1. A

    Is Vlookup appropriate

    I have a spreadsheet I need to add tax ids to but tax ids are on the second tab. I want to match it with vendor number. Would vlookup be appropriate and how would it work? Say the vendor numbers are in column A on both tabs but the tax Id is on tab 2 in column b.
  2. gheyman

    A Query that only shows the lastest/Last record for each vendor

    If I had a table with vendor history of each purchase they made (the table has the same customer listed numerous times under VendorName). The table has a "CreatedDate" field that puts the date the record was created in it and the table also has an AutoCount field "ID_NISTSL". So there are two...
  3. A

    Adding info from one sheet to another by matching vendor numbers

    I have two sheets of data. One is vendor payments, the other general vendor data from their master file. I need to add their federal tax id to the vendor payment sheet by matching the vendor numbers on each sheet. What’s the best way to do this?
  4. I

    Create new worksheet for each vendor

    Hi, I have an excel sheet that has about 5000+ Sku's from over 150+ vendors, my excel sheet has a vendor column ( C ), I am going throught this manually which has taken me days to copy paste each vendor in a worksheet. I am 5 hours in and realized i did about 50%, anyway i can automate this...
  5. C

    How to get YTD costs with criteria? I am looking for formula that will calculate YDT expentitures as sum of invoice amount minus upcoming column for each vendor. Additionally, I am seeking the YTD for each vendors by FY and quarter (above the orange field).:)
  6. C

    Index/match, return value - I think!

    Good afternoon all, Can anyone please help with the following, I think its an ‘index/match’ formula – but I cannot understand any guides I can find online and it’s beyond a simple vlookup. I have sheets 1 in the same workbook, What I am trying to do is return a value in column C from sheet 2...
  7. Johnny Thunder

    Lookup Help - 2 Criteria Lookup with the 2nd Criteria being a range - Excel 2016

    Hello all, I need help with a lookup and not sure how to achieve this. My dilemma: I need a 2 way look done on a row by row basis, similarly how a Vlookup would work except a Vlookup is done on a one criteria method. Sheet1 = PO Details Sheet2 = PO database Row to Enter Formula...
  8. D

    delete record

    Acess 365 I have a form called vendor (shows a list of Vendors), with a subform called VendorVariable (to add a Vendor that is in the t_Vendor table to the t_VendorVariable table. I then want the Vendor added to the t_VendorVariable table via the subform to delete the same Vendor from the...
  9. T

    IF Conditional formatting with more conditions

    I need a formula that I will use based on column A1 and B1. I'll need to put formula's in column C1, Column D1, ColumnE1 and Column F1 and all these formulas are dependent on each other (e.g. A1 = Damaged, B1 = Non-Usable then C1 must return "Return t Vendor - Repairs", D1 must return "Held For...
  10. J

    New invoice number

    Hi there! I am trying to create a code that will generate a new invoice number on my worksheet. I have cell H4 with a vendor number that is four digits long. I would like the invoice number to include the vendor number somehow 5647-78 for example. Could you please help me?
  11. danhendo888

    Merging two queries in Power Query: find "M00123" using lookup value of "123"

    I have a table in Sheet1 (query1) which has vendor numbers and invoice numbers Sheet2 (query2) is the data table and has vendor numbers, invoice numbers, amount, paid dates I want to load both as a query and merge them I would do 'group by' for the Sheet1 table using the first two columns to...
  12. danhendo888

    How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)!AvjBsEPEq12ngTEmm7uG4pZsIFot?e=oA9EZo I have three tables of information. Each table has these columns: - Year - Vendor Number - Expenses How would you arrange the info to produce something like the 'output' sheet (shown in link).
  13. K

    Split one table into multiple sheets based on criteria

    PLEASE HELP!!! This community has never let me down and I doubt you guys will start now!! I have a table on a Data tab. This data has multiple values for the Vendor Name column. I need to create separate sheets based on each individual vendor name and name each sheet by each vendor. I don't...
  14. B

    Average Lead Time Formula

    Hello all, I have an inventory list along with the lead time of each item. Can someone help me with a formula to get the 1 average lead time number for all items for each vendor. VENDOR A has 330 items - Average Lead Time for Vendor A 5.65 VENDOR B has 693 items - Average Lead Time for Vendor...
  15. R

    using a comboxbox1 with an offset

    I have a piece of code that works well but I would like to take it to the next level. I have a series of vendors that are on a list and the code below works well. It searches the range locates the vendor code then the offsets copies the values onto another worksheet. what I would like to do is...
  16. B

    Analyzing Bid Results controlling for number of vendors

    I am conducting a bid. I have 5 items I want to purchase at varying quantities and am receiving bids from 4 different vendors. I know how to calculate total min spend and show which vendor to utilize for each item. Say I want to only set up purchase agreements with only 2 vendors. How can I...
  17. E

    Price List - cross referencing when all values are unique

    I am trying to create a price list and the vendors part numbers and descriptions are different that our database. I would really prefer not to go through thousands of items one by one and change them. Is there a way to use a partial reference system? =Index(Match) =if(VLOOKUP) <tbody> My #...
  18. gemcgraw

    Populate Listbox with non-consecutive columns

    I'm writing a routine for a small auto-body repair business. They have a massive workbook loaded with data from online catalogs. Each sheet is broken down by Vendor, Inventory, etc. They would like to select a particular vendor in ComboBox1 (Sheet = Vendor) and then the ListBox populates with...
  19. darrenmccoy

    Move 2 Columns and Values into separate Columns for each value formula

    Could someone help me with a lookup formula to move the data from (46k rows) to columns and rows? The person is the CLIENTID. The CLIENTID has multiple CLIENT TYPES. See my example: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>...
  20. synergy16

    array nulls

    Good afternoon everyone. i currently have a VBA program that looks to if a vendor is present on a spreadsheet, then goes and sees if that vendor has done any work to parts. the user than can click on a part number and all related serial numbers will display in another listbox. the array...

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