1. D

    how to delay Past until complete merge shapes

    Greetings 1-How delay paste until merge shapes function in red color 2- it is work well if remove pptApp.Quit ' close Power Point 3- to declare Sld as object to avoid select Microsoft Power point Reference Sub CombineShapes() Dim WB As Workbook Dim WS As Worksheet Dim Shp As Shape...
  2. I

    Row Level visibility based on Windows Login?

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple salespeople listed. Each row has a different seller's name and other sales data. It has very private data related to each sellers performance and pay. Is there a way for me to share this file with all sellers listed without going through all the work of...
  3. M

    REOPEN - Thread: VBA to copy and move data based on multiple criteria to new sheet 1077820

    Hi - Sorry if breaking protocol here, but I posted to an old post this morning which probably doesn't have any visibility at this point. I placed the URL below and would appreciate if someone could review and reply to the inquiry. Thanks in advance...
  4. D

    VBA Dynamic Control over Sheet Visibility

    I am using a "Workbook_BeforeClose" operation to hide all worksheets except one. This is working fine for now but as I move through the process, I want to be able to change which sheets are visible. Within the application, I have a login in function to control visibility but when the workbook...
  5. R

    Function defined in worksheet code module is not found

    I am running Excel 2010 on a Windows 64-bit machine. I have a workbook with several worksheets, each of which contains data about a different folder on my file system. I have a general code module that contains VBA code that is used across all of the worksheets. It works fine. But I have...
  6. C

    Changing Visibility of a Text Box

    Hi all,, I am fairly new to VBA, I have been trying to write a code that changes the visibility of a text box based on changes of selection of a dropdown list. Basically, I want to check if the user chose a specific option from the dropdown list, if he did, I want to make the text box visible...
  7. B

    Macro for displaying an image based on a string value in a specific cell?

    Hi guys, this is my first post. So I've been trying to set up an order form that has drop down menus and vlookup data with a separate sheet for the lookup tables. I want to set up a bunch of macros for each different option so that when a specific option is selected in each of the drop down...
  8. G

    Referencing an array of cells to toggle sheet visibility based on each cell's content

    Hi, I'm trying to writea code that doesn't require stepping into vba to effect the outcome of themacro. Currently, I have acode that toggles the visibility of an array of sheets if the target cellmatches certain conditions (blue or dark blue fill). This code works great.However, I want to...
  9. G

    Toggle Visibility of an Array of Worksheets

    Is it possible to toggle the visibility of an array of worksheets rather than one worksheet at a time? I know this code wouldn't work if you tried, but I'm thinking something like this: Dim ShtNames as Variant ShtNames = Array("01", "02", "03") ShtNames.Visible = True I know I could run a for...
  10. M

    Hiding Drop Down Lists

    Helloo, I would like to create an automatic and manual setting in my latest spreadsheet. The operation mode is a drop down list. When Automatic Input is selected, then the engine type and load will be a drop down list also. However, when the Operation Mode is in Manual Input, is there a way of...
  11. W

    Why & what caused my checkboxes to visually change?

    Here is one to chew on, and if you have seen this and or even resolved this, maybe you can help. I have 7 hidden worksheets that have a checkbox control for visibility (on/off). Why is it, or would it be; that when checked the actual size of the check box gets smaller and graphically the...

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