1. R

    Adding Borders with VBA

    Hello, I am trying to add a button that will edit the row under the last row with values. I am having difficulty with adding a border around Cell (SubNewRow,2). Also, if i wanted to span this border on SubNewrow from column B to M how would I write that? Thanks. Private Sub...
  2. S

    Screenupdating in Workbook_Open

    Our IT department recently updated our intranet/sharepoint and some of my files stored there for my department are now behaving differently. A sheet I was unhiding ("Guide") based on user name is now the sheet it always opens to even though it's not the last thing that happens in the macro (a...
  3. B

    Create Custom Msgbox VBA Multiple Criteria

    Hi Everyone, What if I want multiple msgboxs per each sheet? I realize I can have two different outcomes to a specific scenario. Is there a way to use IF, THEN? For instance, if COLUMN L and COLUMN K equaled ONE then I would want a message to say "Burris article, check sourcing", but if COLUMN...
  4. D

    Clear contents down to last row but not header VBA

    Hi, I'm having a little problem. I'm trying to determine the last row based on any data in column J and then delete the contents of cells A2 to AZ* on that last row BUT if the sheet is blank apart from the header (ie the last row is 1), then I want it to stop as the code is deleting the column...
  5. C

    How can I exit a If statement loop unless just the selected cells are changed?

    just wondering how i can exit a if statement loop If (Range("A1") = "One") And (Range("A2") = "full") Then Rows("56:83").EntireRow.Hidden = True Range("A2") = "(Change Form Type)" Range("A3") = "One" Range("A1:J1").Select Elseif (Range("A1") = "Two") And (Range("A2") = "Half") Then...
  6. P

    Outlook Subfolder Expansion

    Hello, I've got some code that is supposed to expand some folders in Outlook. It works fine for the first level folders, but won't expand the subfolders (in this case the xx Progressions folder). The code doesn't bug out: the subfolder simply does not expand. Could anybody tell me what I've...
  7. MrKowz

    [Excel 2016] Query Silent Refresh?

    Good day, everyone! I'm in an environment that is running two different versions of Excel. Excel 2016 and O365. I developed a utility which has three data connections to other Excel files, and these data connections are causing me issues. In Excel 2016, I've recently discovered that when a...
  8. C

    Repeat one table for each item in another

    I have a two ranges likes below: Range1 Product CPQ SalesforceIQ Quip MC_Advertising_Studio MC_Social_Studio DataCloud DataCloud Analytics Commerce_Cloud Heroku DMP_Krux Essentials Range 2: Countries Brazil Sweden UK Ireland Turkey India Philippines...
  9. X

    Progress indicator in the form of a green bar that shows the percentage of work done on a project ?

    Hi evrybody, I would like to say that i am a total beginner in VBA, and that i need your help in regards to wether the things i am trying or wanting to do are even possible to do whit excel VBA, I am currently working on a workbook that tracks the overall productivity of a consultant, So each...
  10. M

    Uppercase Date While Keeping DATE Format

    I've been attempting to format a cell while maintaining the DATE() format: MONTHNAME DD, YYYY using the following code: Sub uppercase() With Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B2") .Value = Date .NumberFormat = UCase(Format(Date, "mmmm ")) & UCase(Format(Date, "dd")) & ", yyyy"...
  11. lockarde

    Change cell value upon save

    Good morning all, I have a workbook that tracks current in progress and completed jobs for the month. I'd like two cells, C2 & D2, to update upon every save with date (C2) and time (D2), so everyone that has access can easily see when the workbook was updated. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. R

    Conditional Formatting VBA

    Hello, I am trying to do some simple conditional formatting to change the colors of some cells based off the value of one of the others. My "NewRow" variable works for statements before my If statement so i know thats not it. The cell "(NewRow,18)" will be related to a radio button later on so...
  13. D

    How to Autofilter on the second row

    I have 3 sheets in my workbook, and my code checks if the Active Cell in Sheet 2 is blank or not, If Len(ActiveCell.Value) = 0 Then MsgBox "Blank Key in:" & ActiveCell.Address, vbCritical Exit Sub End If If it's not blank, then my code counts the number of times the Active Cell in Sheet 2...
  14. A

    Dynamic VBA ranking

    Hey Guys I am new at MrExcel and hope you could help me out :) I have a spreadsheet where I in VBA determines a range, design, etc. to update and change a graph given the input selected in the tab. As it can be seen in this example from the screenshot the columns are simply listed based on the...
  15. M

    Function does'nt work !!

    Hi, After many researches, I used this function to convert my images path into format BASE64. Public Function EncodeFile(strPicPath As String) As String Const adTypeBinary = 1 ' Binary file is encoded ' Variables for encoding Dim objXML Dim objDocElem ' Variable...
  16. E

    Modify VBA Consolidating data adding transpose option and removing the delete option

    Hi, everybody, I'm new to the VBA script. I'm trying to use a script in VBA that is working but I would like to modify it so that I get the files, taken from rows, in the same columns. Also I would like to know if it's possible to avoid deleting the created worksheet every time, but simply do an...
  17. D

    Saving Chart as image using VBA not working when pc is locked

    Hey all. I am currently weiting a program that automatically runs at 6am using task scheduler. It is to make a range of data from sheet 1 and save it as an image (i am currently doing this with the chart.add method). I have found that it works fine when I am logged into my username. What i am...
  18. H

    SUMIFS VBA Code on multiple worksheets

    Hi All, I would like to know on how to write VBA code for SUMIFS on multiple worksheets. Right now I am using SUMIFS but my data is more than 60000 Rows and using the function SUMIFS is very slow. I need a VBA code to extract the data from worksheet 1 and into the rest of the worksheets by...
  19. R

    Create .TXT Subsets based on existing Excel data using VBA Macro

    Hello Guys, I need to create Subsets for the data which I have, which is dynamic, using Excel VBA. I have data in the form of table, whose column headings are Code, % & Transaction ID as the below table. Code % Transaction ID 1001 42.10% 455152 1001 42.10% 455153 1001...
  20. G

    VBA to have open email and allow user to select items to send.

    Below is the VBA I have, I have searched and can't find a VBA to allow myself to open outlook and allow the user to select an attachment(s) by opening the file explorer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sub Send() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Set OutApp =...

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