1. M

    Extend functionality of my code

    Now, I have this code which produces the results showed in Picture 1. How to extend the functionality of this code to produce the results showed in Picture 2 ? Sub SUM() Dim i, j, k As Integer i = 2 j = 2 Range("D1").Value = "NAME" Range("E1").Value = "VALUE" 'copy the first...
  2. M

    VBA Run time error

    Hi I'm trying to import 3 files from a folder called "ExcelFilesToImport" that sits within in the Documents path. But I get a run time error that says "Sorry, we couldn't find Apples.xlsx. It is possible it was moved, renamed or deleted." (see first screenshot attached). However, the file is...
  3. R

    Command button to send/display email to corresponding email address if condition is met

    Hello VBA experts, I have a spreadsheet that I would like to add a command button to that would populate an email to the corresponding email address, but only if a condition is met (an upcoming due date). I have tried several versions of code, but none have worked so far and I'm also a beginner...
  4. I

    Need help working with very poorly formatted Report

    have a very poorly designed report that i am finding near impossible to work with. Poorly Designed Agent Schedule Report I need to use this report as i cannot query the server directly due to permission restrictions. I need to take all the data in this report to create a table that appears...
  5. B

    2 macros - Copy Row and Cut and paste row to another worksheet based on value

    Afternoon all I've been working on a spreadsheet. I had no VBA knowledge at all, now I still have close to none! I've been searching various forums and websites and copied and pasted code in a trial and error way, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I'm stuck now though. I've seen lots of...
  6. K

    How to trace 2 Digit And Highlight Cell , Different Number to change Different Color Highlight. ?

    Query : How Set Different Number to Different color Highlight (like a same number Group Show in same color) Number match perfect & Smart..........pleased Solve it Conditional...
  7. D

    Pivot table solution? Please help!

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a list of materials for different sections: The top of the list looks like this: I have about 6 sections (EM, Formulering, Inspektion & more - please let me know if you want all the names). I want to create some sort of pivot table (I assume? I...
  8. K

    How to lock image in excel cell in VBA ?

    Solve this query....
  9. C

    Copy and Replace Excel Table to PowerPoint Table data

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Sheet which contains a range of values as Table, I want to copy those values and replace them in the PowerPoint table(which is the same range as source table). My slide may contain one or more tables so I will identify them using table name, Below is the code which...
  10. I

    Print to PDF - Fit to 1 page wide + automate saved file name

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to VBA and need some help please. I have 2 work sheets which I want both to be saved into the 1 PDF. I can get this working with the following piece of code however I face 2 issues: 1) I can't seem to get it to fit to 1 page wide (I get only left half of worksheet in...
  11. B

    If tab for sub has nothing, call the next sub VBA

    Hi Everyone, The title says it all. Basically if my "A2" is empty I would like the vba to immediately call the next sub procedure. What's the best way to do this? I would write it in every sub for efficiency purposes.
  12. I

    Copy content from 2 worksheets to 1 and remove formatting

    Hi Everyone, I could really use some help - been on this for a few days now. I am no expert at VBA but learning as I go and normally solve things on my own. Is there a way to; Create a new worksheet and name it "Print Summary" Copy content from ActiveSheet to "Print Summary" (preserving...
  13. J

    VBA filtering array

    Hi All I'm looking to filter with the criteria being an array - can't quite get it to work. Simple example below - where am I going wrong? Thanks in advance! Jon Sub test() Dim Narrative As Variant Narrative = Array("*OPENING*", "*CLOSING*", "*VALUE*") Range("A2:H100").AutoFilter FIELD:=4...
  14. M

    Automatically Printing Autofilters / loop through all filter values then print vba

    Hello, I need macro or VBA code to print all data in the table based on # column like filter 1 then print then filter 2 and print etc can anyone help, please
  15. P

    Create a choice field in Sharepoint list using VBA

    Hi all, I have developed a tool which creates a new list in sharepoint when I run a macro. But its takes datatypes of column only as 1) Single line of text 2) Number 3) Date But I have a column in excel which has a drop down options but after running he marco, when I check my sharepoint list...
  16. D

    Conditionally format cells to red color if cell 4 rows to the left is not blank

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following list: I want to create a formula (probably through conditional formatting i'd imagine), that basically says: If the cell 4 turns to the left of any designated cell (A1) in row E is not = blank, color the cell in row E with a red...
  17. C

    VBA - Copy worksheets and rename automatically in another workbook

    Hi, I encounter a problem and not sure how to continue from here. What i would like to do is: First, Copy sheet 1 from all the worksheets into this new workbook where i have my macro run. (this i have no issue, here is the code) Next, as I copy these sheets from their respective workbooks, I...
  18. J

    VBA Copy and Paste Data from one workbook to another - specific columns

    Hi, I have a statement converted from pdf to excel. Unfortunately, the column headers above the data that I really need may lie on different rows, for e.g. row 17 or row 18. I have 3 columns I want to copy from the statement: Date (column B), Description (column C) and Amount (column D); then...
  19. D

    Vlookup to return Multiple values

    Hello Excel Users, I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs where the first tab has unique numbers and the other tabs has the the unique numbers with multiple values associated to it. I need to have the first tab return the multiple values from the second tab. Column B in the first tab is what i...
  20. R

    Assigning a variable to a databodyrange?

    I'm using PowerQuery to produce a table containing one column of email addresses. I want these email addresses to be my distribution list in an email. I'm using VBA to create an email window with the addresses already populated. Originally, I was using a loop to cycle through the column of...

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