1. Rijnsent

    Files not properly closing in VBA editor

    Copied my post from reddit - I'm developing a model with lots of VBA (+XML menu) and a VSTO/COM add-in and bumped into something weird. The behaviour I saw: every second time I open my excel model, it crashes the Add-in. So open once, fine, open twice, error, open three times, fine, etc... The...
  2. P

    Alt + F11 Not Opening Your Visual Basic editor? Well, I found a solution.

    For me, opening my graphics card driver handler called GeForce Experience was the culprit. It took me a few days to figure it out but that's what it was. Follow the steps I took and hopefully you'll be in the clear and back on track to VBA happiness. Open GeForce Experience: 1. Settings 2...
  3. V

    VBE Properties Windows Backspace Key Lag When Editing

    Hello all. I have this annoying issue on VBE for Excel where it lags when I use the backspace key to edit any properties of any object in VBE. For example, a Userform Caption. I believe it is not due to my keyboard settings because everywhere else the backspace key works with no delay at all...
  4. 7

    VBA - really no solution for effectively debug locked code?

    Dear VBA experts and fans, I created an excel system that is full of VBA code and we give it to the client - with the code locked for viewing. Of course, there was soon a request that the client encountered an error, so I put "bookmarks" into the whole code - I divided the code into parts...
  5. M

    Which is a better technique, More modules, few routines in each modules

    As I trying to get my coding better, I've been searching for advice regarding which is a better technique. More Modules, each with a unique name referring to the (perhaps) one to five related modules, or fewer modules with more routines in each module. I have figured out it's easier to have a...
  6. J

    Programming the VBE with VBA

    Hi. I read through Chip Pearson's Programming the VBA Editor and his examples are working for me. What I want to do is programmatically control the font in the VBE code modules without using the Font Dialog because that dialog does not exist on the Mac. After checking the Object browser, it...
  7. R

    VBE toolbars absent

    I have no toolbars in my VBE screen. So I can't right click on them. I have tried everything I can think of, including a complete reinstall. After the reinstall the exact same problem was there - so it must have picked up some settings. Please can anyone help, either with suggestions on how to...
  8. Dr. Demento

    (Re-)assigning VBA Editor Shortcut Keys

    I understand how to assign shortcut keys in Excel, but I'm coming up blank on how to run a Sub while in the VBE using a shortcut key. Thanks y'all.
  9. ClimoC

    VBA in Windows10/Excel 2016 Problems and Annoyances

    Howdy Gang. I'm sure I can't be alone in this... We recently had to upgrade to MS Surface Laptops, with 'Office 365' (though we have the local 2016 installs too) and Windows 10. I've noticed the following problems, one of which jut cropped up the other day, and are driving me absolutely...
  10. R

    Where has my VBE layout gone?

    Hello. I am running Excel 2013 on W7 Pro 64bit. I have just recently noticed (when I came back to it after quite a few months) that the configuration of my VBA editor screen had changed. I would like to get it back to the neat way of having the code editor as the largest pane, and the immediate...
  11. M

    How to Update an Excel file Module by using a sub routine from another workbook

    Hello, I have same file is used by my coworkers, sometimes I need to update my codes on those files, I am looking a way to send a new file with most updated codes, so they can update their files simply using a update button in my send file. I know this needs VBE coding, but I am not sure if...
  12. A

    New Access Form Not Showing Up In VBE Collection of Forms

    Hi all, I am adding a new form to a pre-existing split - database. However, when I open up the VBE, I can't find it. I'm certain this is a pretty simple issue, but I can't find anything similar searching online. Any ideas? Thanks,
  13. B

    Thisworkbook Object in VBE crashes Excel

    I have a new Lenovo i7 with 32 bit Office 2016. When I select Thisworkbook object in the VBE, Excel crashes. Searches have not found a solution and extracting to bas or cls files fail to import to clean wkb on selecting the object. Any solutions? Brendan
  14. D

    VBE Codes from excel 2007 to excel 2016

    Hello guys, I have this project and its VBE codes was from excel 2007. So I am trying to copy the codes to Visual basic and also create the same as my project but this time in excel version 2016 just to make it enhanced. Is it possible that it will work successfully? Really appreciated your...
  15. R

    Excel macro executing memorixed code; not including the edits I just added

    Wondering if anyone has ever experienced something where you've edited code and debugging over and over, discovering your edited code isn't included in the execution; instead, a previous interpretation of written code is being executed from memory (doesn't contain the alterations you've just...
  16. S

    View/(Navigte to) the code module of a command button of a specific userform, using vba

    I currently landed up with a requirement, which is , to jump/navigate to the code module view of a command button of a specific userform. While it is easy to view the code window of the sub modules, using the Application.goto, it does not appear to be so , for the userform code window...
  17. B

    Form freezing, Esc key for evey subsequent action required

    Periodically (but quite regularly) when I try to open a user-form it will open up but be blank. If I click the Esc key the form will fill but from that point onward (to click buttons or close the form) I must click the Esc key again before it will accept each action. Also, if I have VBE open...
  18. D

    Macro Shortcut Key Assignments Excel 2010

    I have several, probably more than 10 shortcut keys assigned to my macros. I know I can open each macro and check options to see which key I have assigned, but is there a property in VBE that will tell me which, if any, shortcut key I assigned to a macro? Or is there any handy code that someone...
  19. K

    Excel 2013; User form to add data into looked up cells

    Hello, Unfortunately I'm no big VBE hero and I don't have a basis code to start from, but this is my question. I created an excel document where I enter my expenses. All kinds of calculations happen and conditional formatting to get a quick view of budgets, results, expenses, ... It works...
  20. J

    Entered Cell value to multiply based on target cell value.

    Hi, I am trying to work out how to multiply certain fields on a spreadsheet based on the value of a target cell. For example: D2= 56 (however this value will change on a daily basis) Value entered into D23 is 2, however will automatically change to 112. I need this to happen in numerous...

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