1. G

    Help with ghosted grid lines- need to remove them

    I received an excel gantt chart to work with. It displays item #, task name, start date and end date. At the end is a gantt chart showing horizontal bar graphs. It had horizontal ghosted grid lines visible. Vertical grid lines were not visible. I began populating the sheet and decided to...
  2. reneev

    Adding a Horizontal Line for "Goal"

    I currently have a chart with vertical data. I have figured out how to add a horizontal line by creating a new series which shows the "goal" however, the line doesn't span across all of the vertical lines. It starts in the middle of the first vertical data point and ends in the middle of the...
  3. T

    Obtaining value from most recent duplicate

    Hi All, I have a vertical list from A1:G1 John Fred Alex John Tim Fred John There are also values in B1:G1 next to those names which are irrelevant. For the second "John" I need a formula to search the vertical list above it (from bottom to top), find the first "John", and obtain the value...
  4. M

    Auto-populating depending on two options

    Hi All I cannot see how to work this out, but I suspect it is very straightforward. I have a table as shown. <tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 A A A A B B B 2 A A A B B B B 3 A A B B B B C 4 A B C D E F G 5 B C D E F G H 6 C D E F G H H </tbody> On another WS - In cell B2 I will type a...
  5. K

    Sumif/sumifs in vertical value

    Hi, I have a question regarding Sumif As we all know Sumif doing sum of horizontal data there is any way to sum the vertical value while using of Sumif/sumifs function .? Please I need ur help
  6. B

    Divide a long vertical string into shorter horizontal strings with VBA

    Hi Can someone help me with VBA code to divide a long vertical string into horizontal strings that are 13 characters long and separated by comma. Each string shall begin with an E. The vertical string is in column A and may be different long, the result shall be written in column C. /Bilbon...
  7. B

    I think this is simple, vertical information to horizontal..

    Hello, from the image located below I would like to convert all of the vertical information into horizontal information. I know that you can use transpose but I have a problem here. I need this to be formula based to some degree. In other words, the horizontal information at the bottom, the...
  8. A

    How to link two columns in Excel

    I have an Excel sheet which contains the following parameters: 1. Country 2.State 3.Site 4. Shifts 5.Experience I have another sheet in which I have the following 1. Country 2. State 3. Site 4. Vertical I want a seperate Excel Sheet which contains the following columns: 1. Country 2. State 3...
  9. N

    Chart not responding & rouge black vertical line

    I'm having issues with my Excel 2016 version. ever since I changes from "12" my charts refuse to "chart past 7 months. is these a special setting I'm not aware of? Also, I have a "rouge" vertical black line after the last vertical of data line. When I saved it as a PDF and looked at it...
  10. B

    MINIFS with vertical criteria #VALUE error

    Hello, I am trying to fill in data to a table that compiles the minimum value for a given month in a given year(eventually MAX, MEAN, and percentile values as well). The data are in sheets labeled with a 3-letter abbreviation for the month, and arranged in columns by year. Thus, the data...
  11. Y

    Copy subsequent row to same row based on multiple condition

    Hi, Need some help if can do this in VBA or Pivot. Unable to figure out the way on this. I have the following Data: from Column A to K for Equity Option Trading: <tbody style="box-sizing: border-box;"> No Date/Time Strategy Method Qty Pos Effect Equity Expiry Date Strike Price Transaction Type...
  12. kelly mort

    Scroll vertical scrollbar to the bottom of list

    Hi Can I get a script to scroll the vertical scrollbar to the bottom of the list of a listbox? I load the listbox each time I add data . So I will like to see the last item. Thanks
  13. M

    Difficult conditional formatting

    Hello, I got 4 different scenarios Seenario1-in column C got 2 number separated by vertical bar with Seenario2-in column E got 3 number separated by vertical bar with Seenario3-in column G got 4 number separated by vertical bar with Seenario4-in column I got 5 number separated by vertical bar...
  14. P

    Vertical Line on a graph

    Hi everyone, I would like to add a vertical line passing through the maximum point on of the graph and touching the x-axis. How do I go about it by combining two charts. I have the x and y values.!AgQdYsSdg735ez8qaqRpoC-34QY thanks
  15. E

    Vertical to Horizontal Data using a VBA - Please Help!

    Hello, I need help moving vertical data from Sheet 1 to horizontal on Sheet 2 thru a macro only, not a formula or copy and paste. Please see below. SHEET 1 Due to headers on Sheet 1, data list starts at Cell A9 and currently ends at cell A150 <tbody> Job # Job Name 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D...
  16. L

    adding vertical average line to bar chart.

    Hi I am trying to add vertical average line to a bar chart. I tried similar to what is in the link below, which is to add horizontal average line but it is a bit different for vertical line. When I changed the chart to scatter line, the average chart changed to a point/dot and I could not do...
  17. R

    Trying to move horizontal data into vertical data with other fields

    I have lists of vacation times in a spreadsheet with multiple vacation columns that need to be placed, with other data, into a vertical data formatted spreadsheet. This now requires multiple cut/paste into another sheet, then upload to Microsoft Access to create relationships in a query that is...
  18. B

    Vertical and Horizontal Criteria Summation

    Hello All, I need some help with the following: I have a list of codes in column A in which some are repeated. Then I have specific codings across the top horizontally that are individual, but will not always be in the same order. I need to be able to pull the sum by matching both. I'll...
  19. H

    how to paste data from horizontal into vertical in excel?

    I copied data from webpage that were presented in horizontal, and I want to paste them in Excel sheet in vertical. I tried (Transpose) but it did not work
  20. J

    renaming vertical Axis

    Hi Is there a way to add Text to the numbers on a Line Charts Vertical Axis i.e. Current Label To 50 50 psi 40 40 psi 30 30 psi 20...

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