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    Simple question - Simple Solution - Last Row

    I have a table with headers (starting in A1), nothing fancy. I have a form that controls the data that is entered, works fine. If the table is empty with only the headers there, I get an error (at the Range statement). If cell A2 has something in it it works fine and finds the last row...
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    How to get list of in-between dates in dd-mmm-yyyy fromDate and ToDate

    Hello How can i list down the in-between dates in (dd-mmm-yyyy) format from below textboxes ie txtFromDate.text and txtToDate.Text also the list to contain the dates txtFromDate.Text and txtToDate.text with in-between dates Option Explicit Dim fromDate As Date, toDate As Date Private Sub...
  3. T

    Add data to next empty row not working

    Hi Guys This code is what I am using to add Data recorded from a userform to the next empty row in a sheet It was working but now nothing is being added to the chosen sheet Do one of you amazing guys out there have any ideas why??? Private Sub cmbSave_Click() Dim LastRow As Long, ws As...
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    Verifying more than one txtbox has entries

    Hi Guys I need to ensure that if a combobox has a specific entry, a further txtbox also needs an entry The code I have used for single entries is working fine but I can't get the dual entry to work The codes I use are as below: For the single entry If cmbStatus.Value = "" Then MsgBox...
  5. K

    Msgbox with vbYesNo and vbCritical

    Hi everyone! Is it possible to have a vbYesNo and a vbCritical in a msgbox? I would like to emphasize a message to the user and the option should be YES or NO but I would like to use an icon like vbCritical and I don't want to create a custom userform as a pop-up. Thanks!

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