1. B

    2 macros - Copy Row and Cut and paste row to another worksheet based on value

    Afternoon all I've been working on a spreadsheet. I had no VBA knowledge at all, now I still have close to none! I've been searching various forums and websites and copied and pasted code in a trial and error way, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I'm stuck now though. I've seen lots of...
  2. K

    How to trace 2 Digit And Highlight Cell , Different Number to change Different Color Highlight. ?

    Query : How Set Different Number to Different color Highlight (like a same number Group Show in same color) Number match perfect & Smart..........pleased Solve it Conditional...
  3. D

    Pivot table solution? Please help!

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a list of materials for different sections: The top of the list looks like this: I have about 6 sections (EM, Formulering, Inspektion & more - please let me know if you want all the names). I want to create some sort of pivot table (I assume? I...
  4. K

    How to lock image in excel cell in VBA ?

    Solve this query....
  5. C

    Copy and Replace Excel Table to PowerPoint Table data

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Sheet which contains a range of values as Table, I want to copy those values and replace them in the PowerPoint table(which is the same range as source table). My slide may contain one or more tables so I will identify them using table name, Below is the code which...
  6. I

    Print to PDF - Fit to 1 page wide + automate saved file name

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to VBA and need some help please. I have 2 work sheets which I want both to be saved into the 1 PDF. I can get this working with the following piece of code however I face 2 issues: 1) I can't seem to get it to fit to 1 page wide (I get only left half of worksheet in...
  7. B

    If tab for sub has nothing, call the next sub VBA

    Hi Everyone, The title says it all. Basically if my "A2" is empty I would like the vba to immediately call the next sub procedure. What's the best way to do this? I would write it in every sub for efficiency purposes.
  8. I

    Copy content from 2 worksheets to 1 and remove formatting

    Hi Everyone, I could really use some help - been on this for a few days now. I am no expert at VBA but learning as I go and normally solve things on my own. Is there a way to; Create a new worksheet and name it "Print Summary" Copy content from ActiveSheet to "Print Summary" (preserving...
  9. J

    VBA filtering array

    Hi All I'm looking to filter with the criteria being an array - can't quite get it to work. Simple example below - where am I going wrong? Thanks in advance! Jon Sub test() Dim Narrative As Variant Narrative = Array("*OPENING*", "*CLOSING*", "*VALUE*") Range("A2:H100").AutoFilter FIELD:=4...
  10. M

    Automatically Printing Autofilters / loop through all filter values then print vba

    Hello, I need macro or VBA code to print all data in the table based on # column like filter 1 then print then filter 2 and print etc can anyone help, please
  11. P

    Create a choice field in Sharepoint list using VBA

    Hi all, I have developed a tool which creates a new list in sharepoint when I run a macro. But its takes datatypes of column only as 1) Single line of text 2) Number 3) Date But I have a column in excel which has a drop down options but after running he marco, when I check my sharepoint list...
  12. D

    Conditionally format cells to red color if cell 4 rows to the left is not blank

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following list: I want to create a formula (probably through conditional formatting i'd imagine), that basically says: If the cell 4 turns to the left of any designated cell (A1) in row E is not = blank, color the cell in row E with a red...
  13. C

    VBA - Copy worksheets and rename automatically in another workbook

    Hi, I encounter a problem and not sure how to continue from here. What i would like to do is: First, Copy sheet 1 from all the worksheets into this new workbook where i have my macro run. (this i have no issue, here is the code) Next, as I copy these sheets from their respective workbooks, I...
  14. J

    VBA Copy and Paste Data from one workbook to another - specific columns

    Hi, I have a statement converted from pdf to excel. Unfortunately, the column headers above the data that I really need may lie on different rows, for e.g. row 17 or row 18. I have 3 columns I want to copy from the statement: Date (column B), Description (column C) and Amount (column D); then...
  15. D

    Vlookup to return Multiple values

    Hello Excel Users, I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs where the first tab has unique numbers and the other tabs has the the unique numbers with multiple values associated to it. I need to have the first tab return the multiple values from the second tab. Column B in the first tab is what i...
  16. R

    Assigning a variable to a databodyrange?

    I'm using PowerQuery to produce a table containing one column of email addresses. I want these email addresses to be my distribution list in an email. I'm using VBA to create an email window with the addresses already populated. Originally, I was using a loop to cycle through the column of...
  17. J

    Convert PDF to Excel and Copy into existing excel sheet

    Hi, I want to convert a pdf file to excel and be able to transfer the data into another workbook using VBA. Based on research, converting pdf to excel can be done by first converting to Word document and then to excel. But I want to know if the excel conversion can be transferred into an...
  18. montecarlo2012

    [vba]. read values in color only on vba.

    Hi everyone. How to read only the values with colors in a column and display this values in a row in another sheet, small example don't need xl2BB I think, so couple images can show my point. this is what I have on sheet2 and this is the results I am expecting on sheet3 Please, Can anyone tell...
  19. K

    Charts changing section colors with slicers

    Hello! I have an interesting problem that I am occurring. I have created some charts that is looking at racial data through pivots. When using some slicers to within the data that I have, it takes away some of the racial information that is located. You can see with the images below. While...
  20. Q

    Compile Error for defining a function in VBA

    macroTest1 runs fine when the entire function is commented, but this error comes when I comment the function I am using the following references can someone help me with it?

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