1. Y

    Splitting Row in to Multiple Rows based on Column Value

    Hey! First time here so apologies in advance if I'm asking this incorrectly. I have a pretty good basic understanding of excel but I've only ever really used it for some easy to moderate formulas and a few macros I've been helped with. I'm trying to figure out where to start with a problem I...
  2. L

    Option Strict On disallows late binding

    Hi, everybody I am not sure this is the correct forum to ask my question. But any help can orient me towards the solution. I am developing a VB.NET Sub which can get data from SQL Server to my Excel Sheet at lightning speed (using ADODB connection). My Sub is written in VB.NET, not VBA. But I...
  3. V

    VB.Net tutorial

    Hi All, Very Happy New Year. As my experience to learn VBA with MrExcel is outstanding. And hence MrExcel Experts are Programmers and hence you can guide me on Vb.net tutorial. Could any one have idea the simple and best link or document to learn vb.net, please.. Many Thanks..
  4. J

    Declaring variables: VB.NET Vs. VBA?

    In VB.NET, a variable is declared using the syntax Dim Foo As Integer = 10 I have just discovered that in VBA this does not work, and must instead be written as either Dim Foo As Integer Foo = 10 or as Foo = 10 Is the second of these an acceptable way of declaring a variable? If not, what...
  5. L

    Looking for a book to transition from VBA to VB.net

    Hi All, Can any one suggest any good books to help me move from VBA to VB.net? Want to try and learn another language and think this could be a good start.
  6. U

    How to get X Y screen coordinates of Excel VISIBLE area

    I modified the code from this post: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/765416-how-get-x-y-screen-coordinates-excel-cell-range.html I need to get X Y screen coordinates of Excel VISIBLE area. my code: Option Explicit Private Type RECT Left As Long Top...
  7. C

    ObjectHelper Type/Class (VBA) - VB.NET Reference?

    Hello All, I am involved in a project to convert an XLA to VB.NET for Excel DNA. I have basically copied the code from the XLA and making modifications where necessary to fit the VB.NET syntax, etc. etc. Note the following screenshot: Note that the mobjHelper variable is set to a new...
  8. F

    Alternative languages to VBA

    Hi! I've tried reading about alternative languages to VBA on different forums, but haven't really found an answer. I know it's not a yes/no alternative here, but any recommendations is appreciated :) I want to build several userforms in MS Excel, they're built just fine in VBA, but i was...
  9. L

    Vb.net Custom sum formula not calculating when blank cell are present

    I have two problems one is if i have empty cells it will not work and second that it does not calculate on tables when using sum column5 Thanks for any help provided Public Shared Function TotalSumToNearest(Nums As Object) As Object...
  10. V

    When to move from VBA to .NET

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times before across the internet, however most of recent searches have turned up articles from 2 to 12 years ago so I'm posting here to get your feedback. I started learning VBA about a year ago and recently completed a rather larger project in Excel and...
  11. R

    textbox to pdf textfield

    Hi everybody Does somebody know how to take the value of a textbox in a form and copy it into a pdf textfield? Is it also possible take make a button with a print preview of that pdf?Thanks alot
  12. Q

    VB.net 2010,Windows Desktop Excel ADODB Provider cannot be found

    Hi, We have a VB.2010 32 bit Windows Desktop program that has been running for years. It uses an Excel (2010 in this case) database which is accessed through a connectionless OLEDB connection string as Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;DATA SOURCE='L:\accnt\CustomerFiles\DATABASE 2015.xlsm'...
  13. D

    code for time subtraction

    Hi, Can someone help me to find codes to subtract current timing with given timings in Column H. And I want to display that difference of those timings in a message box. Please help me out in this.
  14. N

    Security Addin

    <article>Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I visited this forum. anyway greetings to all. I come across the idea of adding security to excel vba code particularly the addins in which we all know that it can still be easily cracked. Anyhow I don't know the codes and how to make it...
  15. S

    VB.NET Print Excel Sheet to Specific IP / Network Printer Name

    Hi All I have been looking for a long time for a solution for what I thought would be a simple issue..... In my program I am opening an Excel template via Interop populating the required information and then trying to send the file to print to a specific printer. After being unable to find a...
  16. D

    application.run, macro cannot be found when saved from W7 64 bit and opened in XP 32 bit

    From a VB.NET application I start a macro in an Excel file (Windows XP, Excel 2003). Dim excAppl As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application = Nothing Dim excWrkb As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbooks = Nothing excAppl = New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application excWrkb =...
  17. M

    On Error go to the next desired operation instead of next line

    How can I make this code <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, 'Lucida Console', 'Liberation Mono', 'DejaVu Sans Mono', 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', 'Courier New', monospace, serif;">For Each wb In wbC If...
  18. O

    Programatically - Filtering Excel using a list of number values

    Trying to access filter programatically in VB using a list of numbers. I can select from the dropdown pick list,(hovering over filter show... EQUALS+ comma separated list of values), but don't know how to provide a that list to the filter using VB. My use case would be that I am working...
  19. P

    Reduce size of Range - Syntax question

    I hope this is a trivial question! Given a Worksheet variable - WS, and a Single Column Range on that Worksheet - V (eg G1:G260), and an Index -- i where i is the index of the first row of interest in that range (eg 12), What is the VB or VBA syntax for setting V to be the Range starting with...
  20. P

    Reduce size of Range - Syntax question

    I hope this is a trivial question! Given a Worksheet variable - WS, and a Single Column Range on that Worksheet - V (eg G1:G260), and an Index -- i where i is the index of the first row of interest in that range (eg 12), What is the VB or VBA syntax for setting V to be the Range starting with...

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