1. D

    Excel search function issues

    I am having a bit of trouble with a search function that I'm trying to implement in a Excel spreadsheet. I followed a tutorial online and adapted it to work for my uses. Unfortunately, it only can search and filter columns A - E. I updated the data range to include my whole sheet (A6:S100), but...
  2. D

    Vbs keyboard activated userform listbox

    Hello everyone! I seeking guidance on how to create a keyboard activated macro for a userform navigation worksheet listbox. I want to be able to access the userform anywhere in the workbook with the Control + M keyboard command. I have created the Userform listbox and dynamic range name...
  3. D

    Vbs macro that sorts and copies two columns and paste to selected worksheet

    Hello everyone! I am trying to learn something new and need guidance. Please offer suggestions on how I can improve the VBS script listed: Sub SATFILTER() ' SATFILTER Macro ' Filters Master Daily Schedule Worksheet for Employees Assigned to Work Saturday by the AutoFilter Field:=1 "NS"...
  4. andrewb90

    Clear contents with vba

    Hi there, I am trying to use VBA to clear the contents of column B of the same row(s) as the cells selected. I just can't quite figure out how to get it right. If D5 was selected then B5 would be cleared. If F7:G8 was selected then B7:B8 would be cleared. Thanks, Andrew
  5. E

    adding to a cell in a different row based on what time it is when a button is clicked

    I am trying to make a sub that when run (a button is clicked) it adds one to the value of a particular row based on what time it is. for example, my sheet has an hour in 8 rows column B (based on what shift is using the program the times will differ) When the button is hit It needs to add 1 to...
  6. andrewb90

    Cell reference in VBA

    Hello all, I feel like this is a really dumb thing to ask, but I am having some trouble putting a cell reference in my menu caption in VBA: With ContextMenu.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton, before:=7) .OnAction = "'" & ThisWorkbook.Name & "'!" & "RTO_MATERNITY"...
  7. S

    ThisWorkbook.Save Issue

    Hi all, So this is something I've never seen before. I have a number of macros in a workbook that automate the refreshing of ODBC connections and Pivot Tables. There are multiple ThisWorkbook.Save events throughout to track and save the process of the macros. This works great when I run it...
  8. Technowolf

    VBS to run macro on already open .xlsm (if it's open)

    Trying to figure out how to do this via VBS. First, check if the workbook is open, and if so, run the macro in it. I found this, but this opens a readonly version in the background and runs it, which is no good for my purposes Option Explicit Dim xlApp, xlBook Set xlApp =...
  9. D

    2 Columns of Data - Need looping identifier (1,2 or 3) when column combinations change

    Oh Great & Powerful Mr Excel Gurus, please bestow your knowledge upon me, a humble desk jockey! :laugh: I have been tasked with creating a macro that will autopopulate a column in excel based on the values of two other columns (a store number (first column in example) and a date (second column...
  10. K

    VBS Convert Certain Page to PDF

    Hi all, I know my way around Excels FORMULAS tab well enough but I am just starting to practice my VBS (it's like a foreign language that I can kind of tell what it says if it's written out, but no clue how to start from scratch!). Below is a macro I've used to update the date on a worksheet and...
  11. J

    Writing to an open workbook from a VB script

    Hi, I've done quite a bit of research, and I haven't found anything. Is there anyway to write to a workbook that the current user already has open from a VB Script?
  12. A

    Macro to hide columns that are outside current month

    Hello! I have searched far and wide for the perfect Code. I am very new to the use of VBA and Macros but I dream big when designing spreadsheets. I have a sheet that has names going down the rows (A7:A257) with dates (month - year) going across the columns (E5:AN5). I would like to run a...
  13. T

    Filtering rows from 1 sheet to multiple other sheets based on a reference column (vbs?)

    I have a spreadsheet that I'm trying to work out something I've never done before. I've researched and found that formulas won't cut it, I'll need to use VB (which I've never done) to make this work. In examples I've found the reference columns to move rows seems to be the first or last, and...
  14. B

    Excel IP Address Parse and Search

    Hello All, I've been lurking through these forums in search of a result for my problem and could not find a complete solution. So I made an account to see if someone out there can help me out. I have a word document that I get regularly that contains hundreds of IP address along with text in...
  15. D

    Tracking Changes on a Sharepoint Excel doc

    Hi all, I'm trying to track changes from a shared document on a Sharepoint Repository. I am not the author, but could do it from the author's perspective if necessary. When I download it, is there a way to highlight the recently changed cells or indicate that they were the most recently updated...
  16. T

    Replacement Warning won't go away HEEEELPPP

    HI there fellow Excel hackers. I have an interesting issue that i have run across while trying to write a script that do a replace and find of text in excel spreadsheets. I am writing my script in VBS because of the complexity of this script. This script is to do the following - search a...
  17. J

    IF? VBA? I don't know? IF statement based on formatting (Underline, Bold, Cell Colour, etc.)

    So. We have a file and in that file is a list. and in that list are numbers that are conditionally formatted based on what the number is. And some of those numbers are underlined as the numbers that need to be pulled for counting. I need to total up how many are underlined based on what colour...
  18. J

    Else without If

    below is the macro i have but it is coming back with "Else without If" error I'm trying to create a macro that when a cell = USHMTrig then it takes the user to a certain cell on a particular sheet within the worksheet. Sub USHMTrigMac() If L8.Value = USHMTrig Then Do: Sheets("Example -...
  19. M

    Running commands in ThisWorkBook when opening excel from a vbscript fails

    I have a very strange problem with Excel. In Excel VBA I use ThisWorkBook to run some initial commands at start up for example: Private Sub Workbook_Open() With Application .ScreenUpdating = False .DisplayFormulaBar = False .DisplayStatusBar = False .ScreenUpdating =...
  20. S

    Error 800A9C68 running VBS using task scheduler

    Hello, I keep getting this windows script host error. Script: C\top 5 macro.vbs Line: 5 Char: 1 Error: Unknown runtime error Code: 800A9C68 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error Dim xlApp Dim xlBook Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set xlBook =...

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