1. tezza

    Update formula to count unique visible

    HI All Hope you can help. I've got this formula below in a spreadsheet: =COUNTA(UNIQUE($M$2:$M$10231)) How do I update this to count the visible unique values in the same range? I've tried what I figured to be a logical solution (as 103 = counta) but it just throws up an error...
  2. A

    If filtered range is blank, message box

    I filter my data based on entries in field 8 and once I have that filtered I want a message box to pop up to let me know if there are any new entries. The filtering works, and I know that the message box criteria is wrong since cell H2 won't be blank. It's just not in the filtered range, but...
  3. A

    List arrow is not visible

    Hi I have created a simple list where you have to choose the company sector. The problem is that you cannot see that you have choices. The B2 has the arrow visible simply because I´m in the cell B2. In B3 and B4 the reader has the same choices but as I do not see any arrow at the side the reader...
  4. J

    Visible = True does not work

    Trying to open an Excel spreadsheet from Outlook and have it be visible after opening it. However, the file opens but I have to click on icon to make it visible. Here is part of the VBA code that I use in Outlook: ------------ Pname = "C:\Users\" & Environ("Username") &...
  5. F

    Sum Visible Highlighted Cells In Column VBA

    Hi All, I have a sheet in which I need to sum values based on condition that these cells need to be highlighted/filled with a color and it should be visible in filter. I found following code which is working for Highlighted/filled cells but it is summing up all visible and hidden cells...
  6. J

    Concatenate Visible

    Hi, I am looking to write a formula that will include into one cell all the values that are visible in column A after filtering. Looking online I have only been able to find the below; Public Function ConcatenateVisible(rng As Variant, seperator As String, Optional IGNORE_EMPTY As Boolean =...
  7. willow1985

    VBA Copy visible cells as a picture

    Hello, I have a macro that filters column Q removing blank cells. Once it is filtered to show only the cells with data I am looking for a code that will copy all visible cells from Q2 down and copy them as a picture. Any idea what code I could use? Thank you for all your help! Carla
  8. B

    Referencing information on a hidden sheet?

    I have a number of functions that reference sheets which are only used for lookup, a typical example of this code is; Public Function HaeLaitteet(BoxAr, prdFam) Application.ScreenUpdating = False On Error Resume Next srcSheet = ActiveSheet.Name 'Sheets("My_Sheet_Name").Select For j = 2 To...
  9. T

    VBA: Is there any way to "make all items visible" in a PivotTable Field?

    I recorded a macro by going to a PivotTable, and in the dropdown for the field i was interested in, i checked "Select all)" and then pressed OK. What VBA recorded was this: With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable3").PivotFields("Vaca") .PivotItems("excl").Visible = True...
  10. H

    Countif with Criteria only visible cells

    Hello Friends, I am using this formula to count cells if they contain the word DELAY in Cell A1 =COUNTIF(A2:A10,"*"&"Delay"&"*") Here is a sample list From A2 to A10 Delay 25 Days On Time Delay 52 Days Early 12 Days On Time Delay 52 Days Early 12 Days On Time Delay 52 Days I want the...
  11. J

    macro to delete all visible rows in an autofilter

    Hi, I have an autofilter on row 13 and then trying to delete all the visible rows I found somewhere that the below code should work, but it doesn't. Anyone who could help me crack the code? Thanks, Jos Rows("13:13").AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:="22 - Rabobank 370113144" .Offset(1...
  12. C

    Count Unique Visible Values with Criteria

    Hello: Is there a formula that can count only the visible and unique values in a column, based on criteria from another column? This array formula I have counts the unique values with criteria, but it ignores filters and counts non-visible cells...
  13. A

    loop to check if visible

    I have a userform that has multiple labels. 10 labels are named with the leading text lblM_ (see below). I want to check if any of these labels are visible. I kindly ask for assistance with a vba code to check if any of these labels are visible lblM_tbxSch800 lblM_tbxSch900 lblM_tbxSch1000...
  14. S

    Sumif between visible cells only

    Hi I am struggling to find examples on how to sumif between visible cells. Here is the formula I am trying to adapt to visible cells only: If it matters Q4 and R4 are cells with TIME values. =SUMIFS(C:C,G:G,">="&Q4,G:G,"<"&R4) Thanks for any help or direction! SD
  15. D

    Code to make header visible

    I have a spreadsheet that makes a hidden worksheet visible upon clicking a button. How do I make the position of the page be scrolled all the way to the top so you can see the header using vba?
  16. D

    I want my spreadsheet looking good

    Is it possible to centre a worksheet on the page and have only that page visible? I tried to hide the pages but greyed out pages are still visible. I want nothing to be visible, except the active page and I would like it centred on the page. Can someone help me please? Is there a way to publish...
  17. M

    simple code to show a number of rows

    Rows 11-30 and rows 41-60 both are 20 rows (obviously) I need a bit of code that when a user enters a number in cell A1, for example 5, the first 5 rows of each of the above 2 sections is visible, the last 15 rows are hidden Any help would be great :-) TIA
  18. S

    Search for column name in table, replace visible values only in the column

    Hi This is what I am trying to achieve: 1. Enter the column name to find into cell B2 2. Enter the value to populate into this column into cell B3, however the table will be filtered so only visible cells are to be updated. Column_Name 1 will always have a value present in each row so this...
  19. A

    Loop Through Visible Columns within Range

    Hi I’ve managed to use VBA to hide columns in a worksheet that aren’t equal to a cell value, leaving a number of columns visible within the larger range. LastColumn = 300 'Last Column For i = 5 To LastColumn 'Looping through each Column, from column E(5) 'Hide all the columns with the...
  20. K

    Excel VBA Count Number Of Lines From A Merge Cells Range And Wrap Text

    Hi, I have very unique problem here and from past 2 days I searched the answer in google or asked with some other VAB expert but I could not get a answer, please kindly help me to resolve this problem. Problem:- I have multiple footnotes (footnote cells C21, C44, C120, C178 etc.,) in a excel...

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