1. N


    Hello Everyone, I am interested in learning about Add-Ins, specifically how to make them. Any helpful resource you know about??? Any links to guide, videos etc. Regards,
  2. M

    SUMIFS with multiple Criteria

    I'm trying to sum data based on a phone time for a person between two dates. I'm returning a blank value in the cell currently and can't figure out why. I've watched multiple videos to find a solution and i must be missing something. Formula...
  3. T

    Count working days between two Dates

    Hi Mr Excel, Good afternoon! First of all i would like to thank you for your uploaded video on you tube.i have learnt a lot having watched them. i was know nothing about excel,but your videos lot helped me to understand excel from basic to advance level. i was normal labor in company of...
  4. H

    New to ms access

    Hi My name is Husayn i am new to MS Access, want to learn access suggest site or some videos which can help me to learn Access step by step. Regards Husayn.
  5. R

    Incorporating an Indirect function in a formula

    Hi, I have this formula where the sheet name is La Source and I need to incorporate an Indirect function into it for it to be dynamic. I've tried videos to get a better understanding but have not succeeded. =IF(AND(Schedule!D5='La Source'!C6,Schedule!E5="Salon...
  6. P

    Is it possible in excel?

    Hello everyone , I would like to ask if it is possible in excel to have a list ( description , code etc ) and in an other list a description similar to the first list description but written differently , compare them and try to find which item from the second list matches which on the first...
  7. I

    Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA - By Michael Alexander

    Dears Group members, Are there any videos explaining/learning the above mentioned book? as I found it difficult to read the full book and it consume a lot of time. However, I found it more useful to watch a videos and also saving time. I appreciate and admire Mike Girvin idea for his video...
  8. P

    How to link several YouTube videos to one embedded Shockwave Flash object in Excel 2010

    Hi My objective: I have embedded a Shockwave Flash Object in an Excel sheet, and can manage to link and play video from one URL address– see video example here (How to embed YouTube video into an Excel spreadsheet - YouTube). However, I like to use/link the same Shockwave flash object to play...
  9. jmh2008

    Learning VBA - Videos

    Hi, I have books on VBA, but I need videos. Just can't seem to sit down and read the books. Anyone know where I could learn VBA through Videos? Thanks, Juanita

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