1. M

    AddCustomlist failed error

    Hi, What is preventing the below custom sort from running? Dim keyRange As Variant Dim sortNum As Long Dim RowsSorted As Long: RowsSorted = Worksheets("[tab]").Cells(Worksheets("[tab]").Rows.Count, 5).End(xlUp).Row Worksheets("[tab]").Range("A2:A" & RowsSorted).NumberFormat = "@" keyRange =...
  2. O

    VBA text to columns for a document of inconsistent strings

    I need a macro to help with text to columns for a document of inconsistent strings. Ex strings 123456 *toName 4 100.00 234567 fromName 2 12.000 2 Q12:toName:fromName:1 165.0 183.7 26.0 185.5 112.5 234567 *toName2 2 17.000 345678...
  3. F

    Fill blank cells in all named ranges by copying first column in a named range if the first column is not blank

    Dears, I am having a data set with multiple named ranges with each range having one row and 14 columns. Column 'D' of each named range is always filled, where the copy will be required, ranges with blank 'D' column can be ignored. What I want to do is to loop through each named range and...
  4. D

    Have one cell check whenever data in another cell changes for entire column

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a database full of stock quantities, here: Is there any way (I imagine some VBA coding) in which I can create a column 3 rows to the right of this one (row L in this case), where every single cell in row L would count the last time (in date, so for...
  5. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found

    Hello everybody, I am currently having a problem with one of my files. I have made an order form where people can order goods from. They download my excel sheet and click on a submit macro which sends out the excel sheet in a PDF file through email. This works perfectly fine when I do it...
  6. P

    Download File from SharePoint library to desktop using VBA.

    Hello All, I have been trying to Download File from SharePoint library to desktop using VBA but unable to do so. I need help with it.
  7. I

    How to convert numbers to words in Excel with Hyphen - Minus Values

    Hello Everyone Good day, I'm using below VBA code for last 1 years and today I discovered the small error in VBA code . When I write minus -10,000 it shows on "Only Hundred Ten Thousand" When I write positive 10,000 it shows on "Only Ten Thousand" works fine Can someone please correct my VBA...
  8. I

    VBA how to 'Save As' ?

    Hoping I can get some help with this, quite new to VBA and loving what it can do ! I have this bit of code below which will save 2 sheets into 1 PDF: Sub CompileReport() Dim mySheets As Variant, sh Dim filename As Variant mySheets = Array("Print User", "Print...
  9. I

    Really stuck ! Print to PDF won't format properly

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, very new to VBA so bare with me. I am trying to print 2 worksheets to the 1 PDF, formatted to all columns fit into 1 page but I just can't get it to work. Here is my code, first it generates the sheets I need then does some formatting, it then calls next module to print...
  10. F

    Resize all named ranges in a workbook using VBA (add columns)

    Hello guys, I have hundreds of named ranges in each excel file and I have hundreds of excel files to deal with (all with different named ranges). I am looking for a VBA which (without a specific pattern), resizes ALL the named ranges and just add 12 columns to each range. (All the ranges...
  11. C

    Delete Table Row based in Cell Value

    I have a table (Table2) that contains properties informations, in the first column (Código do Imóvel) i have a code for the property. I have a cell ("Alterar Registro de Imóveis", F3) with data validation based in the values of the first column from the table. I want to delete the row started...
  12. M

    Extend functionality of my code

    Now, I have this code which produces the results showed in Picture 1. How to extend the functionality of this code to produce the results showed in Picture 2 ? Sub SUM() Dim i, j, k As Integer i = 2 j = 2 Range("D1").Value = "NAME" Range("E1").Value = "VALUE" 'copy the first...
  13. M

    VBA Run time error

    Hi I'm trying to import 3 files from a folder called "ExcelFilesToImport" that sits within in the Documents path. But I get a run time error that says "Sorry, we couldn't find Apples.xlsx. It is possible it was moved, renamed or deleted." (see first screenshot attached). However, the file is...
  14. R

    Command button to send/display email to corresponding email address if condition is met

    Hello VBA experts, I have a spreadsheet that I would like to add a command button to that would populate an email to the corresponding email address, but only if a condition is met (an upcoming due date). I have tried several versions of code, but none have worked so far and I'm also a beginner...
  15. I

    Need help working with very poorly formatted Report

    have a very poorly designed report that i am finding near impossible to work with. Poorly Designed Agent Schedule Report I need to use this report as i cannot query the server directly due to permission restrictions. I need to take all the data in this report to create a table that appears...
  16. B

    2 macros - Copy Row and Cut and paste row to another worksheet based on value

    Afternoon all I've been working on a spreadsheet. I had no VBA knowledge at all, now I still have close to none! I've been searching various forums and websites and copied and pasted code in a trial and error way, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I'm stuck now though. I've seen lots of...
  17. K

    How to trace 2 Digit And Highlight Cell , Different Number to change Different Color Highlight. ?

    Query : How Set Different Number to Different color Highlight (like a same number Group Show in same color) Number match perfect & Smart..........pleased Solve it Conditional...
  18. D

    Pivot table solution? Please help!

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a list of materials for different sections: The top of the list looks like this: I have about 6 sections (EM, Formulering, Inspektion & more - please let me know if you want all the names). I want to create some sort of pivot table (I assume? I...
  19. K

    How to lock image in excel cell in VBA ?

    Solve this query....
  20. C

    Copy and Replace Excel Table to PowerPoint Table data

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Sheet which contains a range of values as Table, I want to copy those values and replace them in the PowerPoint table(which is the same range as source table). My slide may contain one or more tables so I will identify them using table name, Below is the code which...

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