visible cells only

  1. V

    Write to First Visible Cell after autoFilter in VBA

    Hello Have a great day, I am very new to Macros and want to create a dynamic macro and automate my day to day task . I wrote code to copy data from other workbooks and append it on other workbook(testmac) I applied a filter and select the All amount which are greater than Zero in Column K Now...
  2. S

    Autofilter Multiple Criteria, Copy and Paste Visible cells only excluding header

    Requesting help with setting up a macro to autofilter multiple criteria, copying visible data only, and selecting and pasting sections of the data at a time into another worksheet in the file. Here is a previous post that works for single criteria...
  3. H

    Match all values within a filtered range based on multiple criteria

    Hello All, I've started playing with VBA some days ago, thus I'm new with Excel coding. Below is a simplified version of the sheet I want to extrapolate the data from (sheet name "Data"): <tbody> Customer Platform Program Motor Type A 1 pr1 aa A 1 pr2 aa A 1 pr3 aa A 1 pr4 cc A 1...
  4. H

    Copy Visible Cells after filter if no data don't copy

    Hi Team, I know this is something can get it online but I could not get it and leads to lots of confusion. I need help in copying visible cells. For Example I have columns from A to AE and want to filter something on column AE and code should select only visible cells post filtered and copy...
  5. H

    Top 10 Visible cells copy and paste Vba

    Hi Team, Could you please help me with code for exact requirement ..I have data from column B to P and need to filter on column P say "One" and need to copy only data from column B to Column D -top 10 visible cells (excluding header which is there at row 5) and need to paste it in different...
  6. 3

    Selecting and Copying Cells in Range if not blank AND are not hidden

    Hey Folks! I'm trying to select and then copy cells within a range if a there is data in a specific column. If there is, I need it to copy all those cells in that row range even if it has some blanks in other cells in that range. I was trying this: Sub CopyPt6() If ActiveCell = ""...
  7. M

    Help with VBA dropdownlist print macro & visible cells range

    Hello everyone Hope someone can help. In a bit of a head banger & up against a deadline. I have a print macro which prints out all of the items selected in a list box loaded into a user form. Works perfectly. Now I need it to only print out the visible range based on filter results. Tried &...
  8. G

    CommaDelimit by Join(Application.Transpose visible range

    I currently comma delimit using this and put it to the clipboard using MSForms.DataObject Dim ConvertComma ConvertComma = Join(Application.Transpose(Selection.Value), ", ") Dim clipboard As MSForms.DataObject Set clipboard = New MSForms.DataObject clipboard.SetText...
  9. O

    SumProduct of Only Visible Rows

    Hi All i have a Sheet in which Rows 1 to 3004 having Diffrent values in Column I total on rows 5 to 3004 in row no 3006 as sum product of Every 3rd Row as =SUMPRODUCT(I$5:I$3004*(MOD(ROW(I$5:I$3004),3)=0)) with this formula i got sum value of row no. 6,9,12,15.......3000 and 3003 but i want...
  10. A

    Copy visible autofiltered data -- VBA

    Hey guys so I'm pretty beginner at VBA and have been working on making a macro with VBA to extract some data from a different workbook than the current one that starts the macro. So right now this is the code that I have: Sub Macro8() Dim fd As FileDialog Dim OpenOrder As String Dim...
  11. D

    VBA to save only Visible cells in PDF

    Hi guys, I have the following code (below) which saves my active worksheet as a PDF. It works fine, however, my sheet has approximately 8000 rows, with an autofilter and the information i see on the screen is not reflected on the PDF (i.e: the info I have is 300 rows, but my PDF shows the full...
  12. O

    Using VBA to find filtered Pivot Table column data returns all data in that column

    Hi, I am trying to iterate over all cells of a specific column in a pivot table, to fetch values of filtered data only. However, it returns all cells in the pivot table column, including the ones that are filtered out. The Pivot Table sits in another sheet than the one I am working with, hence...
  13. D

    Select cells with visible data only

    I am hoping this is a simple question. I have a list of 3,000 rows 6 columns doing vlookups and other formulas. I would like to know how to select cells with only visible data. I want to subtotal the data before printing but I get 200 pages because the grand total is 3000 lines down. I...
  14. L

    Copy and Paste visible cells only

    Hi All, I'm trying to copy and paste visible cells only. for instance; I have columns A to Z but I columns C to H hidden When I use Alt+; or Find & Select>Go To Special>Visible Cells Only it selects only the visible cells. I can see the perforated line separating the columns. However when I...
  15. S

    VBA range to powerpoint - copy visible cells only? Or copy non-contiguous range?

    Hello, First-time poster with a rather time-sensitive question. Some coding familiarity, but not specifically with VBA, so I keep tripping on syntax. Been banging my head against this for hours, so any pointers are greatly appreciated! So I'm trying to export a large table from excel to...
  16. 9tanstaafl9

    Is the VISIBLE cell above activecell bold?

    I need to test to see if the VISIBLE cell that appears to be directly above my ACTIVE cell is bold or not. I tried using activecell.offset(-1,0) but that doesn't work since there is often a hidden row where this may or may not be true. I have no idea what row the next visible row will be...
  17. D

    F2+Ctrl+Shift+Enter for Each Cell in Range

    Hi all, I would like to use a macro to update all visible cells in range O13:BB700. These cells contain custom formulas that require Ctrl+Shift+Enter to update. The hidden cells can be skipped to save time. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. J

    COUNTIFS/ SUMIF only visible cells

    Hi I'm wandering if anyone can help me. Im looking for a formula where I can apply COUNTIFS and SUMIF functions to only visible cells. The SUBTOTAL function will not do in this case. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. K

    Not avoiding copy & paste in hidden / filtered cells

    Hi, I have searched all over and read many solutions for selecting only visible cells and copy pasting them or formatting them by doing Ctrl + G and selecting visible cells only. However the problem is once I select visible cells only, it seems that every time I do Ctrl + C on filtered Range it...
  20. B

    Sum Visible Cells with Arrays

    I've read numerous threads and tried several examples, but can't get this to work. I have a Sheet called Data with columns A,B,C containing text and Column D with a value. There are entries for about 1000 rows. On a separate sheet (Sheet2), I want to get the sum of Column D on Data if the...
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