set CellAlignVerticalTop for every tables in selection

    Hi, I want to create VBA that helps me set Word Table format as follow: - align each table to center of the document - this one work fine. - set text format in each cells Align Top Left (this is identical to select Table and go to Table Tools > Layout > click Align Top Left at Alignment area.)...
  11. J

    VBA searching for text and entering a value if true

    Hello, My worksheet has a couple hundred columns and 20k rows. My task is to search for specific keywords in the text within each cell within each row and then write in "yes" or "no" if there is a match in the first column of each row. For example: searching for "dog", "cat", or "horse' in...
  12. B

    VBA to select HTML Drop Down

    Hey Folks, Seen a few solutions on here but still stuck on this. .I'm trying to get a solution to set a drop down field that isn't named I'm trying to get it to select "Moving" or "Storage" depending on the customer type but I'm not having any luck Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated
  13. I

    Adding IF statements to this VBA code

    Hello. I have this VBA code to change the values of cells in column D depending on what time are in the cells in column A. 6:15:00's are STG.A then increasing in sequential order number wise. STG.A01, STG.A02, etc. 6:45:00's are STG.B. 7:15:00's are STG.C. 7:45:00's are STG.D. 8:15:00's are...
  14. R

    Excel VBA Subroutine Problem

    I have a macro that finds the last row in a spreadsheet and then moves down a column 1 row at a time to check if the current cell is empty. If it is, then it copies the value from the cell immediately above and then continues moving down. I have run this macro on the same worksheet on multiple...
  15. A

    VBA: Extracting part of data in column A to paste it to column C,D,E on condition

    Hi everyone, I have data in column A, B, C which looks as per table below. How do I create entries in new columns based on data contained in column A ="5DP" and "20DP" using VBA? Then cut-paste data from column C to a relevant cell C, D or E? There are a few steps to take and I do not know...
  16. H

    Clear the data Else put numbers in series by vba

    Hi Experts, I am looking for a macro that will do the things mentioned below there are 2 files 1.xls & macro.xlsm (macro will be placed in macro.xlsm),both files are located in different places so the path will be hardcoded in the macro so that i can change it as per my needs sheet name can be...
  17. H

    Repeat Cut and Paste

    Hello, Im trying to learn VBA and Macros to write a code that will cut and paste specific parts of a row repetitively throughout the whole sheet and skipping a row. I have created this so far: Range("C7 : H7") .Select Selection. Cut Range ("I6") .Select ActivateSheet .Paste Range("C9 : H9")...
  18. R

    VBA Comparing Name on schedule to vacation list

    I'm hoping someone on here can help we with what I'm trying to create in our Excel work schedule. In the Sheet "Availability" it lists all of the employee's in Column B. With the date listed in Row 2. In the Sheet "Assignments" is where we enter each employee's assignment for that day (Date is...
  19. B

    VBA AutoFilter

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently trying to find a way to auto filter my A column with data from my O column. The data will always change and will never be the same. I already have it auto filter from another tab (Column2) but I just want to find a more efficient way to check my sourced vendor...
  20. T

    VBA to make alot of copies of excel file

    Need help with a vba to make a lot of copies of a excel file i have. I have looked around and couldn't find anything really. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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